Volkswagen Prepping T-Cross & T-Roc Plug-In Hybrids For Production

JAN 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Nissan Juke Nismo

Nissan Juke Nismo

Volkswagen intends to enter the so-called small SUV segment with an entry-level SUV based on Polo (T-Cross) and SUV based on the Golf (T-Roc).

This is the part of the market where Nissan Juke shines, and Juke could become a plug-in hybrid, apparently.

The concept Polo-SUV is to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, according to Autocar.

Both T-Cross (expected in 2018) and T-Roc are expected to get plug-in versions too:

“Both of the new models are conceived around the German car maker’s highly flexible MQB platform and are planned to be offered with the choice of either petrol, diesel or plug-in petrol-electric hybrid drivetrains, together with either front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.”

Source: Autocar

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Hybrids, a good way to delay gasoline-less cars.

mr. M

Plugins reduce gasoline consumption by a lot (30-90%) depending on AER. What do you define as gasoline-less?


With limited battery supply for each EV you can build 10 PHEVs or 50 HEVs. The most good with the fewest resources.


Plug-in hybrids. A good way to accelerate getting plug-in cars into garages by reducing the up-front costs and handling most driving on electricity.


Make mine a diesel..not!


Plug-in hybrids, a proven way to drive 94% as many electric miles as pure EVs:

SparkEV Driver

That study compares only the Leaf to the Volt. If all plug-in hybrids had similar electric capabilities to the Volt then your statement would be true. A plug in Prius would not measure up to a Volt in EV miles driven except in very specific environments with low speeds and short distances between charges.

I agree that the Volt can drive 94% as many electric miles, but I disagree about that statement applying to all plug-in hybrids.


Agreed, my C-Max Energi runs about 2/3 the time as a hybrid. 1/3 as an EV. I charge at work and home so that is mostly EV, but the average day always runs out of electrons and stars burning fuel because of the short EV range. Give me Volt range and 90% would be EV.


So I responded to a blanket statement against hybrids with a blanket statement in support of hybrids, shoot me! VW PHEVs have so far fallen somewhere in between Volt and Energi numbers in terms of range, so call it 75%. Even a 50% shift to EV mode would be way better than having the majority of PHEV drivers stick with fully gas-powered cars because they aren’t as committed to zero-emissions driving as us nuts on the EV blogs. RexxSee may see PHEVs as an impediment to EV adoption, I see it as an easy first taste that’ll get everyone hooked.


Are we talking Jeep Compass size? If so, not impressed! How about making the Tiguan PHEV concept a production crossover VW?!


They are all on the way, 2021 is the big year expect almost all of VW’s models (and any other major EU car maker) to offer a PHEV version or better.

This is Germany (or rather a German company), slow methodical predictable – it’s part of the brand. The target is 95 g/co2/km by 2021 – they’ll get there on time.

btw unless the eu test cycle changes the vast majority of those PHEV’s will have about a 10 kWh battery in them and not really be well suited to driving in the US.

mr. M

Golf = Jeep Compass size. Polo < Golf.


Do we have images of these T-Cross and T-Roc? (I guess not?)

What does the T stand for?