Volkswagen To Install 12,000 Charging Points In Germany


Volkswagen Golf GTE

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Green Car Congress is reporting that Volkswagen will install an impressive 12,000 charging points for its employees to use in Germany:

“The German Press Agency dpa reported that Volkswagen plans to build 12,000 charging points for electric vehicles in the next few years at its company parking lots in Germany—10% of the company’s 120,000 parking spaces for employees. The plans were announced by CEO Martin Winterkorn behind closed doors at the National Conference on Electric Mobility earlier this week in Berlin, according to unnamed sources cited by dpa. Volkswagen subsequently confirmed the plans.”

12,000 is a remarkable figure when one considers that Germany has only 4,800 public charging points installed right now.

Green Car Congress adds:

“Although Winterkorn reportedly said that it is not the business model of the automobile industry to build charging stations, VW wants to set an example, as e-mobility in Germany has not really budged.”

Quoting Winterkorn:

“Therefore, in my view, much is to be said for a large investment partnership of government and industry for the best possible public charging infrastructure in Germany.”

Source: Green Car Congress


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It has not budged because of continued incentives not to go ev and because of overpriced and not fast-chargable evs from national automakers.

Take THAt, Putin.

Go home McDonald cowboy!

Volkswagen (e-Golf, e-Up, e-Tron etc.) can just charge single-phase @ 3,7 kw. So they are talking about slow destination charging. This is fine and i really appreciate that.

But you can not compare that with 4800 public 3-phase 22kw Stations and 1600 additional public 3-phase 11kw AC stations.

Volkswagen needs to get numbers of their e-Golf into the Market. They sell them to employees very cheap and these then sell them to other people. This is for VW to meet CO2 targets.

If VW would like to “change the game” they would invest in CCS fast Charging points an all Autobahnen.

This of course they dont do.

“If VW would like to “change the game” they would invest in CCS fast Charging points an all Autobahnen.”

There’s enough other initiatives in Europe, have a look at this map:

In 2-3 years Europe will be fully covered with combined CCS/Chademo stations…it already is in some regions.

Yes in 2-3 years we will have a lot of 50kw charging stations beeing too slow for the (at that Time actual) next Generation of Battery Capacity.

I hope all Charging Stations are required to deliver at least 100kw in Future (which is in 2-3 years).

Upgrading electricity grids isn’t free. Adding 2-3 50kW stations is often possible with no major investments.

Upgrades to 100-150 kW can always follow up as needed later on.

I would rather have 2-3 50kW multi-standard stations than one 150kW stations at this point.

Every little bit helps. I guess to spur sales they would need those attractive attendants we see pictured…
Why can’t they show middle aged guys like me with plugs in their hands? it would look a lot more realistic.

Advertising isn’t about realism. It’s about selling a product.

And if VW wants to sell more cars, they’ll need to make longer range BEVs, and diversify that drivetrain in ALL of their models, not just the Golf.

Hey man.. whatever’s comfortable.

This seems to be something to support the pathetic battery size of German PHEVs. These are VW workplace chargers so they can charge up at work since their battery will probably be dead from the morning commute.

I have a link to an article mentioning the testing by VW group of 150Kw fast charging stations but wish I could find source of this article in German (link I have is to a French site). I would be interesting to know what exactly they are doing as if they indeed do this testing it could be assumed they somehow will make stations that can easily be upgraded to 150Kw.

Germany has now (growing very very quickly)
4.670 Locations with charging points
14.156 Charging Sockets (Typ2, Chademo, CCS and so on)

1.Typ 2= 6.724 -> 44 x 43 kW -> 4.437 x 22 ->kW, 1.654
2. Schuko(10A)= 5.200
3. CEE Blue= 930(1Phase)
4.CEE Red = 676(3Phase) / 8 x 43 kW, 241 x 22 kW, 427 x 11 kW
5.Tesla Supercharger = 244
6.Combined Charging = 165, 86 > 43 kW, 79 43 kW, 64 < 43 kW
8.Type 1 (40)
9.Type 3 (25), 24 x 22 kW, 1 x 3,7 kW

Especially Chademo and CCS will grow very quick during 2015 and 2016 /alone in Hamburg are coming 70TripleChargers

Especially by Help from ALDI-Süd.

They build 50 Triple Chargers with free charging for everybody on 50 locations.

CCS / CHAdeMO/ TYP2 powerd by own Photovoltaics.

Are the Volkswagen charging stations for ervybody or only for employees ??

I love the comments on this site, Tesla fart and there are 50 people commenting on how much better Tesla’s farts are compared to everyone else. VW commit to 12,000 charging stations at the work place, the 2nd most important place to be able to charge, and they are criticized.

BTW I like Tesla and their product but they are not the only good people in the world. Similarly VW and Toyota are not evil. They do good things too….. as well as bad things, like the Kluger, Yuk! but at least we should acknowledge the good things so that when we criticize the bad thing we at have some credibility.

Well done VW, I wish my employer would install 10% charging stations in our car park.

Excellent point. But consider this, when comparing ‘farts’:

1. Tesla’s farts are faster than VW’s.

2. Tesla’s farts are expected to become even more energy dense, soon. The recent supercooled “supple” fart cable indicates this forward thinking on even better farting.

3. VW needs to join Tesla’s Fast Fart Network, because big 200 mile + BEVs need faster farting for long trips.

4. Tesla’s Fart Stations just plain look and smell better.


You make some good points and I have to admit that I am not a massive fan of VW’s cars but in response and completely from my own selfish perspective: 1. I live in Melbourne, a congested city where the maximum speed limit is 100 km/h my leaf travels at pretty much the same speed as a model S in Melbourne…. slowly 2. Energy density is great but my leaf already works fine for my needs even with is low energy density. 3. I don’t take long trips, the only slightly attractive long trip I would consider would be in a massive dirty 4 x 4 and it wouldn’t be near a road, let alone a fast charger. 50 kW fast chargers on the freeways around Melbourne would probably be over kill for my driving 4. You are kidding? It’s a plug who cares what it looks like? 5. I don’t drive a lot, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a car, Tesla have shown no evidence that they will ever supply anything more than the posters for my sons bedroom walls. I’d love a Tesla, I really would but what I need is a CHEAPER… Read more »

@Just Chris, I totally agree with what you write but did not dare to write it (did not want the local religious police on my back like in Teheran). Indeed who cares what is done in favor of EV’s as long as it is done. In this specific example 12,000 loading stations could lead to thousands of sales of BEV & PHEV’s. Do those have small batteries ? OK, better than nothing. In the UK, the Mitsubushi Outlander PHEV sales puts more Li-ion batteries on the road (in total Kwh) than Tesla despite its small battery. That because Mitsu is selling so many of those cars. Same could happen to VW group. Bottom line is more EV miles. Are the EV miles of Tesla the only good ones ? It is fine to be a Tesla fan (good company & good cars) but to some here please do try to be Tesla fan & open minded at the same time.

Actually what I wrote above was in my mind something that could happen in the future, it however seems to be as accurate a prediction as it can get. Here an excerpt of EV-sales blogspot I just read about EV’s worldwide sales (article dated June 17th).
“Tesla, BYD and BMW all show good improvements this year regarding their historic record, but the real performer is the Volkswagen Group, only #10 in the All Time ranking, but #2 this year, with 14.000 of their 24.000 units being sold between January and April of this year”. So again, if they install 12K charging stations, please just praise their commitment regarding EV’s. WWII is way in the past now, and no need to make an EV war now.

Everybody welcomes VW for enabling 10% of their private parking lots for employee-charging.

But please report as WELL about Aldi-Süd.
One of the largest retailers in Germany. They enable PUBLIC FAST Triple Charging for everyone and every Brand during Worktimes (08:00 – 20:00, Mo-Sat) for Free at 50 Locations.

Give them a article here as well.

And Aldi charges with their own sun-energy 🙂



Praiseworthy intiative from ALDI. The strange thing is: they build those 50 triple chargers (some of them are already finished) in southern part of germany only.

That’s not too strange taking into account that “Aldi-Süd” roughly translates to “Aldi-south”

…maybe (hopefully) “Aldi-Nord” will one day take care of the northern parts 😉

btw. that’s really a great thing. Really A LOT OF PEOPLE regularly shop at Aldi-stores, meaning their parking lots are optimally located. You go there anyway.

Zoe-Driver – in the US, VW is taking a different line on DC rapid charging, by partnering with BMWi to install along freeways.

Why not in the UK – the biggest EV sales market in the EU right now?

PVH – do you have that link you talk about for the 150kw DC testing?

There is already an EU rapid charger manufacturer that is selling 200KW capable CCS stations. (And no, it’s not DBT/CEV, ABB, Efacec et al)

There, better use google chrome unless you can read French.

Good … but Germany doesn’t really need it; as many stated, they get almost L2 charging at home for free (’cause the higher voltage power that is standard) and the compact nature of the country (not to mention other very convenient and carbon light methods of traveling, i.e., public transportation).

I’m curious to hear any follow-ups on this proposal made earlier in the year:

An i3 (no Rex) or e-Golf would make a lot more sense if there were even just a few CCS L3 chargers along the Boston to Washington DC Megalopolis.

You are right in regard to the fact that most (if not all) homes have 3 phase connection (approx. 400V, 32A) so theoretically many people could charge quite fast at home.

However, there are also those people living for rent needing the houseowner to install the needed hardware.

Furthermore, there are those people living in appartment buildings having no parking lot for their own.

Those people will only be convinced that an electric car is a possibility for them, if they can charge at their workplace.

…and yes, public transportation is quite good here, but far from optimal and not for everyone. (I personally use it regularly but I still need a car one day or another – and car sharing is not an option in my case)

Workplace charging is likely a good option all over the world. (at least until inductive charging lanes for autonomous cars become reality ;-))