Volkswagen Forms Battery Task Force With LG Chem

OCT 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

Volkswagen is doing its homework before the I.D. launch

Volkswagen intends to begin mass production of electric cars in about year from now. The goal of 100,000 I.D. in the first year at an unofficial base pack of 48 kWh (or more) translates into a serious number like 4.8 GWh of batteries.

To not run the company into another crisis, Volkswagen has formed a special task force with lithium-ion battery cell supplier LG Chem.

The cells will be produced in an all-new factory in Poland. Because everything is new and the scale is so huge, every two weeks the highest-ranking EV executive from both VW & LG Chem will meet personally and discuss the progress, solve bottlenecks, etc.

“There are risks in third- and fourth-tier areas, especially in these new technologies. This is the reason why we created this task force with LG Chem,” Thomas Ulbrich, the VW brand’s management board member responsible for electric mobility, told reporters in Dresden, Germany.”

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It seems like 48 kWh * 100,000 = 4,8 GWh 😉

100 000 X 48KW/h=4.8GW/h

Capacity is measured in KWh (KW * hours) not KW/h (KW per hour). Just to explain why you’ve got many down-votes.

For 100.000 batterypacks with a capacity of 48 kwh you need only 4,8 Gwh of batteries

True. But as far as I know the 48 kWh battery packs would be the minimum, even for the short range version. The longest range ones should then be >80 kWh.
Nevertheless, we would still be smaller then 10 GWh.

They will not be over 80 kWh.

I thought I have read something like 48 kWh for the small, 62 kWh for the middle and 82 kWh for the biggest one.
But we will see.

Currently the Gigafactory 1 is at ~20 GWh, maybe some more with panasonic’s new lines by the end of the year. This is just for a few hubdet thousand cars/year. The long range Tesla Semi with a 1 MWh battery pack will enable 1 GWh/1000 trucks. They need to keep up ramping. Hope, Panasonic already has more lines on their 2019 budget.

By the end of 2018, the new battery lines at GF1 will bring the total capacity to 35GWh, according to Tesla/Elon Musk

“every two weeks the highest-ranking EV executive from both VW & LG Chem will meet personally and discuss the progress, solve bottlenecks, etc”

Makes me cringe. Yeah if the frequency of trips and hotel expenditure of executives is fixed upfront then we are all settled.

You’re right. It would be so much better if those two top executives slept on the factory floor…

IT WOULD! Then they would have a real motivation to fix problems.

Also problems do not work on a fix schedule, so this means how many day/weeks between problems and then these people talking/fixing them.

This sounds like a ‘feel good’ report to the shareholders, not a ‘keep on top of problems and solve then as soon as possible; arrangement.

In my experience working for and with Very Large Corporations, there’s nothing at all worrisome here. Big corps like to put firewalls in place to make sure things like joint ventures, inter-company task forces, etc. don’t go off the rails. The bigger (in terms of $$$) and more important the effort, the more likely they are to firewall the heck out of things. In mgmt terms, these firewalls typically are regularly scheduled meetings and status reports, etc.

The two plants in question are separated by a car trip.

Go, VW, do it! 100k should be no problem for you. Just require your dealers to take inventory, use all the old tricks to sell a car they don’t feel like selling. “1 in 10 sales must be electric or it ist zie ledergeissel for you!”

VW to LG: By zee way. You only need to make the batteries perform gut on zee tests. Da?

Why did that go Russian at the end there?