Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept – Live Photos & Videos

JUN 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Unveiled at Wörthersee 2015, the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept attracted a lot of attention.

This semi race and street car is just a concept, but the design heralds a new style of future models for VW and reinforces the importance of the plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

According to the Volkswagen, all-electric range of Golf GTE Sport Concept stands at 50 km. Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 4.3 seconds.

More details and a full description of the Golf GTE Sport Concept are available in this previous story.  In this post you’ll find several reveal photos and videos from the show.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

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Not diggin’ on VW’s current geometric design language. It leaves me feeling cold.


It’s the BMW iGolf.


What’s with the grilles and air scoops? This is not some rear-engine car. It is not an engine car at all.


Oh wait . . . it is an engine car. I keep forgetting that is what the GTE is .


I find it paradoxical that these “futuristic” VW Group prototype styling exercises tend to embody huge air intakes for what is essentially, oil-powered clockwork for propulsion…

Laughable. And yet sad– in a 21st Century sort of way.


I does look like it’s from an 80’s sci-fi movie, but still better than the uninspired e-Up, e-Golf, and Golf GTE.

Needs a bigger battery though.


Even with just an EV motor, you need some intake to cool the heat exchangers for the A/C, the motor, controllers, batteries.

Notice the Rimac Pikes Peak racer still has intakes and vents for aero and cooling. If Tesla had used such a design it would’ve been able to sustain peak output without overheating IMO.


This isn’t a Golf, so why are VW calling it that?


Hey Lensman, I replied to your comment of my comment two days late:

NO. Read Motor Trend’s test on a conventional track at Leguna Seca in California. NOT a high speed test. NOT an oval. NOT the authobahn. Like I mentioned, high duty cycle i.e. stomping on the accelerator at every corner exit.

“But once at Laguna, our lapping hopes were hobbled by a temperature protection that gradually dialed back full power during Randy Pobst’s flat-out flogging.”

And yes, ALL sport productions cars can do this track without overheating or needing to dial back on power.

joy fischer

It will be just like the concept Volt.. Really hot concept car – that they turn into something that looks like everything else on the road. Bummer…


I agree, concept to reality always ends with taming styles and bland compromises. That is unless you are tesla.