Volkswagen Leads Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe

MAR 6 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Europe January 2015 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Europe January 2015 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Europe, with over 9,500 plug-in electric car sales in January 2015, far exceeded the US’ result of 5,924.

This year began especially strong for Volkswagen, which seems to now be most popular brand among plug-in electric car buyers.

We are not sure if VW will be able hold onto the #1 spot, but in January the automaker delivered over 2,300 cars (Golf GTE, e-Golf and e-up!) and some 2,800 if we include the whole VW Group (Audi and Porsche).

In second place is Nissan Tesla Renault Mitsubishi! Outlander PHEV had almost 2,000 sales, and with i-MiEV added in the result stood at nearly 2,100.

Nissan, combined with Renault (below 2,000), is at similar level, but only if we include Twizy.

Both BMW and Tesla are down in the hundreds range.

Well, Volkswagen might’ve come to the party late, but as a Group it’s moving forward to quickly become the sales leader in Europe.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Poor Tesla cant keep up with the big hitters as expected 🙁

WOW! VW said they were NEVER going to do Plugins.
VW – people now actually want your Plugins LOL!
(As management scratches there heads with the good fortune they are now enjoying)

No surprise that the GTE is selling better than the E-Golf. I think when people see the performance, it is easy to sway people to go electric. Besides performance the GTE also has no range restrictions. I am disappointed that VW has decided not to sell it here.

Despite VW sales are soaring now, they won’t be able to deliver large numbers for the next EV generation. They simply didn’t made long term high volume contracts with battery suppliers. Nissan/Renault, Tesla and maybe even BWM will benefit from that.

VW know that they will need to sell a lot of plugins to be able to reach the 2020 EU emission regulations, which are very tough and will be even tougher in the years after that.

If they don’t have a plan and contracts in place and under negotiation to be able to support the massive number of plugins they will have to sell within 5 years then a lot of heads should roll.

Where are the naysayers that kept telling me here and on Tesla forums that VW/Audi will never release competitive PHEVs and EVs?

Sure, Audi delayed its e-tron many times, but the VW Group is back…and given its resources, it will continue to gain marketshare as it offers PHEV variants for virtually all of its cars in the future.

Fake EV…

Fake EV? Huh?

It’s about PHEVs and EVs, also see the sales stats in the article.

In daily commutes, most of the PHEVs are driven in pure electric mode, many European drivers have quite a short commute.

VW Group will also start selling long-range EVs in the next 2-3 years, the R-8 etron is a first test bed for volume production of an SUV and a sports car or sedan (coming from Audi).

What is a fake EV, can you please define that for the rest of us?

Yeah, what do you mean?
VW is already selling two BEVs (e-Golf & e-Up!) and one PHEV (Golf GTE) in multiple markets; another PHEV (Passat GTE) will start selling this summer has already been road tested by the magazines. A third PHEV (Cross Couple GTW) has been announced for production, with full specs, to be manufactured in the US.
All this aside from concept vehicles.

Of course I left out the most important sentence (we could really use an Edit button…):
AFAICS, VW currently has more EV car models out than any other manufacturer in the West.

VW currently has a great product for two of the biggest EV markets in Europe: the e-Golf with heatpump for Norway and the Golf GTE for PHEV-loving Netherlands. In both countries the Golf has been among the most popular car models for a long time.

Sales people at the Chicago Auto Show VW display stated that there was no E-Golf model at the show because the E product line would not be available in the Chicago Metro area. Many more EV’s were notably absent from the Chicago Auto Show including Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Nissan e-NV200 and the Kia Soul EV. Even Toyota has been loath to make the plug-in Prius available (though they were on the show floor).

While many Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf vehicles have been seen in wild near Chicago, I expect they are likely to remain the sole EV choices for Chicagoans for a while.

Not surprised the Golf GTE is selling well -it offers quiet economical daily commuting with GT performance and sound when you want it.

Interesting reading, it will be interesting to see what impact the Tesal Model 3 has when it is released for sale in 2017, after the Government plug in car grant this EV will come in around £18500. We are not surprised to see how high the demand for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been as this is a real eye opener. Get ready for the wave of plug-in hybrid 4 by 4’s and SUV’s to follow soon. The Nissan Leaf has remained strong, and the new Tekna version has had a positive review at . We were expecting better sales from the BMW i3 and Audi A3 e-tron, however the marketing of these vehicles has been slow, possibly due to manufacturing delays and increasing waiting times.