Volkswagen And Mitsubishi Dominated Germany Plug-In Market In May 2014

JUN 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Not Coming To The US In 2014, And Probably Not in 2015 Either

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

We already found most data on which cars contributed most to the record high 1,469 plug-in registrations in Germany in May, of which 934 were pure EVs and 535 plug-in hybrids.

As it turns out, EV registrations were dominated by Volkswagen and PHEVs by Mitsubishi. All other brands were left behind.

Volkswagen had 453 registrations of EVs, however any available data does not break this down between e-up! and e-Golf (we have indication that e-up! is no more than 320 and e-Golf no less than 133). 453 is almost half of all EVs. Second best was BMW i3 with 255 registrations, from which 121 are classified as EVs (without REx). Then we see 106 Renault ZOE and 104 smart fortwo electric drive.

On the other side, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV had 293 registrations. This is 55% of all PHEVs and second best in this segment was left far behind.

There is no question that the best selling plug-ins in Germany are made by German brands. BMW i3 reached 1,167 registrations this year (722 or 62% don’t have REx). Volkswagen (probably mostly e-up! with some part of first e-Golf sales) has 884 registrations YTD. After five months, electric smart is third best with 505 registrations.

This year, Tesla Model S has 344 registrations  in Germany (less than the 391 for Renault ZOE but more than the 300 Nissan LEAFs), however this is less than one month’s worth of Model S sales  in Norway.

Newcomer Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with over 400 registrations YTD is close to the all-German podium this year (BMW, VW and smart).

EV registrations in Germany - May 2014

EV registrations in Germany – May 2014

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57 Model S sales for Germany in May.


The Outlander PHEV is selling like Gangbusters here in the UK too.

It may be difficult to get it released in the US, as Europe is sucking up all they can make.

Other manufacturers are seeing what is going on though, and my guess is that VW at least will bring out a small SUV fairly soon as it is relatively easy for them on their new platforms.

They won’t fancy matching Mitsubishi’s extraordinarily low price though.

I’m surprised that the market for a 80km odd battery range ER-EV hatch is so small such that only 5 Opel Amperas were sold. Whereas 50km Outlander PHEVs are doing well.

The Opel Ampera might be a little costly, but it is a very good full performance electric car that might have more market share.

Whether Germany or PIP in the US, short range mostly family friendly plug-in hybrids that probably only charge at home do seem to be popular

The Ampera is a poor car except the drivetrain. But it costs more than twice as much as a comparable car.
The Outlander is a much better car. Plus more importantly it’s in the price range of other ICE SUV’s so if you’re in the market for a SUV then it’s a big chance that the Outlander PHEV is within your budget from the start, even more so with any incentives avaliable which makes it go from a good buy to a no-brainer.

I’m really starting to think that the reason no plug-in hybrid SUV exists in the USA is that the car makers are afraid of hurting the sales of their own profitable conventional gas SUVs.

Yup. And Model X scares the cr*p out of them.

Why would anyone think that the Model S would sweep the Germans off their feet. It’s an unlikely scenario. The Germans are too much in love with the idea of their own technological superiority for that to happen. The Germans didn’t have the gonads to be first in electric cars, and now that there appears to be a small, but growing market for plug-ins and EVs, the Germans are quite ready to jump in and talk trash like this: “We knew all along that the electric car was going to happen.” “And now that we got dragged kicking and screaming into this thing, and came late to the party, you’ve just gotta remember that you can still count on us and our invincible German engineering, our unmatched expertise, thoroughness and attention to detail……blah, blah, blah….. True enough, the Germans do indeed have the technological snap to build a very good electric car, which is why the Model S will most likely NOT be a huge success in Germany, no matter how many Supercharger stations are strung along the autobahn. The Germans think they are the world’s greatest engineers. And I’m sure the German car buying public agrees with that. Germans… Read more »

When and if German premium brands Audi/BMW/Mercedes bring out an adequate competitor to Tesla S (range + size), Tesla S will be dead.

All the more incentive to move to Tesla X ASAP and keep cutting the edge.

I can empathize with some of your sentiment, but to be fair the German big three have at least recognized where the future is going and decided to invest heavily in plug-in electrification, with some innovative results.

Contrast that with Fiat/Chrysler who are anti-electrification, GM who are close to orphaning their well engineered Volt, and Ford & Toyota who are mainly interested sticking with their existing hybrid technology.

Beyond the products, a bit of Euro-arrogance comes with the turf. The European federation is still a work in progress, so their leaders have to feed the people a constant diet of “we are better than everyone else”. Ignore it and they’ll get over it eventually.

Germans love diesels not electric.

whats with the 2 hybrids sold by mitsu? they dont have a hybrid
(google translates says that 295 is total and 293 is only plug ins so what is the 2)

The data are not 100% accurate. The Opel Ampera is also counted wrong every month again and again….