Volkswagen Factory Will Build Up To 500,000 Battery Packs Per Year

APR 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Volkswagen confirmed that the Braunschweig factory in Germany will produce battery packs in volume for the automaker’s upcoming electric cars based on the MEB platform.


New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW

Volkswagen Braunschweig already was producing packs for VW plug-in electric cars, but now – with introduction of the first next-generation models – scale will increase to up to 500,000 packs annually.

The news comes as Dr. Herbert Diess replaced the Matthias Müller as the CEO of Volkswagen.

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The Braunschweig factory will produce other parts for the group like steering systems for autonomous vehicles, too.

The First prototypes of MEB-based cars are to be made this month.

The press release doesn’t specify who will supply the battery cells, but as we know, a few new battery factories are under construction (LG Chem in Poland, and Samsung SDI and SK Innovation in Hungar,y so there should be plenty of options).

Source: Green Car Congress

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Nice rooftop pv system.

Hint: Braunschweig is located in the state of Niedersachsen. Northern Germany. Not much sun, loads of wind. Go figure.

They have had incentives for factories/companies to invest in (rooftop) solar for several years. It is very common, for larger buildings to have that installed. The BMW i factory is running on 100% renewable power. They also have a lof of wind power in Germany, but there should be better powerlines between Denmark and northern Germany. They have to stop several of the wind generators in Denmark, or else they have to pay to keep them running!!, when the wind is powerful for a long period. That is why there have been talks about converting it to hydrogen and keep the wind generators running. Better to have a convertion loss, and get a product they can sell – then stop the wind generator. With better power lines between the two countries, they could export the extra power to Germany. Global wind and solar power is really growing year for year. If we can have a stable population after a while, renewable power would dominate for sure. Just think of when the Tesla GF is fully constructed and covered in solar cells… in Nevada. That just have to produce a lot of power during the day. If most of the manufacturing… Read more »

This is another good site to see what the EU produces daily in electric energy really impressive. It says wind but looking thru the tabs you see all electric generation sources including fossil fuels. I wish EIA site was more like this.

In CA we already have so much wind/solar that daytime power is no longer “on peak”. Now the peak is from 4-9 PM when all of the solar power goes offline due to the sun dropping but people are still up consuming power. In a few more years daytime power will probably be cheaper than in the middle of the night.

We’re really relying on energy storage to continue the switch to renewables at this point. Utility scale grid storage may arguably be a more important application for batteries than EVs.

More HVDC interconnects would help as well.
Expands the production sources.

Already seeing how the connection between CA and the Pacific North West of the USA has changed pricing.

Too bad Elon Musk is so behind the curve with his factories w.r.t. solar. Maybe someday his factories will be as modern as VW and even have solar. But then again he’d have to be able to figure out where to buy the panels.

I kid….I kid

Well only mostly. He is a bit tardy in Nevada on the roof.

It’s started. The idea is Tesla Energy/Panasonic panels so needs the New York factory up to speed.

vaporware comments from the Tesla faithful in 3,2,1…

What size battery packs?

There are cars right now with less than 10 kWh of battery in them.

its always WILL with VW, still nothing serious in the market yet…. been a while now.

Herbert Diess will lead the Volkswagen Group to a more prosperous future. He is the right man at the right time at the right place.