Volkswagen Launches Comprehensive E-Mobility Site for EV Newbies


VW's New E-Mobility Site

VW’s New E-Mobility Site

It now seems that Volkswagen is beginning to take electric vehicles rather seriously.

VW e-Up!

VW e-Up!

One need only look at the time and money VW spent on its recently launched e-mobility website to see that Volkswagen is dead set on trying to inform the public of its upcoming electric offering and to convince potential EV buyers of the benefits of going electric.

VW’s e-mobility. Inspired to Think Blue website dispels EV myths, highlights the automaker’s electrified offerings, explains charging and answers basic questions related to electric vehicles.

Here’s an example of one myth dispelled on the site:

vw e

There are technical guides on battery technology, information for fleet buyers and an e-mobility glossary, too.

Aside from the now-available e-Up! and Porsche Panamera Plug-In Hybrid, the Volkswagen Group will launch the e-Golf, XL1 and A3 Sportback e-tron all within the next 18 months.  More electrified vehicle will follow those after those launches.

To check out VW’s e-mobility site, click here.

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6 responses to "Volkswagen Launches Comprehensive E-Mobility Site for EV Newbies"
  1. Lad says:

    VW has been the leader in producing EV smoke and vapor for years. I’ll believe it when I see it!

    1. krona2k says:

      Erm, it’s definitely going ahead. Both the e-Up and the e-Golf are going to be produced next year.

    2. Mimar says:

      Of course it’ll be vapor !
      When a good chunk of your share holders are sheiks with truck full of petro-$s…

      All the same with Photovoltaic cell producer company who sold the majority to TOTAL few years back and now goes bankrupt wondering how could that be…

      And the guy who was gonna change the world to a better place by revolutionizing car industry. What do they think when selling his soul to this other guy whose primary business is refining oil…

      Go figure !!

  2. krona2k says:

    The website is quite slick but a lot of it is like something written for children. Made me cringe.

    1. Anon says:

      It’s clearly written for first time EV shoppers… I guess you could call them, the “EV Curious”…

      What makes me cringe, are Designers / Corporate Execs putting analogue gauges in digital vehicles. *shutter*

      1. vdiv says:

        Ha-ha, yes, especially since these are fake analog gauges 🙂

        However if that will get more children, i mean people, to drive EVs it is a worthy sacrifice.