Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback First Drive By Fully Charged: Video

DEC 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 82

Fully Charged: “Amazing car”

Fully Charged was present at the presentation and demonstration of the Volkswagen I.D. in South Africa earlier this month and, as it turns out, the upcoming electric VW did not disappoint expectations.

The car feels already like a production model (still needs some refinements), but overall it seems that Robert Llewellyn will have a chance to go back to the Volkswagen brand after driving five different Golfs in the past. Well, before he switched to the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S.

“An extraordinary offer came through, ‘D’you want to drive the VW ID test vehicle in South Africa next week?’ Took a bit of arranging but we managed, and it was worth it. Amazing car, amazing country,”

Judging on the enthusiasm shown in comments, the I.D. could become a new best-selling hatchback and Nissan LEAF killer in Europe.

Expected Volkswagen I.D. specs:

  • about 48 kWh battery (base)
  • some 330 km (205 miles) of WLTP range (base)
  • some 450 km (280 miles) of WLTP range (higher version)
  • up to over 500 km (311 miles) of WLTP range (top version)
  • 7.2 kW or 11 kW on-board chargers
  • 125 kW DC fast charging capability
Volkswagen I.D.
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Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype Volkswagen I.D. prototype in South Africa (source: Theo Calitz)
Volkswagen I.D. - Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*
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Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D.

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This is what we need. A normal car with 200-300 mile range for under $30,000. Hopefully this comes to the US

It won’t, the US gets the ID Crozz CUV, the ID Lounge SUV and the ID Buzz microbus.

Don’t we keep hearing that small cars don’t sell in the US and that ‘the bigger the better’ is where it is at? /sic
Not every car design put into production is destined for the USA. The reverse is also true. There are some good cars that never make it to Europe.
VW know that it will sell like hotcakes in their local market.

If I had a family and was looking for a second car, this hatchback with the smallest battery would be mighty inviting.


Yea, it’s unfortunate, the golf after all sells quite well here.

Roughly at 100k per year. For Europe they assume demand of 100k ID while selling 500k Golf. At the same ratio they would only sell 20k ID in the US, which wouldn’t be enough to setup a production line there.

More “trucks” leaving all car lovers out in the cold

They already said no US sales…

That’s stupid.

Thats business and Americans have voted out small cars with their wallets and voted in huge gargantuan ogre mobile Trucks and SUVs…

No they haven’t. Market share for Hyundai and Kia Sedans are growing.

I think the ID won’t initially be brought to the states. Once they ramp up production in Europe, if they see enough interest in the US, they will bring it here.

It would be nice if they could sell it as ordered by the customer. Then they would not have a huge stock pile of cars sitting around. If there was enough interest, they could sell them like their other vehicles.

The Bolt EV is a normal car with 200-300 mile range you can get in the US for under $30k (after incentives).


The Bolt is not 100+ kW fast charge capable tho, which IMO definitely limits its appeal for mainstream consumer acceptance and usefulness. Plus, we really need $25k to $30k EVs in order to get more people buying them.
I’m excited to see the first couple EVs that will fast charge at over 100 kW and cost in the upper $20k range.

VW and Ford are partnering on the VW EV platform. If I were Ford, I’d want this hatchback in the U.S. with a Ford badge on it.

Yeah, definitely!!

I love that it’s a hatchback. We need more of those. If this comes to the US, and is available nationwide, I may seriously consider it.

You can look for something else…or go to Europe and get one.

Basically a Bolt EV, which you can buy today.

The VW DC fast charge rate is going to hopefully be, as mentioned, in the 125 kw range.

That may be possibly coming for the “Basically a Bolt EV”, in the GM MY 2020 offering, but today the Bolt EV has a pretty hard and steep charging reduction and taper above 55% + SOC.

So it’s basically a “Future Shock” Apples n’ Oranges preemptive comparison.

I had considered the Bolt but the car (in particular, the interior) felt like a cheap econobox. Ended up going with a BMW i3 REx CPO, which I love.

We need to get that in the US, much nicer than Bolt EV, Kona EV (FWD ICE based long front), and even the i3.

I love that it is RWD, has a long range and good performance, and looks like a well designed car.

125 kW DCFC (and 11 kW L2), the VW engineer mentioned it was an always connected car, so maybe can hope for OTA. I wouldn’t mind more power though, 125 kW motor isn’t that much, 200 kW would be better 😉

Ironically, the i3 looks better.
We’ll see if it actually out performs the i3.
They diverged too far from the concept.

I also like looks of i3 better as well, VW is always too toned down, but I like the overall specs of this ID better. Give me i3 body/interior with charging, battery, and connectivity of ID neo. I like the looks of the concept okay still, but probably won’t carry over well to production.

i3 is ugly at twice the price

Another Euro point of view

The motor is supposed to be 150 kW according to other video in first article here a few days ago about this South African test drive of the ID.

150 kW is pretty decent, same as Bolt EV. That will be fine I guess. Again, too bad not in US 🙁

VW has told earlier that OTA capability is part of MEB platform.

On one of the other video reviews, the reviewer commented that although he can’t show pictures, he described the UI. Sounded cool. I also like that it will have a HUD display.

This sounds very very promising. I can’t wait. I hope that Elon Musk would have to respond to this serious threat by releasing real “$35,000” Model 3.

From now till 2020, I think Tesla have plenty of time to adjust…

2020 is only a year 🙂

Sure, but don’t forget this seems to be only for the EU market…unless they wise up and change their minds.

Yes, precisely. Not counting potential delays or a bit of VW Vaporware.
On the other side, Standard Model 3 is planned 2019.

Vaporware? This is no vaporware. However, it won’t be sold in the US.

No thumbs down from me

Stop it with the “vaporware” – it’s like a big neon sign saying, “I’m a cultist.”

Maybe you should remove your head from the sand, unless you are just part of VW communication army, as some other commenters.

LOL … you are here watching a video of a ACTUAL car and saying it’s vaporware … YOU ARE THE ONE WITH YOUR HEAD IN HE SAND …or more accurate, YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET !!

2020 is FIVE years away otherwise posters here will be wrong about vaporware…
IF 2020 is only a year away anonymous internet poster troll poser FUDsters could get bo bos on their feelings…

To Elon, 2020 is 2 years – 1 day

So, 2020 and 330 km WLTP only ? The real question is at which price ?

It is priced like Jetta diesel. So not much, but unclear exactly what it will be, probably $25-$35,000 if it were sold in US depending on model.

Yes, according to VW announcements, which are just … announcements.
500 km WLTP is not EPA
Renault ZOE capable of 300 real kilometers (e.i. not WLTP) since almost 2 years.
I know, it is not the same car but VW is underperforming.

It will be priced similar to a Diesel Golf in Europe.

With or without options ? According to VW configurator, a Diesel Golf is costing 26 300 €, delivery costs excluded.

Looking at my local VW pricelist, diesel Golfs are priced between 19k€ and 29k€, which is quite a wide range. If a base ID ends up costing as much as a well equipped diesel, that won’t be particularly impressive – at nearly 30k€, it would be only 5k€ cheaper than the base Leaf, Zoe or Ioniq EV available today*. Depending on which features are standard and which cost extra, it may end up being no cheaper than the EVs already on the market, thus the only improvement being slightly longer range and faster charging. Then again, Ioniq is also getting a range boost in a year. However, if they actually achieve price parity – a base ID costing as much as a base diesel, that would be a major breakthrough. Even if it’s a very bare-bones car, the price would be so competitive that even with a couple of extra options tacked on it would still be an amazing deal. Government incentives will likely still be around in one year, at least in countries that depend on EV sales to meet their GHG emission reduction commitments, in which case the price of such a car would be below 15k€ in… Read more »

He said from 330 – over 500km. I guess you can buy a range that suit your need.
Price is important. People buy the range they need.

Left side of the road but left hand drive? Wow, that’s crazy. I hope it’s RHD in South Africa and this is just because it is a prototype.

It’ll just be a prototype. It’ll almost certainly have LHD and RHD versions as the UK is a big market in Europe.

And LHD on a left side is not particularly crazy. Millions of Brits take their RHD cars to LHD countries every year for holidays (and vice versa).

LHD cars are actually illegal in South Africa. You’re not allowed to import them at all. Don’t know how VW got away with this.

Presumably they got special permission. It’s worth noting that none of South Africa’s immediate neighbours drive on the right. The closest countries that drive on the right are Angola and DR Congo, so it’s not like the situation of Ireland and Britain in Europe.

The sweet irony is dieselgate might end up being the best thing that ever happened to VAG (VW Audi Group) and a good thing for BEV adoption. But, I withhold judgement until VW has cars available in high quantities for sale.

No thumbs down from me

It’s more than that – it was the most important thing to ever happen to the development of the EV market. Dieselgate is THE catalyst that will make EV adoption ubiquitous.

*IF* VW was building a million of these per year by 2023 one could consider overlooking (but never forgetting) Dieselgate.

The only time I hear about diesel gate is on a pro-EV site. No one else cares.

Those diesel buyers do.
You should talk to them.
They believed the clean-diesel claim.

Some for sure, others are purposefully not taking them in as they care more about their mileage.

And many who turned them in did not want to but the mandated prices VW had to pay were so insanely generous they figured they had to from a financial standpoint…

This is so true.

Exactly, most people buying a diesel buy them because of the fuel savings and the tax savings. Many either didn’t care about the cheating, or were rubbing their hands with glee at the money they would get due to settlements.

No thumbs down from me

I’m one of those diesel buyers – diesel Cayenne. I never gave a second thought on whether or not diesel was cleaner (I always assumed it wasn’t) – I bought it for the MPG.

No thumbs down from me

What is it with you weirdos? Is Dieselgate your holocaust? “Muh Dieselgate! Never forget!”

Biggest news of this Video is another confirmation that the CO2 airconditioning (R744) is coming to the ID. Which means it will have a heat pump that also works in low temperatures. Big advantage in the winter. (The heat pump in current electric vehicles becomes mostly useless at around -5 C° ). And also great for the environment.

That is big news indeed.

Not to mention other refrigerants have much higher global warming potential if they leak (and, let’s face it, it’s more a question of when they leak, not if). On the other hand, CO2 requires higher pressures so the heat pump may wear out faster (more servicing for the dealerships?).

I wonder, will the air conditioner also use CO2? Or will they use a single reversible heat pump to serve as both an air conditioner and heater? However, with a single device, you can’t simultaneously dehumidify and heat the supply air, so they will likely still be separate devices.

I read that I-Pace will also, so maybe it’s “everyone who uses Bosch systems” will get heat pumps. Clarity EV and Leaf also have heat-pump (optional for Leaf). That leaves Tesla and the LG/Korean-based cars (Hyundai, Kia, Bolt) without heat pumps.

I could be wrong but I think the EU is essentially mandating this is the near future for all cars…

“Robert Llewellyn will have a chance to go back to the Volkswagen brand after driving five different Golfs in the past. Well, before he switched to the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S.”

Robert just got a Hyundai Kona.

Great first look. Hurry up 2020!

VW: Please bring to the USA. We also need compact and affordable EVs for our congested cities and towns.

This is so true.

I think it is very smart of VW to make an electric hatchback with 3 battery options.

Called it

Not clear what is so special about this car. I think there are plenty of other brands (Hyundai, Kia, Nissan etc) who will come sooner with a 30k 500km ev. So what is so special about the Id? I think the guys where to much overwelmed by the invitation of VW 🙂 Talking about bad roads but the only thing I see are perfectly paved roads. And SA has the best climate for evs (not to hot not to cold). But looks like a nice ev the Id. But nothing special. We wait and see.

The e-golf has excellent build quality and comfort (when compared to the other similarly priced EVs currently available or soon to be available). It stands to reason the new ID will also have the same high quality and even better driving attributes since it is RWD.

The car itself may or may not be anything special. It is a question of commitment. I don’t want to take anything away from Tesla. We would not be where we are without them. But there is a need for a major brand to look beyond low-volume compliance cars (*cough* Hyundai *cough*) and simply flood the market with well-built, affordable EVs. Right now the EV market is Tesla and lots of little bits and pieces. A market of Tesla and at least one other of the same size and reach would be a healthier situation. Toyota could have done it, Nissan still can. But it looks like VW might be the one to bite the bullet.

Companies like this know how to build cars in stupefying numbers down to a price point. We’re talking about a century of institutional memory here. But for those cars to be EVs takes a management that is committed to making them instead of ICE cars. So, will VW be that, or will some Chinese brand come from left field and take over?

No thumbs down from me

Where’s Pushmi-pullyu”s obligatory FUD “vaporware” comment? More confirmation that he gets paid to come here and FUD anything non-Tesla – he’s literally on vacation and doesn’t get paid to work from home during the holidays.

My guess is that you are the one getting paid.

No thumbs down from me

By whom and for what? If I am, I should be fired, since I don’t post here all day, every day in every thread like Pushmi and some of the other FUDers.