VW I.D. BUZZ, I.D. & I.D. CROZZ Featured By Fully Charged – Video

APR 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

Fully Charged amazes us more and more with its in-depth and high-quality reviews of electric vehicles around the world.

Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ | Fully Charged

The latest episode covers three Volkswagen I.D. concepts that were shown this past year in California.

The team focused on the I.D. BUZZ by test driving the concept on closed streets in Santa Monica, Additionally, Fully Charged checked out the I.D. compact and I.D. CROZZ small SUV.

The video contains quality shots of the vehicles, as well as interviews with designers.

“We never thought Californian police officers would close down a street in Santa Monica to allow Jonny Smith to test drive the extraordinary Volkswagen ID Buzz. But they did. He also gets a look at the WW ID Crozz. Jonny delivers a very comprehensive review of these extraordinary vehicles.”

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Because they are investing in and making some great EVs. I would buy one.

Because electric versions of a retro classic VW Bug or VW Bus will stir rich retired boomers’ nostalgic heartstrings and drive them to open their purse strings and buy one.

were is da love. get over it. ur white as snow yea rt

This car has a 25mph top speed, no seat belts, no air bags and is as far from production ready a self propelled concept can be.

What do you mean “latest episode?”

That episode is a month old.

Lol I was literally here to say that too! Just say “one of the latest episodes” 🙂

No idea why not also mention the Geneva episodes 1 & 2 since this is mostly car focused.

I mostly like. Let’s see how ‘pure’ they can keep it? The steering wheel that goes away is pretty cool but they are going to need to change shape and such. A true camper mode would so awesome on one of these. Or as I saw somewhere else (can’t remember) a mobile office. Heck you could ‘go to work’ in an office and still be at the beach. I’m sure nobody ever would use such mobile space for nefarious activity.

I think Nissan showed this office concept with their eNV200 van. No idea why they don’t follow through with some of these concepts, obviously people are ready for them.

The song in the background is from a pair of Brazilian DJs called Drumagick, Cultura Brasileira! so catchy and as I’ve commented on youtube, the production value of this vid kicks rump! Love it. Jonny go Jonny

I would love to have the white little ID hatchback. Assuming the exterior looked pretty much the same as shown here. I don’t care much for the interior design, though.

It’s actually a bit of a disgrace that it will take VW about 5yrs to get these concepts into production. For such a large, worldwide manufacturer you would think 3yrs is acceptable. If you compare them to smaller companies like GM, or even smaller Tesla, then really it should be 18 months.
So what if they don’t have autonomous driving out the gate? They can factor that into the design for the 5th yr update. Remember, Tesla never had AP initially, that came later.
We can drool over these concepts, and only hope they stay reasonably true to their form when they finally get released.

bla bla bla induction charging… yes!
So the I.D. may be an option for me, when I’m finished with the i3. Given a normalish price.

Induction chargers are important, and many people will probably almost never have to be plugged in.

I know about a company that’s designing induction chargers that people can install easily.
Last year I saw the system tested – and they have kits made to convert (add the system) to block heater poles and so on.

Where I live, I can change a lot of places, and often for free. But.. I have to plug in. If I could just park, and the rest is automatic. . much better.
If there are costs involved, there must be a smart and economical system to take care of that.

Pay for the juice used, and not for the time.

(this rambles a bit I realize…bear with me). There’s lots of discussion about ‘the last mile’ in things like public transportation, but in certain ways EVs and autonomy have the same issue. 95% of the way there just doesn’t cut it. One challenge of EVs is the plug in process. We hear over and over and over about cars taking up the chargers for unnecessary periods of time. So that’s issue #1. Issue #2 is that inductive charging has losses during the charging so efficiencies go down. Issue #3 is that if we were to hit even 30% EV market share the charging infrastructure to support that in public places would be hundreds of times greater (I’m speaking of 30% of all rolling stock not new cars sold). But consider these solutions. Some fast charging solutions (I believe for buses) involve the vehicle parking over a designated spot. But then an electrical contact plate rises up and makes contact with a contact plate on the underbelly of the vehicle. This eliminates most of the losses while removing the need for the driver to plug or unplug (plate goes down when charging session over). OK then imagine mall parking lot or… Read more »

These VW releases are more and more of a joke – 25 mph Neighborhood Electric Vehicle and 50 mile range masquerading as a new concept. Notice how we never get to see any guts of the car. Only change I saw was the I pad single display over the former 4 video display ‘stockbroker’s’ dashboard.

Meanwhile people in their garages are making decent conversions of 50 year old Microbuses.

If there is any company that doesn’t really want to make ev’s, its VW.