Volkswagen I.D. Hatch Order Books Open Up In May

MAR 13 2019 BY MARK KANE 60

VW is approaching the launch of I.D. later this year

Less than two months left until the opening of pre-orders for Volkswagen I.D. on May 8 (at least in Europe), according to Volkswagen

The German manufacturer reportedly intends to offer at first the launch edition of the I.D. hatchback (probably well equipped) and expects that all will be sold out by September when the first model will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In other words, customers need to hurry if they’d like to get an I.D. early.

“The brand is making good progress with its second transformation towards a greater focus on e-mobility. In the next ten years, the brand will manufacture over 10 million electric vehicles based on the MEB. First off is the ID., to be presented at the IAA. Customers can pre-book the launch edition of the ID. from May 8. “Given the interest in the ID. family shown by our dealers, I think it is possible that the launch edition will already have sold out before we unveil the ID. in September,” Board Member for Sales, Jürgen Stackmann, said.”

What to expect:

  • about 48 kWh battery (base)
  • some 330 km (205 miles) of WLTP range (base)
  • some 450 km (280 miles) of WLTP range (higher version)
  • up to 550 km (342 miles) of WLTP range (top version)
  • 150 kW electric motor
  • top speed of 180 km/h (112 miles)
  • 7.2 kW or 11 kW on-board chargers
  • 125 kW DC fast charging capability
  • Price from around €30,000 in Europe

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Vag is not Tesla. Vag lie.

So where’s all the supposed evidence against Martin Tripp or the supposed pedo diver? Elon lies.Reminds me of Trump “investigating” Obama’s birth certificate. We’re waiting. so

Don’t let the door hit in you on your way out 💥

Some people don’t support EVs, only Tesla. Any other project or alternative is critizided, like if it were a menace for the only and holly God. Is embarrasing to see and very sad.

I both love and criticize Tesla and most EVs as all have their good and bad points.
Tesla makes great EVs but make simple EVs very complicated needlessly. And way too many gadgets and should have went straight to the 3 than do the X, it’s FWDs, etc delaying the 3, GF, for 3 yrs.
In VWs case their range is rather poor for such a car and 48kwh packs at about 170 miles EPA. The 3 gets 35% more range for 50kwh for instance.
One has a hard time winning in EVs if they are not efficient. Now add VW pays 20% more for battery and needing 30% more battery/mile, does not a winning, profitable combo make.
They need to make much lighter more aero, better EVs to put the batteries in if they want to compete as not doing that costs more.

it will be interesting to see how much more the Model Y will sell, my prediction is VW will be battery constrained, and dealers in the US will not position it to sell in volume. I expect volume in the US to be similar to the Bolt, and they have a ton of work to do with charging infrastructure.

VW has already said this won’t be coming to the US. First year production (2020) will be over 100,000.

PS, for the down voters: here is a source for 100,000 in 2020 claim, a bit old so could be higher:
Source for not in US:

There are many references for these, just grabbed a couple.

The ID hatch is not the same market segment and model category as the Y.

Yeah, this is more like the 2nd gen LEAF.

Yes, but with proper, liquid-cooled battery management.

The 2nd gen Leaf still doesn’t have that and we can expect a much shorter battery cycle/calendar life because of it.

It’s a European car not an American car. I imagine people in the US will much prefer Tesla for a whole bunch of reasons

It’s happening!

Take the stealth plastic off already. Geez. Never thought I would live to see the day.

Production version will be revealed in September at the IAA in Frankfurt.

Well then what is the point of expecting a deposit on a car that is currently still vapor.

Bit like a RHD Model 3 then.

Or Model Y or Tesla Semi, except that you actually have ID prototypes driving around.

Model Y will be revealed before they ask for deposits.

Tesla can’t afford nor has the production capacity to build concepts and prototypes to test. They use their early adopters for that.

VW has a lot of $$$ to spend building and testing prototypes before going to production.

With alcantara everywhere which they then simply alter along with other design changes.

It goes into production this year. It’s not vaporware.

Like Tesla did. Haters gonna hate.

Already 2 month ago they had 11k on waiting lists at dealers. A dealer expected that it would be the best seller in Norway in 2020.
Just as long as we get more EVs, more choises and improved battery tech..

Wait?!? I thought all EV efforts from VW were vaporware!?!

The anti-VW commentor trolls are worse than Tesla shorts.

“It’s always two years away with VW.”

that doesn’t sound all that better than Niro, Kona or Soul EV..

The difference between a VW and a Hyundai is very apparent when you’re in the car.

The clean lines of a VW interior are a plus to me.

VW will have its hands full competing with the Koreans. I think the Koreans are offering a superior package for the money.

How do you figure? We don’t know yet what VW’s package will be. What’s been said of the pricing so far indicates the ID will be notably cheaper – 35k€ for the top battery, 25k€ for the base (48kWh). The base Koreans (40kWh) currently sell for around 35k€.

That seems to me like a better package for less money.

Isn’t that pretty much the niche of Korean automakers–good value for money? VW cars are a little nicer, but if bang for your buck is your #1 priority probably you’ll find it in a Hyundai. Since that goes for normal cars, no real surprise it would continue into EVs.

It has RWD (puts down power better), faster charging, and actually being produced in high volumes. Unfortunately, not in US for this model, but we should get ID Crozz (concept name) CUV version next year.

Just import it

This is purely to prevent people from making a booking tomorrow for the Tesla Model-Y. That’s why this news comes just 1 day before unveiling of Model-Y.

How can someone make a booking for a car without seeing the production version and the specs and the exact price.
Seems the base range with 330 km (205 mile) will cost $30,000, not much info about the 2 higher ranges 450 km (280 mile) and 550 km (340 mile).

By doing this, VW acknowledges that Tesla makes better products at better price. At least they are willing to launch, Toyota does not do even that.

Bam 💥

You nailed it ‼️

This is nothing like the Y, it is a compact hatch instead of a midsize CUV. The ID Crozz might be competition for Y, but is a year out. This is more competition for entry Model 3, Kona Electric, Leaf, Bolt EV, etc.

According to thus far announced price ranges for the ID.3, a mid battery VW would be 10k€ cheaper than a black base Model 3. I’m comparing these two particular battery sizes because with presumably worse aerodynamics, the taller ID.3 would need a larger battery than the model 3 for the same highway range. Granted, recharging time might be notably faster on the Model 3 (more kW and more km/kWh), but is that difference worth 10k€?

If the ID.3 is really available at the quoted prices by the time I’ll be buying my next car, I don’t think I’d be able to justify spending 10k€ more to get a base model 3. So it’s not really a competition, the ID is in a class of its own.

Of course, if the prices end up being higher than advertised, the equation changes. At sub 5k€ difference for cars of equivalent ranges, I might be swayed to spend more to get the model 3.

This car is half the price and two thirds the size of a Model Y. It hasn’t got anything todo with the Model Y.

Not comparing the two.

We’re talking about how their being marketed.

ModelY doesn’t really compete with the ID crozz.
ModelY competes more with Audi and Porche SUV/CUV’s

The I.D series is a natural competitor to the Korean offerings, although the Koreans have the edge on value and performance

Production model is in testing.

ehm, to my knowledge Tesla has not even decided where they are going to produce Model Y, started to initiate production equipment etc etc. I find it hard to believe that we will see Model Y mass production anytime soon. The ID facilities have been started to set up since last year in Zwickau, with major investment to start production by the end of the year. So I am not so sure who is jumping the gun here.
It’s a bit like when Mercedes revealed the EQC a few month before the Etron, although it was clear that they will come second back then.

The Model Y is likely to be available to physically buy (rather than reserve) at least 6 months to a year or more after this vehicle so there’s not much need to do that.

Bearing in mind I’m going to take a guess and say the Y will be available in the US before Europe, and the Neo isn’t going to be sold in the US.

They’re two different vehicles, at two different price points, with two different release times.

Hahahahah … what ever dude … How can someone pay $2500 for the booking of Model Y wen those $2500 are not even a down payment for tyhe car but only but only ” processing costs”

“After you submit your completed pre-order and the options you selected become available in production, we will begin the process of matching your pre-order to a vehicle and coordinating your Vehicle delivery. Your Pre-Order Payment covers the cost of these activities and other processing costs and is not a deposit for the Vehicle.”

So, you pay $2500 for a place in line … not as a deposit for the Vehicle !

Thé entry level will be 24/25k€ but won’t be available before 2021.
The higher battery capacity will be available at 30k€ in March 2020 for delivery

There was a report in the press that low cost versions are launched later, but this has been refuted. So currently its unclear. I don’t think that there are any confirmed statements

Last I read about it, it was the 30k€ mid battery in 2020, then both the 35k€ large battery and 25k€ small battery a year later.

What’s the source of this information? It would be really great if sources could be included on these sorts of articles so interested readers can delve deeper. Cheers.

I was thinking the same thing. Where did the quote come from?
Enjoy more than an hour of corporate b***s**t!

“Price from around €30,000 in Europe”
Wasn’t this supposed to be similarly priced to a Golf?

That is how much a Golf costs. Actually more like 35k€ with the larger diesel and some equipment.

Actually the Golf diesel starting price is more like 22k, with reasonable options in the Mid/high 20s. VW actually stated cost below 30k Euro for the ID. Keep in mind these are prices after some 18-25% of tax in the EU, before you start comparing to the magic 35K USD Model 3. In addition the interior size is rather compared to a Passat, not sure why VW pegged it to the Golf

Also worth pointing out too that the only (just) available Model 3 in Europe is the Long Range which starts at around €55k. I.e. even if the Neo is €30k it’s still half the price of the Model 3.

Even the base model 3 is projected to be around 40k€ with taxes, so that’s still a hefty 10k€ difference.

But I’m not worried about the model 3, it will find its share of buyers. It’s all the other EVs that currently sell for 35k€ or more that won’t be able to compete.

“The German manufacturer reportedly intends to offer at first the launch edition of the I.D. hatchback (probably well equipped) and expects that all will be sold out by September when the first model will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.”

How many units of the VW I.D. Launch Edition will they produce?

~20k would by my guess.

I’m waiting for Renault to release something similar (bigger than a Zoe, like Megane Z.E.). But currently they obviously want to focus on the upcoming Zoe II 🙁


Just like the Golf, this will dominate the EU market in the near future, and the all ID line will be a force to be reckoned with on the global scale. Together with the other VAG brands that will launch their MEB based EVs in 2020 onwards (Seat, Skoda, the Audi Q4 , etc) and even Ford, will make the “MEB cars” the world’s top seller, mark my words. Don’t forget that VW has 110 gigafactory all over the world, and is building an new all-electric vehicle factory for > 400,000 cars per year in China.