Volkswagen To Open New Electric Car Factory In North America

SEP 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Volkswagen hints at a new EV factory in North America.

The main production site for the next-generation of electric cars from VolkswagenI.D. family – is the massive plant in Zwickau in Germany. However, Volkswagen is preparing for production in China and hints at a facility in North America by 2022.

There is currently no official decision, announcement or any details, but it’s being discussed.

However, it could be too early to celebrate another EV factory in the U.S., as the location could be Mexico instead.

“There is no decision done so far,” Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen’s board member for e-mobility, told reporters here in Dresden, Germany. “We think there’s a natural fit to Chattanooga, but there’s no planning done so far.”

Volkswagen produces cars in the U.S. in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which could be expanded to handle I.D. BEVs.

Volkswagen I.D. family:

  • I.D. hatchback
  • I.D. CROZZ
  • I.D. BUZZ


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Would wait till after the Trump Tarrif Tantrum.

Yeah . . if they’re going to make huge factories in the US like BMW and Mercedes, that export a lot of the cars to the rest of the world, they need long term stable rules to take info consideration. Mexico would probably be best option for a factory like that (now).
If they’re only going to supply local market, the size of the factory can be smaller, and they will suffer less from the Trump tarrifs.

The “local” market is N America…

building in Mexico is the wrong way to go. Split it between America and Canada.
From Mexico, there is going to be a future adjustment.

The key point is business likes predictability and stability,
Trump is neither.

VW may follow Nissan with building EVs in North America, in the great Agriculture and Commerce State of Tennessee. The Passat and Atlas factory in Chattanooga, may be a good site to go EV.

Again? That trick never works!

Yea…, That Trick Never Works ! Love that cartoon…!

Take your Time VW . Slow Down !… lol…, You’re Moving too Fast ..Just keep Pumping Out those Prototypes & Do Nothing Else , You will get Nowhere Very Very Fast !

In 3 years some people are going to be in shock at the totally changed market… And it’s not VW.

After seeing the numbers VW is actually planning for 2020, I’m no longer sure the market will be much changed in three years… Apparently they are looking at longer timelines still for serious mass production.

Three years is late 2021. 2020 is one year.

Hey man… facts are irrelevant to both the Tesla fanbois and the Tesla haters…
Both are really annoying to people who simply like and support BEVs…

Yeah, instead we need valuable contributions like this comment. Thank you so much.

The end of 2020 is more than two years. The planned production figure they mentioned was for all of 2020.

I am aware that three years is 2021. I’m assuming though that they are planning a gradual ramp — which would put 2021 still pretty low in terms of completely changing the market.

Yes, it will.
VW is moving WAY too slow.

I just love the way that van looks.

Oh, the germans folks cleaning their brand.

Would be great to get an EV factory in my state.

So ugly!

Isn’t the Vizzion only a concept vehicle, whereas all the others are officially headed for actual production?