Volkswagen Golf GTE Test Drive Review By Fully Charged

JUN 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 27

A new Volkswagen Golf GTE was recently test driven by the Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith, who really seemed to enjoy the experience, calling it “dialed in” and a “driver’s car”.  Against its peers, Smith says that the VW is a notch above, noting that many other plug-ins “aren’t really catered for driving enthusiasts”

Volkswagen Halts Golf GTE Order Due To Crazy High Demand

The plug-in hybrid Golf is perhaps less-performance oriented than the strongest petrol versions, but it’s still a decent car, with the highest fuel economy of the range.

The major target for these type of plug-ins are people with relatively short commutes (within its electric range or fairly close to it), of whom would then be driving all-electrically Monday to Friday.

Jonny Smith, after around 100 miles, averaged 49 mpg (US) or 4.79 l/100 km.

Quick specs:

  • 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine (110 kW/150 PS), a 75 kW/102 PS electric motor and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox developed specifically for hybrid models
  • up to 50 km (31 miles) in all-electric mode (NEDC), with its total range being around 880 km (547 miles)
  • 8.7 kWh lithium-ion
  • Charging time: AC 2.3 kW 100% SOC in 3.45 h or AC 3.6 kW 100% SOC in 2.15 h
  • Acceleration 0-80 km/h (50 mph) in 4.9 seconds / 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.6 seconds
  • Top speed 222 km/h (138 mph)
  • Fuel consumption in Combined cycle 1.8 – 1.6 l/100km and 12 – 11.4 kWh/100km
  • Kerb weight (EU, incl. 75 kg driver) 1,615 kg

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Fully charged still hasn’t bothered to review the Bolt/Ampera-e. Kind of odd to think they couldn’t get into one of the press events for it.

They are in the UK, probably don’t have access to one because GM could not be bothered making a RHD version…

There may not have been a UK junket for the car as Vauxhall didn’t offer it.

But they have reviewed cars outside the UK before. They went above the Arctic Circle in Sweden to review the Volvo Electric C30.

I can understand not being quick to review the car since it’s just available just around the corner for them. But I’m surprised they haven’t found a chance to drive it in six months.

Off topic, but at 8:15 he mentions that he really likes the history of VW. I wonder what part of the history he likes? That Hitler started a Ponzi scheme with 336,000 people putting down money for a Peoples car that they never got. No one actually received one of the cars but Hitler for his birthday.

He is probably being simplistic and saying the old bugs and buses…
But if you want to drag everything down to base level and the history of the dead…
the Japenese auto companis were producing war machines…
Henry Ford was the only forginer awarded the Iron Cross from Hitler…
And what part of American history do you prefer the 200 year geonicide and ethnic cleansing of 10 to 20 plus million Native Americans??
The CIA assainting and or overthrowing demoraticly elected leaders in various countries to instal pupet dictators friendly to American policies??
The US tourturing of prisoners??
Hey it is all good clean fun if you are the winners??
The history of the world is dirty everywhere…

> And what part of American history do you prefer the 200 year geonicide and ethnic cleansing of 10 to 20 plus million Native Americans??

You mean through actions outside of their control like smallpox?

You really know how to take the moral high ground.

I guess you blame all governments for the “genocide” of their own citizens by every known disease through history, simply because they were unaware of the cause, or had no cure?

I am not trying to take the moral high ground…
And by the way the US army commited the first known act of biological warfare when they gathered up blankets from the people who died of small pox and gave them to Native Americans as a “peace” offering…

You’re seriously blaming disease for the American Indian genocide? Wow. Manifest destiny to you too bro

Nada is right on all count.
Everyone should educated themselves.
Try to read Chomsky or Howard Zinn, it just isn’t Rambo killing the bad.

Remember Vietnam?

“You mean through actions outside of their control like smallpox?”
Is “smallpox” slang term for bullets?

Point well taken.

Not true!

the participants bought the car with a massive discount on the sticker price after the war.
VW startet with a destroyed factory and were worldwide number one manufacturer last year. A honor Tesla will never get.

Finally got a chance to watch the video. Seems like a good car. Obviously a lot of good accoutrements, it looks like it’s rather expensive for a car in its class. It’s funny he says the rear space is good. He’d freak out in a Bolt, it has twice the legroom although a bit less headroom in back. The front space is probably better in the Golf because those seats do look about 1.5″ wider, and that’s quite a bit in the class. Personally, I’d rather have more range, a Volt has twice the EV range of this car. But if you are looking for a car that emphasizes sportiness this seems like a very livable option. I will say it is amazing that just doing what they did to the car could add 400lbs vs. the GTI! I was going to go on here about how GM is withholding the superior Volt from Europe. But I think maybe Europe would rather the Volt be a hatch of this shape instead of the lay-down design it is. I wonder if GM packaged a Volt into a body shape of this sort if it would sell well in Europe (ignoring that… Read more »

The radio station issue is annoying but not the only bad thing about that screen. My eGolf SE has the same setup. When you get a call and it goes through the car Bluetooth the accept/decline touch buttons are so small it happened to me to miss the call just because i could not touch the surface in time while driving. Very distracting. The temp being set by default at 73F is just idiotic, it has no memory.

The way the e-Golf reverts to 72F can be fixed. Take it to the dealer and they can apply an Adaptation to solve that issue. If they try to tell you that’s just how it is, look it up on the myvwegolf forum for the keywords to tell the service folks.

Can anyone thing of a non-idiotic reason VW would do this with this car?

I can’t.

But remember to Compare LEASE DETAILS.

You could get a Real EV, the BMW i3, or the BMW i3 REX for less. With much better comfort, performance and materials.

Europeans may be enthralled with this car (more power to them), But i’d prefer an eV with more meat and less gadgets.

As far as VW history goes, I liked when the cars were simple, but then lost interest in them when they got gadgety, burned excessive oil, and were generally unreliable, totally opposed to the cars they made when I was a kid.

Can’t escape trolls even on EV forums. EVs must be going mainstream. There’s your sign!

I really don’t see the point of hybrid drive trains, it’s twice the complexity. I have started to come around to the idea of electric drive with a generator (still leaves a funny smell ?).

Doesn’t really matter, this car is dead with German manufacturers moving rapidly in Tesla’s footsteps is all good, wish it had been sooner and we will have to see if they survive the bar publicity of their own making.

Once you go BEV you can’t go back. Never a ICE or PHEV again.

Why ?

Because I hate going to a petrol station and I hate going to a service station.

3 years now and still no petrol or service.

I agree Peter. I think PHEVs will be but a transitional blip in the history of cars, like compact fluorescent bulbs will be a blip in the history of electric lighting.

A Real EV has better smoother acceleration and a much quieter ride. The battery in the floor makes a huge difference, and the smooth power of the electric motor cannot be beat.

Add to that the BMW i3 suspension.

There’s no going back.

The Volt has all that, so it doesn’t​ make sense what you’re saying. PHEV can easily be an EV with a gas range extender onboard. Both the Volt and i3 Rex fall into that category.

I’ll agree about half assed PHEVs with limited range and only full power when both gas and electric are combined. Those are basically old school hybrids with a plug and they leave much to be desired.

Dieselgate – how’s that for a reason to not buy anything made by V.A.G, EV or otherwise ?
DIESELGATE! FALSE DIESEL EMISSIONS DATA! How’s that for some Eco facts? Strange that nobody from Fully Charged mentioned anything about this.
In case your memory doesn’t stretch back by a few months, VAG lied to customers and governments about the amount of CO2 emissions produced by their diesel cars, that they are STILL making. They could make a car out of recycled plastic bags for all I care but I still won’t buy one.

VAG Diesel emissions were not nearly as egregious in CO2 an they were NOx. Nitrogen Oxides are the real Diesel culprit, when they exceed, many times over, their normal tested and rated outputs.

Is their a problem in the UK operating a men’s shaver or is his barber a psychopath ?

Wished there was was more technical detail rather than this fluff piece for VW.