Volkswagen Extended Range CrossBlue SUV Gets Production Approval For US

FEB 21 2013 BY JAY COLE 14

VW Crossblue Headed To US

VW Crossblue Headed To US

It looks like Volkswagen has had a recent change of heart when it comes to plug-in vehicles, as news has come that the plug-in diesel CrossBlue concept has been approved for production to be sold only in the United States.

“This is a car for a specific segment which only exists in the USA,” said Dr Ulrich Hackenberg,  head of VW product planning and engineering.

VW Estimates A 14 Mile Range And 89 MPGe Rating Out of Its AWD SUV

VW Estimates A 14 Mile Range And 89 MPGe Rating Out of Its AWD SUV

As a refresher, the all-wheel-drive,  Crossblue averages an estimated 35 mpg combined (37 mpg highway and 33 mpg city), and its MPGe rating is estimated to be 89, while featuring an electric-only range of up to 14 miles via a 9.8kWh lithium-ion battery.

The internal combustion engine in the Crossblue concept is the automaker’s TDI turbo diesel engine, which is rated at 190 hp, with a DSG dual-clutch transmission.   When used in conjunction with the electric motor, the VW puts out 306 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, with a 0-60 miles time-slip in about 7 seconds.  Not bad for a 6 (or 7) seater.

VW To Have The First Extended Range Plug-In With Seating For Up To Seven?

VW To Have The First Extended Range Plug-In With Seating For Up To Seven?

Volkswagen’s plug-in power-train has two electric motors.  One at the front and the other at the rear, so that drivers can switch between two and four wheel drive.

While more details are forthcoming, it is thought that the “diesel” part of the concept could give way to a more traditional gas engine when production actually commences.  No production release dates, or pricing estimates are currently know…but we will pencil in 2015 and $50,000 on our calendars just the same.

Besides, the Crossblue for the US, three other, smaller, plug-in SUVs based on the Crossblue’s power-train will be available worldwide.   The first of which, is a replacement for the current Tiguan, with the second being a coupé of the same design, and a third being a long-wheelbase, seven-seat model. (sub)

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Sounds good, except it needs more AER to justify the extra expense of EREV. Double the AER, let drivers choose when they can use the diesel (for cold mornings & hgwy efficiency) and of course have an available 120v outlet for camping and you will have a winner. GM what are you waiting for; new batteries from Envia perhaps?

The ev-crowd will have some problems with the idea of this car, but it really makes more sense than a lot of other plugs now.

A full size 7 seat awd SUV from VW Tourag gets less than 20 mpg on premium, the Chevrolet Traverse abut the same—this vehicle gets 35 mpg, and uses no gas for 14 miles. Probably would save 400-500 gallons a year if you dive it frequently. Still seats 7 as well.

This looks nice. I agree, I think it will be gasoline/plug-in hybrid when it makes it to the US.

It reminds me of the rummer about the next generation 7 passenger High-Tech Ford Flex being more true to it’s name. Using the new lighter weight/extended Fusion platform like the new Taurus, and also coming in plug-in hybrid/Energi form to better it’s position in the market.

“while featuring an electric-only range of up to 14 miles via a 9.8kWh lithium-ion battery.”


This is a good looking crossover in my opinion, and it really surprises me that they plan to go through with a Plug-in version of this. I’m happy to hear it but don’t think they will sell many of that iteration. I think Jay is very close in his price estimate. This will easy be $50,000, maybe more. A nicely equipped Chevy Traverse is $35-$40,000 in comparison. It seems as soon as you say the word “Plug-in”, you’re automatically looking at a $15,000 price increase these days.

If the diesel version is not used here in the US, don’t expect to get the same mpg of 35 combined. Why not put at least a 16.5 kwh battery in to take full advantage of current tax credits. A larger battery would improve daily driving stats and will then make the final price (which is always higher than expected JMO) easier to swallow.

This one vehicle could allow us to sell two of our cars – a minivan and my wife’s convertible. I like this type of future EREV. Chevy – let’s see you convert the Traverse using Voltec.

Problem with diesel is – it’s worse than GM requiring premium fuel for
it’s Volt range-extender. Yesterday in my part of the USA ( Seattle )
regular unleaded gas was avg. $3.72/gal, diesel was $4.35/gal.

$50,000 for this rig and it’s capabilities won’t make a big seller. The
size and design would sell well, unfortunately – as an ICE SUV.

I keep pressing the point to TDI/ Bluetec “clean diesel” advocates, but
it just doesn’t sink in – what advantage is a diesel in a country
that doesn’t refine much of it, and the lion’s share goes to commercial-
industrial use?

Too little, Too late ?

EV range of < 20 miles doesn't make too much sense to us.

I think some of these vehicles will fail like the "hybrids" that just offered 2 or 3 mpg more.

I hope CA will start having a minimum EV range to grant HOV access. That will incentivise some of these manufacturers to offer decent EV range.

Looks like the Mitsubishi plug-in Outlander SUV wins the SUV Plug-in race… out in Japan now, in the states soon…


More importantly Outlander is not an a “reluctant” plug in like PIP, Accord or this Cross blue.

Actually, 14 miles electric range isn’t so bad. 33 mpg in the city and 38 highway for a 7 seater? On the other hand for a little more you can have a Tesla. This should make someone happy though, and I think the upsizing of the economy vehicle, will become the new trend.

Oh Model X Where art thou?

I am probably the perfect customer for this car. I love VW (owned a Passat and Jetta previously). I won’t buy a Touareg because of the horrendous gas mileage and I need 6/7 seats (plus the cost). I currently drive a Sienna minivan AWD and would love to get 30+MPG and be able to drive on all electric. Volkswagen, if you are listening….. two big things that will make or break this car…. 1) I wont pay 50k for this thing. No way. I am a buyer at 40k with decent tax credits. If you can compete on price with standard midsize SUV’s (28k-42k models like Highlander, Pathfinder, Explorer, Traverse, Outlander, etc), then you are going to have a huge hit. If you break the low 40k price point, you are pricing yourself out of the mass market and going into the luxury market. There’s nothing wrong with that, but your stated mission is to sell a lot of volume. 2) Keep it diesel! They are much better on gas, the engines are more reliable and last longer. And diesel in many places is on par (or lower) than premium, if you know where to look (I’m in PA, also… Read more »