Volkswagen & FAW Introduce Carely Electric Vehicle Brand in China

OCT 24 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

Carely EV

Carely EV – Image via China Auto Web

According to China Auto Web, Volkswagen and its partner FAW unveiled—at the China National Convention Center in Beijing—a new electric vehicle and brand called Carely (“Kaili” in Chinese). This vehicle seen here is based on VW’s Bora compact sedan.

“As for the Carely logo, he explained it as an “A” formed by two “Fs,” representing “First,” “Forward,” and also the two partners: FAW and Volkswagen. The “A” symbolizes “Auto” and a new beginning.”

Carely EV

Carely EV – Image via China Auto Web

For now, several Carely EVs are being tested in Foshan, Guangdong—where FAW-VW set up an EV research center—and in Changchun, Jilin—where the joint venture is based.

There is no information at this time on a production date for this electric.

But we do have specifications for the first Carely EV, which has range of just 110 km on the NEDC cycle (about half of the Nissan LEAF or Renault ZOE), despite its decently sized 23 kWh battery pack. Sound inefficient?

Curb Weight is 1,450 kg (about 3,200 lbs). Top speed is set at 145 km/h (90 mph). 0-100km/h time (62 mph) is 12.5 seconds.

Carely EV Specs:

Curb Weight1450kg
Seating Capacity5
Top Speed145km/h
0-100km/h Time12.5s
Electric Motor:
–Max Torque210/0-4000 (Nm/rpm)
–Max Power90/4000- 11500 (kw/rpm)
–at a constant speed of 60km/h160km
Power Consumption per 100km:
–at a constant speed of 60km/h14.5kwh

Source: China Auto Web

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China, the only country in the world were going all electric would do nothing for the smog problem (since most of it comes from burning coal).

And here people always tell me that China’s SO2 Scrubbers are better than what’s used in the USA, (here, they remove 99% of the Sulfur Dioxide and 90% of the naturally occuring Mercury), that is, those relatively few plants that are going to be left. Most are either being abandoned or converted to Natural Gas.

Some of those abandoned scrubber plants just produced a hell of a wave of polution…

Those range numbers are less than impressive for a 23kWh battery pack.