Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Likely Production Bound


Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

The 270-mile electric Volkswagen ID Buzz concept is reportedly nearing green light status.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Design chief Klaus Bischoff stated:

“The concept has been well-received in the US and Europe, but the missing link is China. From the business case point of view it’s quite an investment – it needs a global green light. In the meantime, it’s thumbs up.”

VW says that public reaction to the vehicle will ultimately determine whether or not it gets the production nod.

If it enters production, it may change a bit from the concept shown. Quoting Bischoff:

“It’s more than a skin, and more than a show car. Maybe it will shrink a little, but inside it is much bigger. I’ve tried quite a bit to bring this [the Microbus] to life. This is the final temptation.”

Here is the US there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to the ID Buzz that debuted at the 2017 NAIAS.

If the Buzz doesn’t get the production nod, then perhaps an electric VW SUV concept that’s set for debut at Shanghai will. We’ll know more about this model in the very near future. For now, all Bischoff is willing to say is that its design is “non-aggressive but self-confident.”

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Source: Autocar

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As person who owned 3 VW TDI vehicles in the past, and now owns no VW and has no plans for purchasing one in the future, this vehicle could change my mind. The ONLY plug in minivan out there right now is the Chrysler Pacifica, and I have zero confidence in their quality, not to mention it is their only plug in car, ever.

VW has royally screwed up, with dieselgate. They are promising plug in vehicles, but are slow to deliver. The ID Buzz has been reviewed as vaporware for ages now. I doubt it will happen. If it does, and if they can do it before everyone else beats them to market, I will come back to VW… no other model of theirs can make me say that.

Don’t shrink it, the popularity of this vehicle was its utility and flexibility. If its shrunk and unable to reproduce the many functions of its predecessor, then its just a minivan (not microbus) like the Pacifica.

When was the last time you actually saw the original Microbus up close?
Dimensions (L/W/H) were 169/68/76 inches… That’s shorter than most compact cars (-:

Compare the Pacifica at 204/70/80 …

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

I am not sure Chinese may be very interested in a really expensive high tech hippie VW van so if they are holding production to that condition it may never see light.

I mean they do not have this culture/past. It is not like many of them remember a time when people were smoking joints, listening to Fleetwood mac music and exploring kamasutra technicalities inside a VW van.

Every time I go to China I the company uses minivans (usually Buick) to transport us as well as many other companies do. An EV minivan could prove very popular. In Shanghai traffic is so bad that you rarely get up to 35-50 mph which is perfect for EVs. Also I was surprised when I saw the amount of Porsches and Teslas there.

Too many caveats, if, and or buts.

If Tesla made one like it, and optimized it for range over speed, and made it very affordable, boom, perfect autonomous taxi, and private camper or whatever. Keep good ground clearance like the original Kombi.

I guess the driver would be in the crumple zone

Ya precisely. If anything needs to change that is the 1st.

Hard to be a minivan with only four seats. This looks more like a Kia Soul-sized competitor.

What’s the point of selling a 60’s style minivan in this era? It will be a niche vehicle for nostalgic former hippies. Really no point in making anything other than an SUV these days (Jaguar got it right IMO).

The original version sold like crazy and was still on the road for decades. Although Mini Van’s are kinda on the way out SUV (Mini-vans with a slightly different form factor) are big sellers. These could be a big seller depending on many factors include price, reliability, and when they hit the market.

No plaid seats, no sale

Taser, lol

I want mine with a roach in the ash tray:)

Already too late. It would have been a good idea to build a quirky EV (that won’t sell in many numbers) to test their EV platform without much risk and for some positive propaganda, but not in 2017. They are already 3-4 years behind!

The Microbus was popular but it also lacked performance. With modern technology VW could easily make a modern Microbus a good performer. If ID Buzz does go into production I wonder if it will be given modern performance or if VW will limit performance to make it more characteristic of the original Microbus.


Please, dear god, make this van

It comes with a free peace and love,love,love bumper sticker.

We had a 59. That year it had the old 36 horse engine.

I had a ’57 Van, 36 hp and a ton of Black Forest cabinetry. Still have my ’70, but only take it to the coast ’cause it’s dangerous. Love our Leaf, but it would be great to move on to this.

VW putting a minivan BEV into production? Possibly yes.

VW putting an actual microbus vehicle into production, in this day and age?

No way. I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out very far here in predicting that if VW does put something called the “ID Buzz” into production, then it’s going to look a lot more like a Chrysler minivan than the ID Buzz prototype.

yes it’s nice design, nostalgiq, but what is a usecase for such bus, who is target audience? just can’t imagine that. Is it like a shared urban bus which also has autopilot mode?

Internet Buzz died 10 years ago

If they drop this concept, the stab in the heart will leave the enthousiasts scarred and cynical about VW as a brand. They don’t need more cynical VW skeptics.

The number of times that VW has claimed it’s going to put a concept car into production — especially this particular concept car — and not followed through, is about as often as how many times Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown.

When it’s already this bad, how could it get worse? if VW fans have been paying attention, then they’re already about as cynical on this subject (putting concept cars into production) as it’s possible to be.

Wait until people see that it costs Tesla Model X money. It will have a ~100 kWh battery with all the SUV trimmings, and that doesn’t come cheap.

I’m tired of the ‘hippie’ label on this concept. This will be for rich people (former hippies with grandchildren now), and volume will be quite low.

I don’t know how VW can make money on this, and so I remain doubtful it will really happen.

They trot out a Microbus revival concept periodically to put their name back in the game. VW is the very best at introducing CONCEPT vehicles. Yet, in the US, their e-Golf still only sells in a few of the compliance states.

I’m waiting to be impressed.


I’d like one, if there were a nationwide charging infrastructure to go with it.

I want one.