UPDATE 2 – WATCH RACE VIDEO – Volkswagen I.D. R Sets All-Time Pikes Peak Record


Volkswagen’s electric I.D. R has smashed Sebastien Loeb’s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb record – with Romain Dumas becoming the first driver to make the 12.42-mile course in under eight minutes.

***UPDATE 2 – Videos from record-setting run directly below.

***UPDATE – See new video below.

The Frenchman’s run at the Colorado course was delayed after an earlier competitor crashed, injuring a spectator, before the 40-year-old set a time of 7m57.148s.

Prior to Sunday, Loeb’s 2013 record in a 3.2-litre twin-turbo Peugeot 208 had stood at 8m13.878s.

“I had some fog and it was quite humid with some damp in the second section,” Dumas said from the 14,115ft summit of Pikes Peak. “I’m happy with this, but we could have gone quicker if that middle sector had been dry.”

The German manufacturer arrived in America chasing an electric vehicle record of 9m07.222s, but early qualifying times indicated the potential for an outright record. Ahead of Sunday’s run, Dumas was in confident mood – asked how sure he was of Rhys Millen’s EV record he said: “120 per cent!”

But Loeb’s time was the bigger question.

Throughout the week Volkswagen played down talk of going below eight minutes, but in the end the only difficulty came with the weather, with cloud moving in and across the mountain and the threat of rain. Ultimately the rain held off, but the run was hindered by cloud.

Volkswagen Motorsport director Sven Smeets told Motorsport.com: “I am so happy for this team and really proud of them. We all worked so hard for this.

“And for Romain, this is incredible – don’t forget this was the first time he drove the whole course in this car. In testing, he never had a clean run from the bottom to the top.”

Smeets admitted the event hadn’t run completely to plan.

“Waiting for 45 minutes to start the run was so stressful,” he said. “I don’t want to go through that again. And then the timing went down and we had no sector times, it felt like it was taking one hour!

“But we set out to do this and, once again, we have shown that when we set out to do something, we do it right. Now, after this record, maybe we will look forward to the Autosport Awards!”

Volkswagen technical director Francois-Xavier Demaison added: “We knew we had the speed, but when we had some technical issues, things like how we were managing the battery, we learned a lot in the last few days.

“The magic of this race is that you don’t know what you get from the mountain, but today it was OK. For sure, Romain took some risks to make this time – it’s all out. This is a fantastic result.

“It was not possible for us to say when we arrived that we had come here to beat the time of Peugeot – but I’m glad we did!”

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It was always clear that they were going for the all time record.

I hope they continue to chase records on other courses as well.

what does ‘aswell’ mean? Did you mean as well? While I expect downvotes for this, I think that failing to point out mistakes doesn’t help people improve.

Are you scanning other platforms for typo improvement potential aswell?

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“what does ‘aswell’ mean? Did you mean as well?”

What does “what” at the beginning of a sentence mean? Did you mean “What”?

McKean’s law: “Any correction of the speech or writing of others will contain at least one grammatical, spelling, or typographical error.”

Sorry, but forgetting to capitalise the first letter is remotely anywhere NEAR as irritating as people who are ignorantly stitching two words together.

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Unbelievable what kind of comments the internet gave a life to … fingers crossed that you will not have a heart attack when someone dare to make an error.

Does it really matter that much? Everyone makes mistakes. You make a fair point, but you deliver it so rudely. Was that quite necessary?

And even pedants make mistakes. I’ve seen plenty of pedants who have corrected people using perfect English, and I’ve seen people correct others while making horrendous errors themselves. There’s no absolute guarantee however, so this McKean’s Law sounds questionable.

There’s also a possibility people who are commenting via smartphone are more likely to make errors that they don’t notice at the time.

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I’ve been away for a while. But had to come and celebrate this. Nicely done VW. Way to ice the competition. Let us hope this ID line will keep surprising us. The Neo is looking stunning.



What a shot in the arm for the EV community- against the ever-grasping ICE curmudgeons who still bring up track performance as one of the last advantages that ICE has over electric. First the ‘Ring, and now Pikes Peak.


Endurance racing (4-24 hours) and most forms of track racing like Formula 1 (300 Km) are still too long for EVs to win. Battery swapping and general advancement will help. But EVs still need to do a lot more Point Proving.

family cars that save people money are “the point”, race cars are just for fun.

Wrong. Racing is where technology advancements are proven out.
Those learnings are transferred to consumer products.

Yes but affordable money saving EVs are still the “point”.

But using motorsport to test, develop and prove technology is a great way to enhance your money saving EV technology. Look how many manufacturers are now claiming to use WEC and Formula E tech in their EV drivetrains, and how many are jumping at the opportunity to compete in FE in order to develop the same tech. Everything is transferable.

Racing is one avenue where advancements are proven out. It’s not the only one. An EV does not need to be able to do an endurance race to demonstrate it’s suitable for consumers, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

Hey Gazz have you heard of Formula E ? They are still swapping cars at the half-time of the race this year, but they will run the whole race on one battery charge next year, with a new generation of cars.

Hey Jet I love Formula E, but it’s not even near F1 speeds or endurance. Formula E will have a fixed 45 min race duration with half the average speed that F1 has.

All Formula 1 is just 9 year olds playing a simulation, anyway. Wait until the track goes inductive. Then, things will get real.

Do you actually know what Formula 1 is? I don’t think there’s many 9 year old’s out there who could handle sustained lateral G-forces above 3.5g. What a silly statement to make.

45 minute race suits me. Not too long to get bored. It’s not all about pure speed; it’s about technicality and wheel-to-wheel action, something F1 has lacked of late.

Yes. I have seen it in person. Formula-E is very slow compared to other forms of racing like F1 or LMP. The embarrassing car swapping will and needs to end.

Don’t know about you, Gazz, but I’ve always felt F1 races are too damn long, anyway.

I always love how EV technology keeps closing the gap (and surpassing in some areas now) to ICE, but yet ICE proponents still love moving and narrowing the bar of excellence. They’re left pointing out the last, small areas left as if they’re somehow oceans of performance to cross. And also, as if those gaps will somehow never be crossed, as if EV technology will do what has NEVER happened to any other technology in the past: stop improving.

I’ll defend ICE as much as I’ll argue the case for EV. My perfect garage has an EV daily and an ICE performance car. ICE will always offer the more engaging and exciting experience, but no ICE (except maybe full size Bentleys and Roll’s Royce being an exception) will ever offer the drivability and serene experience of an EV.

I think people who make direct comparisons lack a fundamental understanding of the two drivetrains and how they differ.

No sorry, it’s you moving the goal posts. F1 is the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Until EV’s dominate ICE on the same track under the same rules, knowledgeable racing folks won’t concede.

Another Euro point of view

Fast vaporware.

VW is the largest car company by volume, and number two by value, as near as I can tell. They were the first to get caught in the diesel cheating scandal.

They have built more concept EVs, and had more EV press releases than any other company. Unfortunately, to date, they have produced a handful of re-motored compliance cars.

When they produce a competitor for the Bolt, available in all 50 states, they will move from hell to purgatory. Until then, they still stink!

Wtf dude, compliments where it is due, and they built a fast electric race car. You going to ignore that fact?

I am pointing out that it is meaningless greenwashing. Perhaps they will shoot it into space next.

This compliance car BS is tiresome, it’s a US-centric point of view. VW is in 6th place overall in terms of plug-in vehicles sales worldwide, ahead of GM:

You can moan about whether or not they’ve made a long-range BEV that’s to your liking yet, but don’t do it under the article about them blowing the doors off ICE cars on Pike’s Peak with a BEV.

Saying this as a Bolt driver who’s never owned a VW.

Sixth place is pathetic, and makes my point.

They built the amazing VW XL1 too. Both of these projects were just VW saying to markets, and consumers, “We can build the most advanced vehicles of anybody, but nobody wants them.”

Their cheating on diesel emissions goes way beyond fiduciary responsibility to make profits, and puts them on the level of mobsters.

Awesome, from first electric entry in 2011 to overall winner in 2015, to record holder in 2018.
Change happens fast!

The commentators were amazed at Dumas’ late braking, after he turned early toward many apexes. They were chalking it up to the downforce. I guess I’ve always noticed how F1 cars do the same thing, turning in early and hugging bends.

Most impressive was simply seeing the car accelerate up the “W’s”, as it exited turns.

I may need one of these to get to work and back.

I assume your route to work sufficiently lacks traffic and speed limits? 🙂

They can try to catch me 🙂
This car will blend in well in the traffic/parking lot as well /s

Reminds me of the Bill Cosby* routine where he buys an extremely hot-rodded new sports car, but is advised that he needs to drive it at 200 M.P.H. to burn the gunk out of the new engine.

“Well, where can I drive at 200 M.P.H.?”

“Oh, any side street will do.”

*Yeah, I know, but his old stand-up routines are still hilarious.

I said it before, VAG has the technology to build a better and more advanced car than Tesla, but like other big OEMs, they still are focused on profit foremost.

Well, they are a company. Warren, do you really believe there is a successful company out there that is not interested in profit above all else? I own a small company, a micro company really (don’t know what you would call it in America). It is my dream and desire to one day have solar panels for electricity generation, EVs, heat pumps. I already have solar panels for hot water, try to build in a sustainable way, recycle, reuse whenever possible and generally try to keep waste to a minimum (chinese crap no sell and me myself personally I’m quite the anti-consumerism guy). Now, I will get there but, If you think for a second that I’m going to endanger my young company chasing crazy dreams of greenium, you’re so, so mistaken . And why can’t others around me do it? Those who drive 20 km for a cup of coffee or to go shopping? Why does VW or Ford or anyone else have to sacrifice themselves so YOU can drive green? Doesn’t make any sense. If you think you can afford the sacrifice, then you go and do it. GM should NOT be responsible or guilty because most Americans… Read more »

Ricardo you are so on point it’s unreal. I can’t believe the naivety and lack of understanding of the auto industry from some of the people who comment on here, especially considering it’s an automotive site. A surprising amount of people don’t seem to grasp the most basic concepts of how businesses work.

Against no manufacturer competition, with few regulations, VW have achieved a spectacular new unlimited class and course record. The company has surely been hungry for some positive PR. Kudos to the team for their accomplishment, and for their part in posting another motorsport high water mark for EVs. To be fair, there is a bit more effort here than merits the term “greenwashing,” but it does remain to be seen whether this effort for VW is backed more strongly by a commitment to EV motorsports, or rather more strongly by one of rescuing their reputation.
Kudos as well to privateer Fumio Nutahara, as the only other 4-wheeled EV entrant appearing in the results, although not his first time entered in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in an EV, this time in a 2018 Leaf. Might the organizers of this motorsport spectacle court future factory efforts with a production-based EVs class?

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

I wish the reporting of this very good, and news worthy, achievement would also highlight the efforts of previous small EV teams. In a sense, the success of the https://driveeo.com/ team in the past is more remarkable than that of VW, given the relative size of the teams.

From article: “…Volkswagen’s electric I.D. R has smashed Sebastien Loeb’s Pikes Peak record… becoming the first driver to make the 12.42-mile course in under eight minutes…”

Impressive EV achievement that has now going forward put EV as a must have to record compete at Pikes Peek…

Well done VW!

Another Euro point of view
In this video the guy from VW says “end of 2016 the board asked us to do something “electric””, then they had to decide which race they thought would be well fitted for an electric car and have chosen Pikes Peak. From there we can reasonably imagine that it took them about a year do design and build this winning ID prototype. In a different but nevertheless somewhat comparable venture, the Jaguar i-pace, such decision was taken not so long ago and with a lot more time spent on testing than the ID we now see the outstanding result. Nio EP 9 is another example. Loud and clear message here should be that a good team of car engineers can design a winning EV without years and years of EV design experience, a car is a car, electric motor is a well mastered technology and the best batteries out there are available to whomever are ordering them. Apologizes for the rant but was fed up of reading allover the net that this electric car maker which name start with a T has so much technological advance that it is now too late for OEM’s to catch up & bla bla…&… Read more »

Well if you’re financially invested above your weight into this car start up you better believe it or you won’t sleep well.

Let me point out that you’re the first here to relate this news to the T brand.
If it is so painful for you to hear about it, why are you part of it?
Grow up and get over it please.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Let’s assume the VW team is all home grown – which may or not be the case.

Have you been involved in any big technological shift? Just because a company has the technical expertise in a brand-new technology does not mean they can effectively adopt it. There are many legacy reasons involved. Tesla has its own challenges but they do not have legacy to take care, and they have designed their technology and business model around continuously improving their product, and company.

Wow, I did not know VW and Jaguar were outputting over 100k pure BEVs this year with that incredibly easy EV tech and car engineering team. I must be completely mistaken that the I-Pace, at 70k and just slightly larger than the Model 3 is such a game changer at twice the base price or that the Model X 75D can have 3 row seating more volume and about the same range at a slightly higher price point. That interior must be incredible with all its buttons and switches and knobs and fine upholstery appointments. I can’t wait to cross the world on its global charging network, such freedom so easily available to all.

Um, hello?! Double-yellow stripes are there FOR A REASON! Let’s just say he was lucky no cops were patrolling that day…


Footage is still coming out slow. Most of these vids are medleys of testing, plus some racing action.

Matchsports hosted the whole run, mostly filmed from helicopters. No in-car cam, at all, so far as I can tell, yet.

The battery C-rate must have been crazy, going out and coming back. 43KWh was already smaller than some expected.

It only had to go 12 miles in 8 min. it could go about 5 min at full power, so they probably cut it close to save weight.

Not taking anything away from the run as its not an easy race. In some of the footage you can see how rough the road is in spots. The only reason it’s paved is a lawsuit. The pavement doesn’t hold up well in those conditions. Especially the long straight leading to cogs cut. That gets really bad frost heaves.

Coming down would offer plenty of regen to make it back to the start. Also coming down is quite slow, maybe 30 mph.