Volkswagen I.D. Launch Set For November 2019 – New Details

FEB 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 58

The Volkswagen I.D. is going to enter production in November 2019 in Zwickau plant in Saxony, Germany with deliveries ramping up in 2020.

Volkswagen I.D. with 600km (373 miles) of range

The five-door, five-seat hatchback will be the first all-electric model in the I.D. family, built on the MEB platform.

Volkswagen has bold plans for the I.D., as 100,000 units are to be made annually from 2020 on, despite the fact that the hatchback will not be offered in North America.

U.S. will get the I.D. CROZZ SUV.

Preliminary specs hint at 400-600 km (249-373 miles) of all-electric range under NEDC. The 125 kW motor will propel the rear axle, but we believe there will be option for all-wheel drive too.

0-100 km/h (62 mph) will take less than 8 seconds, while top speed is expected to be 160 km/h (100 mph).

Volkswagen suggest I.D. will have affordable pricing.

Other notes:

  • tight turning circle of just 9.9 meters
  • excellent maneuverability
  • autonomous driving capabilities at a later stage
  • all-new design language and appearance
  • the concept is longer, wider and higher than Golf, will offer interior space of Passat
  • 30-minute recharge to 80% using DC Combo

Source: Autocar

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“Volkswagen suggest I.D. will have affordable pricing.”

Price in Germany: €30,000?

According to earlier press releases I.D. price should be similar to comparably powerful well equipped diesel Golf. Golf 2.0 TDI Highline is around EUR 30,000. I.D. should be little faster and maybe more equipped so I would expect its price to be close to EUR 40,000.

If its price will be around €30,000 in Germany in 2020, then it will be affordable, otherwise people will have better EV options available to choose from.

The price of the Nissan Leaf is €31,950 (in Germany).

e-Golf with much smaller battery is for EUR 35,900. I wouldn’t be too optimistic but we’ll see.

“The car, called Volkswagen I.D., would be available in Germany in 2019 and, Sedran said, cost as little as $27,000.”

Tesla will reach 200,000 cars limit soon So even if I.D. would be for around $ 35,000 with incentives it would be $ 7,500 cheaper than Tesla Model 3. And there is another thing german prices are usually announced including VAT and other taxes and cars in Germany are usually more expensive than they should be due to USD/EUR exchange rate and tax difference.

“Volkswagen has bold plans for the I.D., as 100,000 units are to be made annually from 2020 on, despite the fact that the hatchback will not be offered in North America.”

The VW I.D. Will be sold in Europe (initially).

They are going to offer I.D. Crozz, the price could be similar. If you take a look at prices of Golf and T-Roc they’re similar with the same engine I would expect the same in case of I.D. hatchback and I.D. Crozz.

The VW I.D. Crozz will not be successful in the US if it’s price will not be competitive.

The Nissan Leaf is practical and affordable.

VW will have to come up with a better value proposition.

They are going to offer much bigger battery and more powerful engine so I wouldn’t expect them to be cheaper than Leaf.

There will be a few battery pack capacity options.

The VW I.D. with the smallest battery pack capacity option (40kWh?) will also be the base model with the lowest price (less than €30,000 in Germany).

“Tesla will reach 200,000 cars limit soon So even if I.D. would be for around $ 35,000 with incentives it would be $ 7,500 cheaper than Tesla Model 3.”

Yes, if the tax credit is still around in 2020. There’s good reason to doubt that.

The e-golf currently starts at 40k€ where I live, I just don’t see the ID costing 13k less in just 2 years.

A vw exec was cited with «below 30,000€, definitely».
I am also skeptical about that. 2019/20 solid state batteries will not be ready already!?

In order to be successful it will need to have a competitive price.

Definitely not.

We just recently saw room temperature solid state batteries appear in research.

Expect them for EVs no sooner than a decade from now, and maybe never. Liquid-electrolyte batteries keep improving.

Will VW really aim for a substantial marketshare in Europe in 2020?

100,000 will not be enough to gain a substantial marketshare.

At least 250,000 will be required.

Which EV model will be it’s main competitor in Europe in 2020?

Nissan Leaf?

The main competitors will be the 95%+ of new car models which are gasmobiles, not other plug-in EVs. Right now it’s 98%+, but by 2020 we can hope that will have dropped just slightly.

There are actually two steps to take for somebody who is currently still driving an ICE.

1. I don’t want my next car to be an ICE.
2. Which Plug-In Vehicle is the best for me?

You are referring to step 1, which is actually to most important step to be taken (deciding to step away from ICE).

And I was actually referring to step 2.

Vaporware. Until i see spyshots and preproduction ev then this car wont come out until fall 2020

I didn`t even bothered to read the piece. There is a old saying that fits this “sh** or get off the pot” VW.

Yup. How many dozens of announcements have we seen from Volkswagen, claiming to put one or another “I.D.” EV into production, without ever having the slightest intention of following through?

I’m surprised so see so many comments here presuming it’s true this time.

Now, maybe Lucy won’t pull the football away this time. But I certainly wouldn’t bet on it!

As I’ve said before: I’ll believe VW is actually putting a new EV into production if and when I see reports that they are actually retooling one or more of their production lines to produce them. And not until then!

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to follow the news about VW and “Dieselgate”, including how VW forced monkeys to breathe exhaust fumes for hours, in a fake study trying to falsely “prove” that diesel exhaust isn’t a health hazard.

Volkswagen is evil. Full stop.

National Geographic asks “Was Volkswagen the First to Test Exhaust Fumes on Monkeys?”

What deadline for prodution have they failed?

It was a 3rd part consortium that financed the testing. The testing was done by a lab in the US, under US laws, which typically require significant ethical reviews. So who is more evil?

Now, I’m appalled that we still allow testing on primates, but the blame is not entirely at the feet of VW.

Vaporware! Agin???

Its 2018 and VW doesn’t have a 200 mile plus EV LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS


Why aren’t they planning on selling the I.D. here in the US? This would probably be my ideal car.

I agree! The I.D. Cross SUV will be too large for us.

Very pleasantly surprised to learn the I.D. is rear wheel drive like our i3. Hope it’s not too heavy. Maybe it will be available in the U.S. eventually.

Me too!!!

I think that marketing research, and current sales, shows that we USonians prefer CUV style vehicles, hance their plan to bring the annoyingly named IDcrozz here.

We USonians are buying very few small cars and carmakers find them difficult to impossible to make money on. Note that Tesla seems to have no plans for any such thing.

The Model 3 is a pretty small car.

And why wouldn’t you buy a Bolt right now if this car is ideal?

Nice car but thankfully the Leaf is available now!

Hoped for better perfomance, dissapointed. My dieselgate passat (shame on me) does better. Hopefully it will be suprisingly cheap

It won’t look like that, the production version is going to have regular doors, side mirrors and a slightly different front:

Looks veeery good to me!

Unfortunately US law has not caught up with the times and side mirrors are required by law but that will change some time in the short future?? hopefully?? maybe??
Japan now allows cars with side cameras instead of side mirrors…

Why would you want cameras that can break down and give you trouble vs. nearly maintenance free pieces of glass with 100k + resolution in their display?

I’ve been thinking about that too, but I then remembered my -04 Passat where the glass fell out. I paid almost $400 to have it replaced. Fortunately it was just electrically adjustable and heated. If it had been electrically foldable too it would have cost me nearly $800.

A camera and a small screen is hopefully cheaper to replace.

My dad paid 9 euros for new mirror (glass only). If he had to replace the heater film, it would be another 12 euros.
You can buy this online as well. They may have ripped you off.
It seems to be a problem with US dealers, to charge more.

They had to replace the entire mirror, not just the glass. This was in Sweden so the prices are higher here than in the US (and I probably got ripped off too).

Worse aerodynamics, more exposed to damage and weather, less control over light level and picture.

so you can stack up stuff up to the roof and still look back…

We’re talking about the exterior rear view mirrors which by the way, you can absolutely stack things to the ceiling and still see behind you. I spent two decades driving trucks with no rear windows and did just fine.

I think it looked better with the shorter front.

Once in production, what’s the expected buildout: 30,000?

100.000 in 2020 is what vw is saying. Cant they also get out with the electric minibus by then?? 🙁

So this means they might have something in the U.S. sometime in 2020. That’s awfully late to the game, even if it’s true (which is highly doubtful given the source).

I love the idea of the ID Buzz, but I doubt that will be a reality before 2022, if then. That’s simply too long to wait or plan for.

Also, I don’t know of a single EV charger that’s been installed with the dieselgate settlement money yet.

Seems like the only things VW is good at are dissembling and dragging their feet.

The charger roll out from the settlement money has already begun and there are previous articles on this site for it…

2022, now we are talking. Add one more year to 2023 and VW can restate their famous “in 5 years…”

So the retro Civic Urban EV and now this are not coming to North America. Looks like cool fun cars are just not going to make it here. Might as well buy a Model 3 or Bolt. What do I need a seven passenger SUV for? Grrr!

NEDC is DEAD NOW, only allowed for vehicles certified before Q4 2017.

So everytime somebody publishes numbers that are or seem to be NEDC he needs to be challenged!

To be released some time between now and when hell freezes over (needing thermal management for the battery of course)..

Looks like a Golf killer. Good.

Too bad they don’t have plans for releasing it in North America,…

So this is what a BMW i3 looks like in all white…ok, got it.