Volkswagen Golf GTE Priced At £28,035 UK – On Sale Now


Volkswagen Golf GTE

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE (see description here) is now on sale in the UK starting at £28,035 (approx. 42,700) after the £5,000 Government plug-in car grant.

In the UK, Golf GTE is available through all of the company’s franchised sales outlets, while all-electric e-up! and e-Golf are only offered through a network of 25 e-Retailers. This probably indicates that Volkswagen expects significantly higher demand for plug-in hybrids than all-electric cars.

Time will tell which branch does better.

With up to 31 miles of range on an 8.8 kWh battery, Golf GTE is now another choice among the expanding lineup of electrified cars available on sale.

“The name of Golf GTE reflects its standing in the line-up alongside the petrol-powered GTI and diesel GTD, while its pricing also reinforces this position.  The new car is driven by two engines: a 1.4-litre 150 PS TSI direct-injection petrol engine and a 102 PS electric motor.  Together, they produce a maximum power of 204 PS and a theoretical range of 580 miles, while maximum torque is 350 Nm (258 lbs ft).  A six-speed DSG gearbox developed for hybrid vehicles is standard.

The electric motor is integrated into the gearbox housing, while further hybrid components include power electronics and a charger.  An electro-mechanical brake servo and an electric air conditioning compressor make for energy-efficient braking and air conditioning.  There are five operating modes: ‘E-mode’, ‘GTE mode’, ‘Battery Hold’, ‘Battery charge’ and ‘Hybrid Auto’.  In pure electric mode (activated at the press of a button), the Golf GTE can travel up to 31 miles.  Electric power can also be saved – for example when driving to a zero-emissions zone – and in electric mode, the GTE is capable of speeds of up to 81 mph.

With the TSI engine engaged as well, the Golf GTE can sprint from zero to 62 mph in 7.6 seconds and on to 138 mph, yet returns a combined cycle figure of 166 mpg and CO2 emissions of 39 g/km.  As such it is expected to be exempt from VED and the Congestion Charge.

The Golf GTE’s 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged in 3.75 hours from a domestic mains outlet, or 2.25 hours from a domestic wallbox.

The Golf GTE is available in five-door bodystyle only and in one highly-specified trim level.  Visually, it combines elements of the e-Golf and Golf GTI, with C-shaped LED daytime running lights (e-Golf) and aerodynamic horizontal ‘fins’ (GTI).  Where the GTI features red, the GTE has blue accents, including across the radiator grille and into the headlights (which as on the e-Golf are LED), while 18-inch ‘Serron’ alloy wheels are fitted as standard.

Inside too, the GTI’s red highlights are turned to blue – including the stitching on the steering wheel, gear lever gaiter and seats, and a blue stripe in the tartan pattern on the sports seats.  Touchscreen infotainment system with DAB radio and Bluetooth is standard, while optional navigation includes bespoke EV features such as the ability to identify potential destinations on electric range, and charging points.

The GTE also has an e-manager which allows the driver to preset vehicle charging, as well as interior cooling or heating and these functions can be operated remotely using the Car-Net app on a smartphone; a three-year subscription is standard in the UK.  The speedometer and tachometer are familiar, and the latter is supplemented by a power meter in the central display, which shows the status of the battery, whether or not power is being used and the intensity of any regeneration.”

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12 responses to "Volkswagen Golf GTE Priced At £28,035 UK – On Sale Now"
  1. David Murray says:

    Is 8.8Kwh the usable or total capacity? If they are advertising 33 miles, I would think 8.8 would have to be the usable amount. And even then, that is assuming 3.75 miles per kwh.

    1. Scramjett says:

      I suspect that is based on the Euro Cycle. An EPA number would probably be more like 20 miles.

      1. Assaf says:

        Extrapolation from (Cmax Energi has 7.6kWh and is rated at 19 miles, downgraded from 21 miles originally) pegs the GTE around 22-23 miles. If VW has done a better job at efficiency, then maybe 25 miles.

        IMHO all these sub-30-mile PHEVs are a limited-time niche, especially for passenger cars. Once Leaf Gen 2, Bolt and Tesla III hit the market in large numbers, these light-duty PHEVs will start becoming obsolete unless they up their electric range to Volt-like numbers.

        1. Mikael says:

          On the contrary fairly short range PHEV’s will thrive and sell in a few millions per year in just a few years time.

          1. pjwood says:

            Silly. Hasn’t anyone told you battery size is “sexy”?

            1. Mikael says:

              It is… but just in the real world the super models are few and most of us look like regular Joes. 🙂

        2. David Murray says:

          I’m not convinced of that. The reduction in battery costs will help PHEVs equally well. And no matter how much range an EV has, it will never be enough for traveling out of town. At least not until charging infrastructure is really mature. So anything over 150 miles is really pointless in my opinion. That makes a PHEV far more useful as both a daily commuter and a long-distance vehicle.

        3. CAB says:

          The one upside is that, unlike their pure BEV counterparts, they aren’t “limited” in usability and when their batteries eventually degrade they don’t become paperweights with progressively less value. PHEVs as they sit today are really simple “mileage” plays and don’t offer the gamut of electric benefits (single gear, etc.) seen with pure EVS and EREVs. it will be interesting to see, once they are out their, if their owners (as with Volt owners) start clamoring for “more pure EV range” once they taste it. It is sad that Volt 2.0 is about to come out with a response to that request while other automakers are just now dipping their toes into the water (effectively ignoring the learnings from Volt 1.0).

    2. Spec9 says:

      30 miles on 8.8KWH? Not believing that.

      Bring this to the USA.

  2. Stephen says:

    With all the Volts and Energi models that have been sold in the US, why haven’t they brought it over here?

  3. pjwood says:

    GTE = 31 miles
    Volt = 80

    Instead of the DCT abruptness of VW’s DSG, I’ll say it would be nice if GM made a “Bahn-burning” Volt, that had an extra gear or two. Totally unnecessary in the states, but an easy path to 138mph.

  4. buu says:

    imho whose small pack PHEVS should all be wirelessly charged,plugging for 3-8kWh charging sound stupid