Volkswagen To Launch Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicles Starting In 2021


Fully autonomous means no steering wheel or pedals.

VW Sedric

Much like the I.D., concepts are VW’s method of announcing electric vehicles are on their way, the Sedric showcar serves as a preview of the company’s autonomous tech agenda.

Originally unveiled back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the driverless (and badgeless) Sedricwas again exhibited in Frankfurt last month to provide a glimpse into an entire family of cars that will be able to meet the maximum level 5 autonomy requirements.

VW’s CEO, Matthias Müller, told the media gathered at IAA the Sedric is only a taste of what’s to come in terms of entirely autonomous cars tailored to city use, as well as models for long-range journeys, and even self-driving vans and big rigs. He went on to specify the R&D department is also preparing a concept that will take the shape of a driverless sports car. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Besides an armada of concepts, VW has made the promise to commence testing of fully autonomous cars in the near future. Müller said the initial testing phase will consist of transporting the firm’s employees within the factory located in Wolfsburg, Germany. Further down the line, fleets of self-driving cars will be launched in 2-5 cities all over the world by 2021, according to Johann Jungwirth, the man in charge of the VW Group’s digitization strategy. These publicly available driverless vehicles will be offered thorough the Moia and Gett mobility brands, both of which are affiliated with VW.

The aforementioned Sedric (an abbreviation for “self-driving car”) is not the only concept of this kind from the VW Group showcased in Frankfurt. Audi also has the Aicon envisioned with level 5 autonomy, meaning it doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals. While the Sedric is more of a ride-sharing type of vehicle, Aicon takes the shape of a personal car, one that does all the work for you.

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Even aside from Volkswagen being the King of Vaporware, regularly promising vehicles which never appear…

There is no way that VW can possibly know when autonomous driving systems will advance far enough that they are dependable enough for mass production. And there’s no way of knowing when the various governments will approve them for sale to the general public.

2021, only four years from now? That’s a pretty short time window for all that to happen.

It’s OK. They’ll be launching them in 2021.

As we know well, launch date and real production date are two very different things.

If crash is the intent, and catapult provides the launch then I believe VW can show autonomy in 2021.

King of vaporware? Only if Tesla is the Supreme Emperor

Although VW could probably actually do this, in a limited, low-speed, geofenced environment

Oh dear! I know you should be ignored but…

I’d like to hear about the following ‘vaporware’-
Model S
Model X
Model 3

Don’t worry, they probably think vaporware means “delivered on time and on budget”.
Or maybe they think the vapour part means it is really cool.
In which case Tesla is doing Ok, but VW isn’t quite there yet.

I’ve tested two such vehicles, including the one from VW.
Both had a “driver” (that could stop the vehicle with a remote gizmo), was on a closed street, driving in a really slow speed. Before they started to take passengers, they drove the vehicle a few times to scan the street to map it electronically.
I’m sure they can be used in airports, campuses and maybe inner city bus lines.
A set route, with a limited speed, in a fairly uncomplex situation.
It is an EV, it is quiet and when autonomous cheap to run.

For longer journeys I would prefer to drive the EV on a modern train fitted with a bed, or a movie theater or a gym.
No need to fill up the roads, charge and so on. They could probably charge the EVs from the trains power (electric) during the journey as well.
The train has to be economically competetive to an EV.

I swear I built that exact car with Legos back in the 80’s. I put the “computer brick” on the front instead of one of the engine grill bricks.

Copyright infringement? Ha ha!

A toaster on wheels, truly revolutionary!

It is intended to be a small bus – so it will look like a bus.
Just like passenger airplanes have looked the same for 40-50 years.
Just like a van looks like a LEGO brick.
Form and function and so on.

The vehicle I tested looked the same from both directions. When it was at the end of the street, it just drive in the other direction. No need to turn. Could not see what was back and what was the front of the vehicle. With no dash, no steeringwheel . . Who knows?

These vehicles will be bought by organisations. Cost and maintenance is probably more important then looks.

I mistyped. Meant Duplo. The preschooler toy set. You can make cars with smiling faces on them.

Why does VW show concept after concept without producing anything.

Because VW think the public are so stupid. They are mistaken and very Arrogant.

Reminds of this robot from Futurama.

Everyone thinks Apple would buy Tesla. Maybe Apple bought VW. All these concepts have a very Apple type design to me.