Volkswagen Logs 1,200 e-Golf Orders in Norway in 3.5 Hours – 5.7 Ordered Per Minute


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

On Tuesday morning, Volkswagen of Norway opened the ordering books for the BEV VW e-Golf.



Within 3 1/2 hours, VW logged 1,200 e-Golf orders.

The Golf has long been the top selling ICE in Norway, so it should come as no surprise that the electric version is hugely popular there, too.

As abc nyheter reports (via Google translate):

“After three and a half hours, an outrageous 1,200 orders rolled in. That means around 5.7 ordered cars per minute.”

Information officer for Volkswagen in Norway, Anita Svanes, commented:

“This is amazing! The demand has been tremendous and we already have noticed great interest from customers.”

According to Svanes, 65 out of VW’s 72 Norwegian dealerships have signed on to sell the e-Golf.  The sales targets for the e-Golf in Norway is 2,500 units in 2014.

With demand through the roof, VW is now considering upping production of the e-Golf.

Last fall, when the VW e-Up! launched in Norway, 300 pre-orders were booked in 4 minutes.

The Volkswagen e-Golf will launch in the US in late 2014.

Source: abc nyheter

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21 responses to "Volkswagen Logs 1,200 e-Golf Orders in Norway in 3.5 Hours – 5.7 Ordered Per Minute"
  1. Brian says:

    Wow! I hope there is half that much enthusiasm when this car reaches the US.

    1. Assaf says:

      Not as likely. The Golf is predominantly an Old World leading brand, much less so in the US.

      There’s really no need for VW to try and ship this over here anytime soon: compact car sales fetch a higher margin in Europe, and the demand for e-Golf will be hard enough to keep up with as it is. They might though, even just for the ZEV credit.

      As I said elsewhere: it’s a Golf, in Europe it will sell, regardless of how non-fancy the design.

      1. Brian says:

        Just because Americans prefer SUVs and trucks doesn’t mean there isn’t a vibrant market for small cars too. There are at least 3-4 VW Golfs out in the parking lot where I work – certainly they sell well enough here. And the profit margin has little to nothing to do with customer enthusiasm.

        1. Assaf says:

          Well argued. Agreed.

          In fact, if the e-Golf scores closer to 100 miles than to 80 miles in the EPA range tests (which its vital specs suggest might be the case), it might be above the Leaf in our shortlist to replace our 2012 Leaf when it expires.

          Unless of course, Nissan gets off its ass and starts selling longer-range ones.

          That said, there is a world of difference between what the Golf stands for in Europe and in the US. The Golf in Europe is like the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic over here – only more popular, because there are less SUVs sold over there.

  2. DocDragon says:

    Wow, not bad considering it costs about the same as a BMW i3 without having the luxury cachet. It appears that looks does matter. 😉

    1. Suprise Cat says:

      Well, 65 e-Golf dealer versus 7 BMWi dealer…

      1. Suprise Cat says:

        Which means only 1/4 of all BMW dealers are selling the i3…

  3. Mikael says:

    I just went to to build my own e-Golf (just to test it and see options and what it costs). Is it possible to get the e-Golf with tires? 😛 Anyone know if you buy that separately or why the e-Golf is tireless when you try to build one? 🙂

    1. Aaron says:

      I just did the same thing. Maybe the Norwegian version is a hovercraft? There were NO options I could find to put wheels and tires on the car!

  4. Anon says:

    Glad the e-Golf is popular. They need to make an e-Beetle now; but not as the two seater roadster prototype they showed a couple years ago.

    Interesting how consumers passed over their sub-compact e-Up…

    1. Mikael says:

      Passed over?

    2. kalle says:

      the e-up is to expensive for what you gett

      1. Mikael says:

        Might be… but it was the 5th most selling EV in Europe in december… Only behind the Outlander, Volvo, Tesla and Leaf.

        And in january it’s the 3rd most selling EV in Germany, 9th in France (beaten only by 3 non-french EV’s), 2nd in Norway only beaten by the Leaf, 3rd in Denmark and 2nd in Sweden.

        The e-UP is definitely holding up it’s own so far…. but of course I would want to see it being cheaper (but that goes for all EV’s).

        1. Anon says:

          I was noting the low numbers of e-Up in Norway, not the rest of the EU.

  5. Priusmaniac says:

    I wonder what an EV Camry would sell like?

  6. kalle says:

    i think renault made a big mistake by not puching for the zoe to be released in scandinavia before the golf did.

  7. Mike Suding says:

    I think it will only sell well if it’s competitively priced compared to the Nissan LEAF which is available for $200/month lease ($2,000 down). I would choose it if it was even $250 or maybe even $300. But based on the price set in Europe, it will be MUCH higher. A few articles say it’s 34,900 euros which is ~$47,800 which would probably not equate to even $300/mo lease.

  8. Suprise Cat says:

    How can VW come up with a prediction of only 2500 units per year, when the Leaf has already sold twice that amount last year?
    VW has clearly no interest in selling electric vehicles in volume…the waiting list will be in years and not month….

    1. vdiv says:

      Dan Neil in “Who Killed the Electric Car?” (paraphrasing from memory):

      “I don’t buy this for a second. Companies would sell cars that run on pig shit if people bought those.”

      Of course those would not be zero emissions, so the eGolf does have a good chance 🙂

    2. George says:

      I think the reason is very simple. The delivery will not start before mid 2014. The 2500 units for Norway are for half a year.

    3. John Doe says:

      There are a limited number of customers in Norway that can use a small car like the EV Golf. Range and number of seats..
      It is for people living in cities, with limited transportation needs and a small familiy. Most EV cars are still bought just to be able to drive in the bus lane to and from work, get free paring and no road toll.
      I need to be able to pull a trailer 10-20 times a year too. I’ve not seen a EV that can do that. Yet.

      VW must compete with other brands.. and again.. there are not that many people living in Norway.
      And it’s not like I can buy an EV.. they don’t come with enough seats, and I can not afford two cars, and my wife does not have a drivers license..
      And even if an electric car can cover 90% of my transportation need, charging it in Europe is not good enough. Travelling on hollidays and stuff..
      and I can not rent a larger ICE car for those weeks .. as I have to pay 1200-1500 dollars a week to rent a VW Caravell size car in Norway.

      In the cities a lot of younger people don’t even try to get a drivers license. Many businesses start to have trouble with emploees not having a drivers licese..

      VW will probably try to sell as many EV cars as possible, but the market situation.. and the i3 from BMW (and a new and improved Leaf?) will show that 2500 cars is a fair estimate.

      I own a VW ICE car, and it is a fact that BMW is known to have better quality.. so if I was in the market of buying a new EV, I would have paid a bit more to get a BMW insted of the VW. If they made a car that would fit my needs. I’m close to broke anyway, so I will continue to drive my old POS Caravelle for several years to come.
      Or..we will drop owning a car at all.

      A friend has a Renault Twizy that he use a lot. To call it a car is a bit of a stretch.. but to and from work, and to pick up some food from the store.. it’s all he needs. Lousy window/door solution prevents this model from selling A LOT in Norway, as an extra car, for students and so on. We have considered buying one if we choose to not have a car.

      I am also in the market for an EV Caravelle size car when/if that happens. Maybe the new T6 Caravelle will have electric as an option?
      But at what cost, at what battery life, range and cost to replace the battery pack?