Volkswagen Group Outlines Its Current & Future Electrification Plans


This confirms that a battery-electric Porsche is coming.

The slide shows vehicles we’re all familiar with, but the Porsche covered in cloth under the BEV category is an unknown.

Well, mostly unknown…

There are two routes (though we should note that both could be describing the same car), both largely based on unconfirmed rumors, that Porsche could pursue with its first-ever BEV.  Both are discussed in detail at the links below:

Report: Porsche 717 Coming – 300+ Miles, AWD, 4 Door All-Electric Car

Electric Porsche Pajun Getting Readied As Tesla Model S Fighter


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Happy to see they’re still emphasizing the possibility of adding plugs to fuel cell vehicles, like the A7 h-tron concept.

Do the parenthesis around the plug symbol mean that some vehicles will be FCEVs without a plug, while other FCEVs will have a plug? The “H2” is much smaller than the battery symbol and plug symbol, suggesting that the fuel cell will be small and used as a range extender for a big battery. Look at size differences in the battery symbol and gas-pump symbol, and how the battery symbol gets larger when going from a mild hybrid to a full hybrid to a plug-n hybrid.

In a word, yes. They’ve shown variants WITH a plug (Audi) and WITHOUT a plug (Volkswagen). It’s widely presumed they will manufacture both variants, starting in a few years from now.

Some time off (from bashing tesla in any way), from seekingalpha? Suuure hydrogen is goooood for you! Believe me, the honest salesman/investor_ADVISOR!!! please! 🙂 Of course there is no agenda, that’s greeny-rubbish, it is so nice to ride a high pressure tank and to be dependent on a 1million+ H2 station, and the state-of-art way to extract H2 is from clean natural gas, just little emissions really, of course FCV are the way to have the big oil survive but wrong with that, but it is so wrong to have solar panels and power your car independently of any big oil conglomerate. No this last idea it is just wrong, believe us the smart investors!!! in all honesty, even at price parity with a model3 of a FCV , even if H2 could be extracted economically from water which is not the case at all now, even with super-cheap H2 price, even with lower car-maintainance cost, I wouldn’t consider any FCV brand really, I wouldn’t even remotely consider buying a FCV. And from what I see more and more people find the facts about this FCVs and realize how superior the EVs are, let alone in countries with vast hydro… Read more »

Why are they going to come out w/2 new mild-hybrids? What’s the point?

The point is that despite the Johnny-come-lately hype, Volkswagen is still dragging its feet about joining the EV revolution.


You live in Middle America, and you don’t see the point of a gas Plan B?

Literally a hundred million people live off the big, electrified corridors, and drive significantly further than people in those dense regions. While needing more heat and AC.

Where was this slide picture taken?

…UFO convention

This is a shot from their power point presentation from the annual meeting recap/roundup last month.


UFO Convention?


At the annual shareholder and analyst meeting in Berlin on March 11. I think it had been showed, in some minor modification, well before then as well. I remember seeing a mild variant of that slide already in the Fall of 2013. Something 95% similar I also saw in July 2014 at a presentation in London.

Pajun, Pajun, Pajun! Porsche’s already look like sleek EVs.

Looking forward to seeing another BEV choice in the market.

A hydrogen fuel cell Porsche? That will be the most disappointing Porsche ever built.

You seem to be overlooking the possibility that it will be a HFC range extender on a short-range BEV, with a fuel tank the size of 5 or 6 party balloons. Yes, I’m kidding, but only a little…

If there’s one thing we should remember it’s to always assume the old guard car companies will find new and creative ways to screw things up about 90% of the time.

“A hydrogen fuel cell Porsche? That will be the most disappointing Porsche __Never__ built.”


I’d probably wager that they build a few, to parade around some bigwigs. Same game, different decade.