Volkswagen Establishes Electrify Canada

JUL 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 24

Volkswagen Group Canada announced the formation of Electrify Canada, a new company that will build a ultra-fast charging stations in Canada, similar to Electrify America in U.S.

Electrify Canada charging station

The Electrify Canada approach will be of course orders of magnitude smaller than Electrify America, which is required to spend a vast amount of money on the charging infrastructure.

The idea is to install 32 ultra-fast charging stations along major highways and metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec with 4 DC charging stalls on average, plus AC Level 2. The DC chargers are to be up to 150 kW or 350 kW with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo plugs.

New infrastructure is anticipated to be operational starting in the second quarter of 2019. That’s just in time for new long-range all-electric models from Volkswagen Group’s brands.

“The initial plan includes the installation of 32 EV charging sites near major highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Each charging site will have four chargers on average and use the non-proprietary DC fast charging technologies (CCS and CHAdeMO). Charging power will range from 150kW to 350kW for the expected longer range, larger battery vehicles coming to market and will also deliver 50kW charging power to support today’s EVs from all automotive manufacturers.

Electrify Canada, a new limited partnership company based in Ajax, ON, will manage the rollout and ongoing operation of the network. The company will engage with local vendors to locate, build and operate the network providing Canadian drivers with a comprehensive, technologically advanced, and customer-friendly charging network.

Electrify Canada covers the planning, procurement, implementation and ongoing customer care which will support all automotive brands in order to help ensure that all EV drivers have access to these chargers, regardless of their choice of manufacturer, to drive EV adoption.”

Daniel Weissland, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group Canada, Inc. said:

“The Canadian electric vehicle market is growing, creating a great need for charging that is fast, convenient and available in key locations. We are thrilled to be able to offer this service and to take a leadership position in providing this key EV adoption enabler to the Canadian market.”

In the U.S., Electrify America so far launched five stations according to the on-line map:

Electrify America Charging stations in U.S.:

  1. Gulfport Premium Outlets(10000 Factory Shops Blv, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39503)
  2. Brughs Mill Country Store(345 Brughs Mill Rd, Fincastle, Virginia, 24090)
  3. Chicopee Marketplace(591 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, Massachusetts, 01020)
  4. Reston HQ(2003 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA, 20191)
  5. Walmart Supercenter 1065(2400 N Hervey St, Hope, Arkansas, 71801)

Source: Green Car Reports

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The source article mentions more explicitly that unlike Electrify America, this a voluntary effort. That’s great news, since it’s proof positive that VW is really serious about pushing electric cars going forward.

Hopefully they will have a voluntary effort INXS of their required effort in the US…

The effort appears to be 20x smaller than the one in the USA. Based on the ratio of TDI sales USA to Canada, it should only be 4.5x times smaller. Also, VW has paid ZERO penalty to non-TDI owner Canadian residents. Either no penalty will be paid and this “goodwill gesture” will be a pathetically small compensation (though more compensation than for the monkeys VW gassed, I admit) or VW will argue for a reduced penalty based on this relatively small gesture. So, no, I don’t see this as proof of anyting positive in Canada where VW makes people wait a year for the eGolf.

Looks like Tesla has to watch out! Electrify America is catching up, they already have 5 charging stations! /s

Which probably brings the car to charger ratio already into the same territory. You also should consider that everybody with some spare cash can build a CCS station. So if there is demand they will get build.

Of course. For $10,000 I can buy a CCS charging unit that uses a normal 240V connection, it’s rated maximum input current is 165A. Then, all I would need to do is procure a 200A line from the power company(separate meter, and separate service panel from the main house). There is another variant of this 240v unit, that has both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs, and it can be linked to the EVConnect network.

Or you are a business and do already have such a power connection.

“Which probably brings the car to charger ratio already into the same territory.”
Lol…with the 200 eGolfs sold this yearin US they probably built more charging stations than they sold cars.

VW also announced…

“VW is planning to upgrade their manufacturing capacities in Wolfsburg and Dresden during the summer months from 120 vehicles to 160 e-Golfs manufactured daily.
At the start of March, VW announced a second shift at the “gläserne Manufaktur” factory in Dresden, where the daily production capacity was increased from 36 to 72 vehicles per day.
…as well as determine whether another manufacturing increase is necessary”

But it will not affect the US as we at the bottom of VWs market importance (based off of car sales) and these cars are surely all bound to stay in the EU where they have a multiple month long wait list for the eGolf…

That is a potential increase of 27,740 cars per year (vs Jan 1st prod) assuming shifts 7 days a week…
Or a potential increase of 19,760 cars per year (vs Jan 1st prod) assuming shifts 5 days a week…

Electrify America 5 open and 31 under construction in the USA, and Tesla has 16 total under construction in all of North America (not counting the DIESEL powered one at the Burbank storage yard… Electrify America has double the growth rate…..

VW: 31 x 4 CHAdeMO / CCS;
Tesla: 16 x 16-20+ Superchargers!

If I go from 1 to 2, I have double the growth rate. There’s nothing like torturing numbers..

Tesla’s Supercharging network has 1,308 stations with 10,622 stalls. The lengths that folks like you go to be “right” blows me away. How long does Electrify America have to ‘double’ in size to get to the number of Supercharging locations that exist TODAY? Never mind the Superchargers that are being added weekly:

See all the gray locations? Those are planned to open in 2018. Jesus H, never mind that some of the Supercharging locations have 20-40 stalls!! It’s ironic that you brought up the word DIESEL. Because it’s diesel that caused the birth of Electrify America to begin with…

lf 32 Installations is the Total number of Chargers in the mentioned Provinces , It’s Better than a “Poke in the Eye” with a sharp stick ! If it’s 32 Locals X 4 stations per Location it’s still Laughable and barely a Start . Canada Has as Much 0r More Land Mass to Cover than USA.. ………….And the F00LS say, Yea , “Look Out Tesla ” r o t f ..l m a o…

STILL nothing for the Canadian prairies and Maritimes. There is plenty of coverage in those areas to be covered by Electrify Canada, while the rest of Canada is a HUGE black hole in fast charging. The nearest CCS/CHadeMO charger to me is even further away from me than the nearest Supercharger.

Simple. Lobby your provincial government not to be actively hostile to environmental initiatives and you might see some uptake. Chargers get built where there is interest in EVs

Not much hope lobbying provincial governments in the Prairies where oil is one of the main resources. Nova Scotia is doing well with it’s recently opened 12 fast chargers which provide a good network for getting around the province (Flo, the operator, needs to get better response times for stations that stop working). The Federal Government should finance a fast charging network for the Trans Canada Highway so that EV’s can at least get across the country.

A Bolt EV should be able to follow the Route of SunCountryHighway’s Longest Green Highway Project, that was installed in 2012!

Driving for 3 hours, then charging up at a Level 2 charger for 8 hours is not a way people want to drive coast to coast.

Lobby the Crooked Greedy Bastards that all wanna go Back to Coal & 0iL , As Pollution Builds Up , While they cut 0ff EV incentives Daily to Discourage EV’s & Clean Air Left, Right & Center…Both in Canada & USA !

Great News for Canada….

Canada already has great news, as they’ve already got dozens of Superchargers in place and dozens more on the way.

The old Government plan to install L- 2 & 3 Chargers Lost Money , They were all Botched , Failed and never Got Installed . I wonder where these are because in ontario all I I see are Tesla !

Canada needs at least one coast to coast east-west CCS/CHAdeMO corridor. The Alaska Highway also needs to be electrified. Even a Tesla would have a very hard time driving from British Columbia to Ontario through Canada or to Alaska.

One thing the Electrfy America/Canada plans have done for me is they have changed my perception of the Idaho, Montana and Western Canada region. I used to live in Idaho decades ago and always thought of area as pretty much back woods. Now, with all the high speed charging stations getting built there, I’m starting to see the region as resembling Western Europe but for the Pacific.

If you want to drive your EV from Washington state to Alaska up the Alaska Highway, you can do it but it’s about 2000 miles and about all you will find to charge with is 120V outlets. Most of the RV Parks along the Alaskan Highway don’t have 240V outlets and public EV chargers are nonexistent. If you really want to take your EV up to Alaska and don’t want to spend several weeks charging on 120V outlets, there are ferrys that will take your EV between Washington state and Alaska.