Volkswagen Passat GTE Featured In Fully Charged – Video

SEP 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 33

Volkswagen Passat GTE

Volkswagen Passat GTE

Volkswagen Passat GTE plug-in hybrid was reviewed in a new Fully Charged episode.

This model, with a 9.9 kWh battery and 50 km (31 miles on NEDC) of range, is slowly spreading across Europe.

It would be a good move for Volkswagen to introduce Passat GTE in North America, as Golf GTE isn’t available, but that’s probably not VW’s intention.

“First drive in the plug-in-hybrid VW Passat GTE.

Powered by Volkswagen’s turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine developing 164bhp and a 9.9kWh lithium ion battery giving pure electric range of around 30 miles – 50 kilometers.

Due to the ingenious packaging in the range of VW’s the interior in the petrol. diesel and plug in hybrid variants is identical, all rather clever stuff.

As for fuel economy, it depends who you ask. Anywhere between the claimed economy of 148.7mpg and 44g/km CO2 emissions, to a probably more realistic 100mpg-ish would be feasible from my short experience.”

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I think they will want to sell as many GTE cars as possible in the USA. The Golf and the Passat might come in handy, as extra sales, as soon as the diesel sales break down. They could also help paint a new image of VW (committing to no emissions may be the best publicity they can get), as well as reducing the fleets CO2 emissions, with the diesels (almost) gone.

Really, now. Would you trust VW again? I wouldn’t.

Of course, it’s still a company that makes great cars. But I’d go no diesel and preferable no emissions at all. 🙂

But I highly doubt that any of my future cars will be from Volkswagen, not because of the scandal but because it will most likely be Teslas for me for a few decades to come. Not that I would completely rule out a second (or third) gen e-Golf.

Also in passing, VW has retained Kirkland & Ellis LLP, the same guys that defended BP.
Ironic. I suppose they ascertained that that law firm had a great deal of experience with spin and defending unpopular clients.

I think a similar ad campaign, like the gulf is back from B.P. about how much good VW done over the years, like featuring old VW Bugs, and Hippie painted micro buses, intimating how in touch VW is with the American psyche, is in order.

They could do that, and might. But I would think they would prefer to promote the “new” Volkswagen.

Cute commercial but I prefer the Techno Pop of the original.

Would I trust VW again ? Well lets put it this way. I am in favor of EV and believe EV will eventually win. Still I presently own a VW group car equipped with exactly this 2.0 liters TDI that is the cause of present VW nighmare. I have this car for four years and it is by far the best combination car/engine I ever had. It is likely that VW will want to proceed with a huge recall regarding this engine. If so I will do whatever possible to skip this recall as I do not want this engine touched. Most car buyers do not give a s**t about NOx issues.

Unfortunately I think you are absolutely correct.

Thankfully in most parts of the world knowingly evading environmental laws is a criminal offense. As VW are finding out now, the penalties are not insignificant.

Hey a few other people’s premature deaths are ok as long as I get to keep my 4000% too dirty TDI, amirite?

Really? I don’t think they are any less trustworthy than Ford who lied about their fuel economy or BMW who gamed the system by altering the fuel capacity of the i3… with the software.

I am certainly not defending VW, Ford or BMW. In particular, I think the book should be thrown at VW because of the health implications of their deception and because they could have made better cars rather than cheating.

IMO selecting which car company to buy from on “trust” is like selecting which hit man to use based on “morals”.

I hope this is true and it will encourage them to bring the Golf GTE over here. I’d be very intrigued by one…

Not sure I could count on VW’s number for Co2 output… 44 g/km is still too high.


Buy eGolf you moron.

I wouldn’t have done any digging if not for VW gaming the EPA and other Environmental regulators worldwide, but… Turns out VW stopped developing the Volkswagen ( “People’s Car” ) for Adolph Hitler when WWII started. During the war, VW employed 15,000 slaves to build war vehicles in their factories. Volkswagen finally admitted to such in 1998 and attempted to pay reparations to existing families of known victims. One friend of mine noted yesterday that America paid reparations to Japanese families affected by internment camps during WWII, but I quickly reminded him of the vast difference between being forced to live somewhere and being worked at hard labor in a factory until you die, then dumped in a big hole dug in the ground with thousands of others destined to the same horrible fate. As many as 80% of Volkswagen’s workforce during the war were slaves – Most of whom were culled from Nazi concentration camps. Today, we can sweep our memories clean and act as if this never happened. It didn’t effect me when I owned a VW Beetle as one of my first cars. It never came to mind as several of my family members own or have… Read more »

WW2? you are really going back to WW2? you’d be lucky to find a current VW employee who was alive during WW2.

However, most of them will have lived through the Bush era “war on terror” where hundreds of people have been held without charge, tortured and then just released. Not exactly the same scale as the millions affected by WW2 but a little bit more current.

Really?! Did you just say that?!

Volkswagen’s mass TDI deception goes back to say…last Friday? How can one get more current than that?

Next, you compare Bush to Hitler?!!! Are you high?

I state that without this VW exposé I wouldn’t have been motivated to look up VW’s history. The history is shocking. Did you know the information I shared. I think not. So maybe you and I learned something of a company with a heritage that set it upon a path that has led it to today.

Since my writing of this post, VW’s CEO has resigned, the company has said it will set aside half of it’s profits for 2015 ( $17B ) to make reparations, and VW faces another $18B in penalties from various governments – maybe much more. We may be hearing of VW’s fall from #1 car company in the world by sales ( as of March 2015 ) to bankruptcy! I think this makes this a big deal – don’t you think?


I hope you are Just_Young, and not so callous or uninformed as to think the millions who were tragically abused, imprisoned and enslaved by Hitler’s World War actually compare to anything you have seen or experienced in your lifetime.

1998 is not ancient history. And it took 50 years for VW to admit to it’s sins, and to offer to do some small effort to do some right by it.

Let’s hope you nor I never experience another World War in our or our children’s lifetimes. Right now, as we speak, Iran is planning to use nuclear weapons on it’s perceived enemies. This is a country who’se motto is: “Death To America!” – a slogan changed by their Ayatollah just days after signing an agreement lead by America to keep his country’s nuclear development in check. In “dealing with the devil”, N.A.T.O. and the U.S. have effectively repeated history as when Neville Chamberlain signed a peace accord with Adolph Hitler.

It’s been said if one forgets history – it will be repeated.

I hope I have given you some food for thought.

Note to Jay Cole: Please edit my second paragraph to Just_Chris to say:

*NEVER experience” – instead, it says “experience” which is a horrible thought – A large typo error on my part. Sorry.

I try to go over my posts before I hit Post Comment, but it seems I never get all the misTEAKS. I hate to post typos and errors – we all ask daily for that beloved EDIT button.

Yupe, I got it. Oh for an edit button, hehe.

If you do what you just did…add another comment and ask for an edit, someone will grab it…it just might take a few minutes. If you add a “delete this when edited” then we wii=ll do that too, (=

It isn’t a perfect solution while we wait on that holy edit button, but it works.

Jay Cole, you are the best, man!

Thank you much.

PHEV is the gateway drug to BEV. Smuggle it in if you have to.

No thanks, no more VW for me anymore!!!!!!!

About VW…what they did is very wrong. It was also very stupid on their behalf to think they could get away with this. Now is really they are being fined $18B, many will think (and be right in my opinion) that it is another fine example of piracy at state level exactly as was done with bank BNP Paribas recently ($9B billion fine). If on the contratry fine is aiming at cleaning up the mess they caused and using $ billions to improve futur air quality then fine will be found legitimate and not yet another example of highfly piracy.

Today as we speak, VW has no solution to fix these cars. Estimates rattling around auto sites state numbers like $33-37,000/car to get past this issue. Friday, that meant 490,000 cars or so – Monday, VW explained it is more like 11 million cars! How much can you calculate the legion of lawsuits that will come their way by multitudes of people who will discover their recalled cars lose both power and MPG?!

VW stated it will set aside 1/2 of their 2015 profits to deal with this issue…Will that be enough? Will it force VW-Group into bankruptcy? We shall see.

Bankruptcy maybe, but high probability of returning where it came from some years ago, just another European car maker. Situation in Europe regarding this fraud is more complicated. EU emmission testing bodies more or less being part of the fraud (by looking the other way) , specializes NGO’s currently reports that most European car maker use same software trics as VW. If that is a reality, then most likely VW will be more or less left unhurt in Europe. That leaves other VW huge market, China. Then maybe there are no such NOx restrictions in China (I would thing so, could be wrong).

What are you talking about?

The cars have systems that reduce the NOx emissions it just turns these systems off when it detects the test cycle has ended. The software would need to be changed and then the size of the Urea tank increased along with the frequency of refilling it but if BMW can do it so can VW. There would be some performance loss and probably some increase in mpg but it is all possible.

If VW didn’t think the fine was “legitimate” then they should not have sold cars in the US, where the fine is the law of the land.

Moreover, they wouldn’t even have to worry about the fine if they hadn’t committed fraud. It is important that they be fined the full amount, or a high proportion of it, because of the bad faith involved. This was not an unintended defect. It was premeditated.

It is important to send a strong signal to all other automakers that deliberate cheating on pollution controls is unacceptable, and that being caught will not result in a slap in the wrist but in a fine that will materially degrade the profitability of the business over several quarters.

The only pirates here are in VW. The application of a lawful fine isn’t piracy, it’s justice.

They are going to need some type of green car to replace their diesels. This would be a move in the right direction.

That’s my hope from all of this. A massive shift to electrification (BEVs not just PHEVs) as a sign of goodwill from VW.

Not to beat a dead horse, too late, but VW should have followed this advice:

VW may be at fault at this moment- but I’m curious what the investigations from various groups will find. I read from a German news source that other manufacturers may be involved (not only in Germany).Irony about Diesel engines in Europe- they are being banded in large cities such as in London and all diesels are banded from sell in France by next year. Regardless the toxic fumes found from diesel fumes- they do emit particulates that are carcinogenic. I use to own a 1996 TDI Passat- it was a great car I wish I had kept. I agree with some of the good comments here- EVs are the way to go and a way for VW to get back on its feet again. I hope they survive as they are a large company that employs a lot of people here in the US.

Latest news on the VW debacle. Yes I have officially razed obfuscate gate, to a ‘Debacle’.

“Embattled German car maker Volkswagen AG VLKAY, +6.53% VOW3, -2.20% is planning to dismiss the heads of research & development at its Audi and Porsche units, Reuters reported Thursday.”
Source: an unnamed senior official.