Volkswagen: No Firm Plans To Launch e-Golf In Canada


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

2015 VW e-Golf

2015 VW e-Golf

According to La Presse (via Google Translate), Volkswagen is for now ignoring Canada in regards to the e-Golf:

“…the Golf is the first Volkswagen car 100% electric sold in the United States. A new feature which will not benefit Canadian consumers. Again.”

The tone of the La Presse article clearly shows dissappoint in the fact that Volkswagen has no firm plans at this point in time to make available the e-Golf in Canada.

“Until now, there is no firm plan to introduce this vehicle in Canada, but we will look closely at the sales in the US to see if it is appropriate to bring him here in the future,” explained Tezlaff Thomas, director of public relations for Volkswagen Canada.

The e-Golf is selling in low volume in Europe, with only 1,400 or so units sold in its first 6 months on the market.  U.S. sales are low too, only 1 in its first month on the market and 119 in its first full month in November.  These numbers indicate that perhaps the e-Golf is and will remain a compliance car.  By not making it available in Canada, Volkswagen reinforces this belief.

Source: La Presse

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In Truth, the Volt is the perfect car for Canada.

Of if you want only VW solutions, then the Plugin Golf.

Ain’t no perfect car for everyone anywhere, but I agree that Volt is a very good choice.
My Leaf ain’t as bad as many are depicting it and it show’s in sales anyway.

‘…, with only 1,400 or so units sold in its first 6 months on the market.’

Only in Norway about 1750 e-Golf have been sold since the car is on the market.

Business plan:
Fight making BEVs
Grudgingly make a few
Don’t market it
Release it only in California
Tell people nobody wants it

Overall the worst offender is Toyota.
But VW does this with BEVs in part because it sees PHEVs as the future.

I applaud VW overall for their electrification program but I do wish they were more serious with BEVs and wish their PHEVs didn’t all strive to meet the bare minimum of AER compliance.
Cayenne with 14 miles?
Every other offering has exactly 50km AER.

It’s why I still rank EV programs as nissan/tesla tie, then BMW then GM/VAG

GM sells a pure compliance car at 50 per month in two of the CARB-ZEV states (the ones that don’t required additional shipping costs from South Korea).

The companies that are “in it to win it” are:

Nissan / Renault

I think you have it right Tony. As nicely made as the KIA Soul EV is, we are not likely to see one here in PA. Compliance car, obviously and unfortunately. The Volt, great car, great choice for people like me who need a longer range car but cannot afford a Tesla(only option here for long range EV travel,or the BMW I3), is barely advertised. We now regularly see LEAF ads on TV here. However, I have been seeing the VW Golf ad that mentions a plug in version, but I am skeptical that that really means anything. All the other cars out there, no matter how well they were produced, are of no interest to me because I CANNOT BUY ONE HERE IN PENNSYLVANIA.


VW eGolf: Das Boring.

The VW Golf GT-E would be a better fit for Canada.