Volkswagen Outlines Its Electrified Vehicle Offerings – Present and Future – 15 Plug In Models By 2017


Audi A3 e-tron PHEV and VW Golf GTE - Similar But Different

Audi A3 e-tron PHEV and VW Golf GTE – Similar But Slightly Different Torque and HP Curves

In 2012, Volkswagen Group offer zero plug-in vehicles.

In 2013, that zero jumped to 4, including 2 BEVs and 2 PHEVs.

By the end of 2014, Volkswagen Group will add at least 2 more PHEVs (VW Golf GTE and Audi A3 e-tron).  There’s a strong chance that the Porsche Cayenne PHEV will launch by late 2014 too, but we’ll leave that plug-in SUV out of in the mix for 2014 for now.

So, by the end of 2014, VW Group will have at least 6 plug-in vehicles (this figures excludes the limited production VW XL1).

Then, by the end of 2015, the Cayenne PHEV, VW Passat PHEV and Audi Q7 PHEV join the mix.  VW Group doesn’t specifically say that these vehicles will come in 2015, but previous reports suggest that all 3 will join VW group’s lineup sometime next year.

That puts us at 9 plug-in vehicles from VW Group by the end of 2015.

Beyond that, we see 2 more Audi models up for electrification, likely in 2016.  Plus, those “derivatives of other group brands” such as Skoda, SEAT and so on.

All told, it’s likely that VW Group will feature approximately 15 plug-in vehicles by the end of 2017.  That’s less than 4 years from today.

  • 2012  –  0 plug-in VW Group models
  • 2017  –  15 plug-in VW Group models

That’s quite the 360 degree turnaround, don’t you think?

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Where is the “Wow! Factor”? I’m holding my breath to see which of these vehicles reach impactful sales numbers, or even make it Stateside.

Golf and Jetta hybrid is a good start. Besides the E-Up! and perhaps Passat PHEV and E-Golf, all those others represent a very expensive cost per electric mile. Even listing some of those cars, like the 918 is as ridiculous as listing the XL-1.

When will they have an affordable 200 mile + BEV?

Never, according to that chart. Everything from 2014 on is PHEVs.

The Volkswagen government has decided today, that 30 km range is enough to be counted as EV, so they are allowed to use EV parking lots and bus lanes.

Head -> Desk
Well, at least the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1 won’t qualify for it then, but every other plug-in does, that’s what I would call challenging …
And they are traying to delay the introduction of the WLTP aswell to maintain their NEDC trickery (

About a year after everyone else.

Gonna call VW “PHEVtards”. Only two pure BEVs out of the entire product line? You suck, VW.

Those are better stats than most automakers, in fact they crush GMs numbers and are better than Toyota’s. They are making a real effort that will only get better for all of us.

Not yet. I still can’t buy any VW plug-in in the USA yet. I can buy 3 different ones from GM. And GM is coming out with additional models too.

Anon was talking about EVs (pure/real/actual… whatever you want to name them. Electric, not just electrified).
Unless you’re in California or Oregon and manage to get a “CARB compliance special” Spark, the number of EVs you can buy from GM anywhere else remains exactly zero, and will for the foreseeable future.

That said, I agree, VW might not be any better. The e-Up won’t come to the US, and depending on pricing and availability, the e-Golf could effectively turn into VW’s own compliance car…

Yeah, how awful to merely bring out PHEVs and BEVs across their entire product range, all of which don’t compromise internal accomodation and trunk space at all.
What is more, they did not do it yesterday.

Perfectly shocking.

Seriously. How about a little appreciation for the only major manufacturer properly committing to plugins?

These are legit PHEVs, too, unlike Toyota’s joke of an effort.

If this is what VW was saying about being the leader in electric vehicles, I’m not impressed.

I think that is the most impressive chart I have seen from any OEM yet.

Especially from a company that has delivered zero cars to date. 🙂

They have delivered about 3500 cars to date. That’s not nothing.

For a group owning no less than 12 brands and selling over 9 millions cars/year, 3k is still pretty much just a rounding error.

Hopefully VW will step it up. For now you can continue to color me a tad skeptical though.

You wrote “In 2013, that zero jumped to 4, including 2 BEVs and 2 PHEVs”.

e-UP was introduced in November 2013 in some few models for dealers.

e-Golf was not orderable in 2013. It is orderable from April 2014 on, delivery Mid/End 2014.

VW hates BEVs. Plug In can be sold here as “premium green” with a huge price. That is better for margin and aftersales.

Yeaup. 🙁

“That’s quite the 360 degree turnaround, don’t you think?”

You wanted to say 180 degree turnaround? Because at a 360 degree turnaround you realy don’t change your course…

VW has the best record of any auto maker when it comes to making green cars. I know because I read it on the internet and everything’s true on the internet.

Considering their sales numbers even their small 8-10 kwh phev batteries will rise the question “do we need a “gigafactory?””

It is still a lot of feet dragging. Better than Toyota and others but still feet dragging. The worst is that they don’t commercialize the best product they have in store, namely the A1 e-tron system with a good EV range and a wankel Rex. A real puzzle why they don’t sell their most interesting propulsion system?

I can answer that one. They don’t use a small wankel REx engine anywhere else in any vehicle, so it would be expensive to build a brand new motor just for one model of one car.

Compare that with BMW, who grabbed an off-the-shelf scooter motor from one of their BMW branded scooters for their REx motor in the i3. They are still charging $4000 dollars in upcharge for that scooter motor. Around the same amount of money that the whole scooter would cost to buy.

Audi needs a cheap source for their Rex motor, and a one-off wankel engine that is just for the A1 e-tron isn’t it. Maybe they should contract with a scooter maker like Aprilia or Honda.

Stop hating on volkswagen they are very good cars electric or not electric I welcome this change. Just because they have small beteries or arn’t evs doesn’t make em bad better than honda lexus toyota etc. most people will own a car made by volkswagen at some as somone mentioned earlier they own 12 list a few audi porsche skoda and themselves volkswagen.