Volkswagen Has EV Golf Hidden In Their Portfolio Waiting For The Right Time

SEP 7 2012 BY MIKE 5

Not yet available to the public, the Golf EV has a super cool charging location

The diesel plug-in EV from VW that we wrote about last week was pretty a pretty nice ride, and will be an excellent EREV; but if you are looking for a pure EV from Volkswagen, you are in luck.

In about a year and a half, VW might be releasing an all electric Golf among the other popular models currently offered. In the mean time, Ellfian Rahim, an automotive journalist based out of Malaysia was able to demo one of these vehicles in the streets of Wolfsburg, Germany.

Other than the decals and lack of exhaust pipe, the Blue-E-Motion has the same look at the gas and diesel versions

On the outside, the Golf Blue-E-Motion has all the looks of the gas or diesel version. That is, other than the large decals on both sides and the fact there is no exhaust pipe out the back.

The Blue-E-Motion could easily be mistaken for any gas or diesel powered vehicle.  Inside will also have many people confused that this is not a standard petrol VW.

With options such as a heated windshield, navigation system, and full power accessories, this EV will rival any other car on the market. However, the only noticeable difference to give away its electric roots is the use of a battery gauge in place of the tachometer.

Although it only has 115 horsepower, this spunky electric motor can go 0-60 in around 11.8 seconds (via

According to Volkswagen, the lithium-ion battery that is currently installed in the demo vehicle has the ability to travel about 150km, or about 93 miles.

As the vehicle goes into production, though, VW hopes for even longer range as technology, and a weight reduction, increases range to 160-200km, or a maximum range around 124 miles.  We see this as a real possibility if the car retains its 26.5 kWh lithium-ion battery into the public version.

The electric motor has a maximum 115 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque to allow for 0-62mph times of around 11.8 seconds. Top speed is limited to only 83 miles per hour which might make this German EV not ready for the Autobahn.  Like most EVs acceleration at high speeds is limited to put it mildly.

To learn more about the Golf Blue-E-Motion, check out the complete test drive here on

VW Blue-E-Motion Dash, Mostly the Same As The Petrol Version

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Has Volkswagen stated this, or is this pure speculation? It has been well-known for quite some time — a year or so — that Volkswagen is rolling around with somewhere between 15 and 40 electric Golfs in the US, for test purposes. I see one of them from time to time. But why does this yield the conclusion that this model will be offered for sale, as you say, within the next 18 months? Where is the evidence? Has VW confirmed their plans in any way?

Ford had a Focus EV prototype hidden for at least two years before they finally released it. VAG also has trial Audi A3 e-Trons buzzing around with no release date on the horizon. At some point the new CAFE standards may force VW to release these.

Basically plug-in vehicles, present and future, fall into two categories: the ones that the manufacturers wanted to make, and the ones that the manufacturers didn’t, but had to. Which one would people rather have?

When does the EREV come to the states or anywhere?


NAV screen is too low for my liking.


That’s true, but as a result the central vents are not blocked by the steering wheel and do not blow freezing air at your hands while driving.

VW should release this in the wild as well as the A3 e-trons and give Ford and Nissan some run for their money..