Volkswagen I.D. Orders In Europe With Tesla-Style Deposits?

Volkswagen will lead electric car investment

JAN 18 2019 BY MARK KANE 37

Volkswagen will go the electric Tesla way.

According to the latest news, the introduction of the upcoming Volkswagen I.D. in Europe will be preceded by the launch of a new order system requiring small deposits in a Tesla-like style.

In such a way, Volkswagen will be able to get knowledge about the real demand and prioritize customers who placed deposits, before cars will be widely available in showrooms.

VW’s Norwegian team believes that customers in Norway alone will place some 10,000 pre-orders.

The production of I.D. hatchback for Europe should start in November 2019, while the market launch will begin in early 2020.

It’s not yet clear whether a similar system will be utilized in the U.S. for I.D. CROZZ, when it hits the market in 2020 at earliest.

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Yep, according to the dealer I spoke with in Finland, customers can reserve “ID Neo” from beginning of April.

It was a great idea of Tesla to do reservations the way they did. It really helped them understand demand and how much to spend on battery orders, etc. I think it was not long after they tried to dramatically pull up the ramp of the Model 3 when they realized how high demand would be.


I don’t think Tesla needed the reservations to know they’ll be able to sell all the cars they can make in the foreseeable future. They needed the reservations so that everybody else would know that. They had to get the suppliers and the financial markets on board for the ramp.

While this is true, they *also* needed to know it for themselves. Reservations were *a lot* higher than expected — and they changed production plans significantly because of that.

This was confirmed a few months ago during a press conference:

Will the deposits be 100% refundable like the Tesla ones?

Of course.

Hard to imagine they won’t be. Making reservation deposits non-refundable would be an excellent way to lose a lot of customers.

It would be a way to miss a lot of reservations — I don’t think it would lose any customers.

LOL…VW is in for a big surprise. I bet they will take longer than Tesla to fill up the initial order list.

That would make you happy wouldn’t it?

It won’t.

True. Honestly, I’m not buying VW commitment to ev.

You’re not paying attention, that’s for sure. I said it many times …I drive an eGolf and would buy the Neo at msrp if available in US.

Unlikely. The two other VAG cars etron quattro and Porsche Taycan are sold out for the first model year. Sold out that is, not refundable reservations for a non available model.

Etron Quattro is unbaked judging from what I saw in SF last October. Owners will be in for a bad surprise. Especially after having test driven in a tesla for comparison

Why don’t they make more?

Because they have to grow sustainably. They can’t just fire 9% and a year later another 7%. You can only do this in hire and fire countries.

Fill up, or fulfil?…

Is that you professor? You did tell me not to skip your class…

Tesla had 450000 paid orders … but now after 120k Model 3 delivered the order pool is empty ! So Tesla lost more then 300000 orders !!

Lost how? Most were either base orders or international…both still pending. Read the news, dude!

Yeah, 10.000 pre orders from Norway would be easy. The Audi (more expensive) would have reached that, if they didn’t stop taking pre orders. . And don’t forget Hyundai/KIA pre orders was also stopped due to cars being ordered.
. . Now, start production 😊
We need more EVs.

Fully agree, Norway buys 10k VW Golf+eGolf per year and this is a more attractive and cheaper (after tax) offer

Pretty much any new EV has done the same … Free publicity and cash at zero interest. Who could say no?

It appears to be differnet from country to country. Kia eNiro in Norway took orders and put you on a list, while in Sweden they have ample demo cars at delaers to test and put in an order (with a wait of course).

This is old news. They should open the reservation books in spring and start production later this year.

Let’s bring the VW ID Neo to America! Sign the petition:

German auto companies too slow in bringing electric cars to market

First year of this one model will have more production than every model EV from Hyun-ki. Year 1 for Neo is supposed to be 100,000 units. This should be similar to the Leaf.

LOL … did you even know that WV alone (no accounting the all VAG grupos) sold more than 100000 EV in 2018 ?
I know that 100000 EV out of the 11 MILLION cars sold by VW in 2018 is a small number … I know that 100000 EV out of the 11 MILLION cars sold by VW in 2018 is a small number.
The ID line started in 2016 … it will start production (in FULL) in november 2019, that’s 2 and half years … realy good timming, and don’t forget that WV will deliver a finished and tested product unlike tesla that makes the users the guinea pigs testing their products and fixing problems after starting deliveries

Another Euro point of view

I bet that if VW announces the exact price + battery capacity of base version of the ID before or around June 2019 and that they would actually deliver those cars in early 2020 at that price people in the EV community, specifically in the US, would go WOW cool ! Which is a bit of a sad state of affairs thinking of it.

I wonder whether they will publicly announce the reservation count? If so, that should be HUGE, and send a shock-wave through the entire industry similar to the Model 3 reservations…

Another Euro point of view

I am not so sure it would be huge. People would buy VW ID en masse but not with passion, just mostly as an environment friendly tool to go from A to B. Also knowing VW huge production capacity many would just wait, try the car then place an order. Many young guys/girls placed an order on the Tesla Model 3 because it fitted perfectly the image they want to reflect. VW ID is fine but would likely not provide any ego boosting service.

The thing is, the people that needs a ego boosting service is dropping rapidly. Tesla pool for the Model 3 is almost depleted, out of the initial 450 000 reservations they will only sell about 200 000 cars … and since there will not be a $35k Model 3, and with all the flaws in the car, people are rethinking their plans. Only 13000 paid reservations for the Model 3 in Europe so far .
Tesla cars lost the incentives in the US (Tesla still announces the old prices on their site … totally scam) and the prices will go up in the US, just like the recente 33% incrise in supercharger kw price.
Tesla will have good sales in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 … after that it’s only market will be in China and the hard core tesla fanboys that are totally alienated from reality do even consider other brands.
I hope I’m wrong

I really want this car! Love the practicality of a true hatch and the ergonomics of VW. Hope it makes it to USA.