Volkswagen Phaeton Plug-In Hybrid Coming In 2018?


Seems Like That The VW Phaeton PHEV Will Borrow The Plug-in Hybrid Setup From The Panamera Plug-In Hybrid

Seems Like That The VW Phaeton PHEV Will Borrow The Plug-in Hybrid Setup From The Panamera Plug-In Hybrid

The Volkswagen Phaeton was perhaps the best luxury car with sporting intentions ever sold in the US (for the money).  The problem was, few were willing to spend $60,000 to $85,00 on a Volkswagen.  $70,000 for a Volkswagen?  You must be kidding.  That’s mid-level Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz money for a VW.

As expected, the Phaeton tanked (pulled from U.S. market way back in 2006), but there are legions of Phaeton fans who scour the used market on a daily basis in search of a find.

Round Two

Volkswagen is going to give the Phaeton a second go:

“The second generation of Volkswagen’s Phaeton luxury sedan will offer turbocharged direct injection diesel and plug-in hybrid engines, company sources say.”

“VW’s big sedan is expected to arrive in the U.S. for the 2018 or 2019 model year. This year, Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, confirmed that the Phaeton would return to the U.S.”

The second generation Phaeton is again expected to cost somewhere in the $60,000 and up region.  Engine choices will include a V-8 TDI (turbo diesel) that generates 450 hp, a range-topping W-12 engine (like the first-gen Phaeton) and, get this, a V-6 gasoline plug-in hybrid version with 400 hp.

Sources say that the 2nd generation Phaeton has largely finished the development process and is ready to go, but VW is holding off for now since the original Phaeton has such a loyal following in some countries, especially in China.

Phaeton To Borrow Panamera S E-Hybrid Tech

It’s widely believed that the v-6 gasoline plug-in hybrid version of the next-gen Phaeton will use hardware identical to what’s found in the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid-  If true, then the Phaeton PHEV would actually be the bargain PHEV “powered by Porsche.”  On that alone, the Phaeton PHEV would sell.

So, bring it on Volkswagen.  We’re ready to put our money down now.

Source: Automotive News

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I still wouldn’t be ready to “put my money down now”. That’s Model S money. Are you kidding? Model S money for a VW PHEV? I can accept their technology in the mid-range like the eTron and GTE, but this is a bit much.

wouldn’t spend a penny on it

took just 1 second to decide whether i’d drive that and its no consideration


It’s basically a Passat, isn’t it? Especially the clunker TDI ones from the early 2000s that only met with Euro 3 particulate regulation.

The Phaeton was actually a really great car that easily competes with the Mercedes S-Class in terms of refinement and luxury. It just didn’t have the brand image.

Yep – Assuming I had that much cash to spend on a car, I’d be getting a Tesla. Or honestly, (dodges incoming hate remarks) I’d probably prefer an i3 Rex over a Tesla anyway and that is MUCH cheaper than this VW.

Tesla> VW Phaeton PI
LEAF> i3 BEV and pocket the difference
Volt> i3 Rex and pocket the difference

Wow, no love for the i3 from you. Price aside, why would you say that LEAF > i3 BEV? I can guess why you’d say Volt > i3 REx, but I could make an argument for the i3 REx over the Volt (sportier feel, better AER, lower overall environmental impact – both manufacturing and on the road).

“Price aside” is a pretty big caveat. I have no love for the LEAF, but I’d take a LEAF and 20 grand in my pocket over an i3 any day.

The i3 REx is a bit too much “feast or famine” for my tastes. During AER, it’s crisp and sporty; on REx, it’s anemic and borderline dangerous. I prefer the consistency of the Volt.

Fair enough on both points. But when I read Rob’s comment, it seems to imply that the Leaf > i3 regardless of price, AND you get to pocket the difference. If it’s just that you get an extra 10 grand (not 20 for comparably equipped), then it sounds like he is double counting it.

Otherwise it should read:
Leaf > i3 because you can pocket the difference.

My big mistake was not picking up a used Phaeton back when they were really cheap.

But, if they made a Plug-in Phaeton with a decently sized battery (chinese requirements are I believe to be 50 km, so hopefully a luxury version would have a larger than minimally required), so we’ll see. If it has a really dinky battery, then forget it.

I like the fact that most weeks I only have to plug in my roadster once or twice per week.

Bentley Flying Spur in disguise! … I’ll be looking for this after 5 years of depreciation. I also scour used car listings for the phaeton, but am afraid to jump into it because of the complexity and reliability issues of vw electrical components.

A neighbor of mine had one. It was a very nice car, W12 engine and all. His only real beef was that he had to take the car to a VW dealer for repairs/service. When you spend that kind of cash for a vehicle you expect a much higher level of customer service.

Hey VW dealerships aren’t that bad. I’m there all the time with my Passat. As far as dealerships go I would recommend Chevy. Lots of vehicles to look at while your there. You get to test drive a corvette. Best of all your only there once every few years so it stays fresh. I recomend stopping for a large coffee on the way.

I will use the Chevy dealer for out of warranty repair, where the V-dub is at an indie right now. I can tell even he is tired of giving bad news. It’s tough to sugar coat what can go wrong with the modern diesel exhaust. A vocabulary that can make batteries look cheap.