Volkswagen Follows Elon Musk – Will Use Twitter To Release Key Highlights

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Volkswagen’s sustainability report will be release in full on Monday, May 4th, but ahead of its release the automaker has announced that it will Tweet out highlights from the report via Twitter.

Much like how Tesla’s Elon Musk uses Twitter to spill bits and pieces of info, Volkswagen will turn to Twitter to put out exclusive highlights.  So, if you want the latest info from VW’s sustainability report, then Twitter is where you’ll find it.

Here’s the link to VW Group on Twitter and the hashtag for the sustainability report info #VWCSR

Press release below:

Volkswagen Group to present sustainability report on Twitter for the first time

• Interim balance regarding the company’s environmental, economic and social responsibility to be published on May 4th
• Exclusive highlights of the report are available in advance on under the hashtag #VWCSR
• Board of Management members provide insight into strategic issues surrounding sustainability

The Volkswagen Group is presenting its annual sustainability report on the social networking service Twitter for the first time. Starting today, important snippets on topics of economic, environmental and social sustainability are being distributed exclusively via this information channel. The complete sustainability report for 2014 will be published next Monday, May 4th.

For the first time, the new report includes essays on strategically relevant topics written by Board of Management members. For instance, in the chapter “Strategy” Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, writes about the new era of the automobile (“How can we shape a changing world?”). In the chapter “Economy”, Chief Financial Officer Hans Dieter Pötsch shares his views on the progress of globalization and the altered balance of power in the world economy (“Uncertainty is the new normality – And business needs to deal with it”).

Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of the Group Board of Management responsible for Human Resources, evaluates the consequences stemming from the digitalization of the working environment in the chapter “People” (“Industry 4.0 – A major employment opportunity”). In the chapter “Environment”, Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of the Group Board of Management as well as President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, analyzes the key role assumed by the development of electric cars in the reduction of CO2 emissions (“Electrifying China with a tailor-made efficiency strategy”). Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of the General and Group Works Council, comments in an interview on the workforce’s commitment in the field of social responsibility (“When it comes to sustainability, you can never do enough”).

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Sustainability Reports from Volkswagen aren’t quite as sexy as the product reveals at Tesla Events.. Volkswagen is an old fart trying to be cool lol

YES!!!! Sustainability reports! Follow! Follow!! Follow!!!

*American Dad Voice*

Those damn Corporate German Hippies… Why is it that multi-degree holding Liberals are always shoving this “Sustainability” Agenda down our throats? You’d think there was something WRONG with using cars that burn oil by the way they drone on, with all that CO2 data. Sheesh. Gimme a break.