Volkswagen – Enjoy The Silence (Video)

SEP 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 65

Volkswagen – Enjoy The Silence

Volkswagen – Enjoy The Silence

City streets without car engine noise? How would that sound like?

Volkswagen tried to check this out in its latest video “e-mobility – Enjoy The Silence” with all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

We are not sure whether we will ever get chance to enjoy this silence, as there are people who intend to make electric cars louder by adding synthetic sounds.

“A busy roundabout, the electric vehicle from Volkswagen and a children’s choir – a unique combination, that has to be seen and heard to be believed! After all, Enjoy The Silence offers much more than a spectacular musical experience, but also a preview of a bright new future, one with less traffic noise. In addition to being sustainable and efficient, electric vehicle have yet another benefit: they’re practically noise-free.”

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Shouldn’t that read:

Volkswagen – Enjoy The Pollution

I dont think they tricked the exhaust gas test for BEVs 😉

Some of the vehicles are available only/also as PHEV. The Passat is PHEV only.

VW eGolf has 116 MPGe. If you take their range (83) and divided by battery capacity (24) multiply by 33.7 kWh/gallon of gas, you get 116 MPGe. Coincidence or made up fraud? Other EV are not as such.

Enjoy The Silence – – In your showrooms as your company goes bankrupt due to corrupt policies you made to dupe the world into thinking you cared. So here in this video are probably every single white electric car VW has built in one place – how nice. Timing for this brilliantly produced commercial couldn’t be worse. VW may be bought out now – the fall from #1 car company in the world as of March 2015, to struggling company without a CEO…The auto industry can be frightening and fascinating, can’t it? Every day brings more possible fines and penalties from all over the world – not to mention the lawsuits that surely will flood in. I read today that Porsche, a member of VW Group, actually is talking about buying VW now – as they were 7 years ago before being bought out by VW! What a strange, strange world we live in… VW can “redeem” itself somewhat if they start to take electrification seriously and show the way to other legacy car companies. Thus far, their electrification plans have echoed others – make a few, trickle them out. They may actually have to stand behind their recent announcements… Read more »

Enjoy the silence? Did their lawyers advise Volkswagen execs to take the Fifth? 😀


Damage control marketing mode ON.

I’d enjoy the silence if Volkswagen quit claiming there was such a thing as “clean diesel”!

They seem to pulled back on that stance, for the moment:

Let’s first check the ‘clean electricity’ slogan before throwing mud at others.

Electricity, itself, is always clean. The generator of the electricity may not be but that is up to you to obtain your electricity from a clean generation source. I use my PV panels.

And I suppose you’ve never heard of clean renuables, right? Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, Tidal, etc.? Does ANY of that sound even VAGUELY familiar to you AT ALL????

If you’re going to be a spiteful troll, at least be an INFORMED TROLL…

In addition to the other fantastic points made regarding electricity generation, I must point out a few things to you:

– EV’s powered by fossil fuels are still better than ICE’s because the pollution is displaced away from the city centre where it puts people at the highest risk

– As pointed out, the power grid can get cleaner over time (and it is doing so) whereas diesels cannot theoretically get much cleaner than they already are.

– Diesel particulates are particularly harmful and it’s believed they are responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths and respiratory problems each year.

– Again, I remind you; as stated by others, solar panels are an option. You can’t power a diesel from the sun.

Come on, man. You’ve been commenting here – a fan-site about electric vehicles – for what, months now, and you’re bringing up the sort of stupid anti-EV arguments that everyone else who browses this site learnt the answers to long ago! Have you actually been paying attention to ANYONE, or do you simply delight in being the village idiot in this community?

+1 to you good sir/madame!

Come on, my anti! I drive EV mostly because of gas savings and car pool sticker. I got some basic education to understand, where the electricity going into my car comes from 🙂

So show us a pic from you and your EV while holding a banner claiming: this is See Thrugh’s EV!

I simply dont buy it that you really own a EV – you are the number one anti EV-troll on this portal. EVs are here to stay this time, so relax and enjoy the show 🙂

Owning an ev and being a troll are not mutually exclusive. I believe See Through when he says he owns an ev.

If “See Through” really hates himself (along with all other EV drivers) that much, then why doesn’t he just put himself out of our misery? :/

I don’t believe he really drives an EV. I do, however, believe he is permanently invested in shorting Tesla stocks.

P.S. — Thank you, Anti-See-Through, for an excellent post!

— an electric motor being 5 times more efficient than an infernal pollution engine, even if the electricity is generated from a disappearing coal plant, it will emit less GHGs from source to wheel. And we like that.

“See Through” isn’t merely a persistent anti-EV troll here on InsideEVs. He’s also one of the most persistent Tesla-bashing trolls on Seeking Alpha; he posts much more frequently there.

Clearly he has some sort of financial motive for making his Tesla-bashing and EV-bashing posts. Nobody would post that much repetitive FUD unless they thought they were getting some return on investing that amount of time.

Well, the term is still used on the site in places:

View key offer info GET A QUOTE
2016 Touareg
$559*/month for 36 months.
$559*/Month. 36-month lease. $2,999 due at signing.
TDI® Clean Diesel models only. Excludes title, tax, options and dealer fees. National Offer. Offer ends September 30th 2015. View key offer info GET A QUOTE
2015 Touareg TDI® Clean Diesel Lux
0% APR* for 72 months.
Plus $2,000** Volkswagen Credit Bonus.
National Offer. Offer ends September 30th 2015. View key offer info GET A QUOTE
2016 Touareg
0.9% APR* for 72 months.
0.9% APR* for 72 months.
National Offer. Offer ends September 30th 2015. View key offer info GET A QUOTE

And here is a picture of it


Volkswagen, enjoy our Germany engineering, trust us.
Have you heard the latest joke: VW e-Golf fail emissions test, the examiner has eaten too much beans :-).


“Silence of the Lambda Sensors”

Meet the new boss:

I get it. Same as the old boss.

I can’t watch the video here in the USA. But I was able to download it using so that I could watch it. Pretty neat video. I have often wondered what streets would sound like with only EVs driving on them. I know there would still be road and tire noise, as well as A/C compressor noise in the summer.

Bad timing! But full marks for sucking up and hiding their own tail! Which is better than touting something as better and efficient while it isn’t.

Does not play…. But then, who cares? I own a 2009 Jetta Tdi, payed thousands to be clean and are cheated out of it. All these other brands start to look a lot more tempting now.

How are you sure that the others didn’t use a similar Programm?

Since the “check for testing cycle”-function is from Bosch and Bosch is widely used from carmakers the others could do the same…

This is exactly what I am wondering. At least here in Europe. Those days many officials were vocal about doing random tests on all diesels etc…Something tells me that when they will find out that many other European brands/car models use similar tactics all those noises will slowly somehow be silenced. Anyway we need here to refresh our testing protocols. This is becoming ridiculous.


PVH said:

“Something tells me that when they will find out that many other European brands/car models use similar tactics all those noises will slowly somehow be silenced”

It’s been an open secret for some years now that auto makers were “gaming the system” to maximize their cars’ performance under European testing standards. Volkswagen just went further than any other company did, and lied about it. (Well, at least we hope no other auto maker did the same…)

I very much hope that as a result of this scandal, Europe adopts test standards that can’t be so easily gamed. In fact, I already heard on the news that there were calls for testing cars by driving them on the open road, rather than testing under laboratory conditions. I don’t know if that will prove to be practical, but it certainly would be better if it can be done.

Exactly, and also exactly to the poster who talked about ‘Silence in the showrooms’. This is a very big deal. This is the SECOND time (first was 1973) VW was caught installing defeat mechanisms. The engineering dept of VW will have many casualties since dozens of people had to know of the fraudulent nature of this coding. The violations from 50 years ago could be dismissed (along with GM and others) of misinterpretation or loopholes, which in the intervening 50 years have been completely closed. Public reaction, as you yourself have just stated, is going to be VERY DIFFERENT this time. How many people spent extra because they believed VW’s nonsense about “Clean Diesels” that were making London and Paris children sick? If they make those children sick, they’ll make children here sick also. THE VW story is B I G !!! And getting bigger. Dealers are SUING VW of America due to the lost value of all the TDI diesels in used inventory. They’re mostly ‘fire sale’ material now. State Conservation authorities are hoping mad, and not just California. Since EV’s are such a small percentage of TRULY CLEAN vehicles, it wouldn’t surprise me that the ‘death of VW… Read more »

I have dubbed it ‘The Big Stink.’

It definitely is big. This is like BP spill in the Gulf big. And the thing about it is that it is so completely intentional and they got away with it for 6 years. I suspect that a big reason that Paris has had smog problems in recent years is because of this.

This is the worst German corporate malfeasance since Madrigal distributed Walter White’s meth.

I didn’t hear anything.

I also didn’t see anything. 😉

Since I get the message “The uploader has not made the video available in your country”, I’ll just watch this video instead.

Some sound is needed so pedestrians, animals and visually impaired people can hear the approaching cars. I have had occasions when I had to drive behind pedestrians unaware of me driving behind them. Honking in such cases is no fun, trust me.

Yep, you need to have something to make them aware of you at low speeds.

Just post on some EV Blogs. They’ll get out of your way immediately.

It’s called a “horn”. You may already have one, many of the top brands include them as standard equipment.

Where I live it is considered rude to use a horn. I goes days and weeks without ever hearing someone use a horn.

Exactly. I tried once, completely startling (and annoying) the pedestrians in a quite residential neighbourhood. The horn sounds much louder to those who are outside, next to the car.

We need EV horns with melodious tunes and cute words.

My Volt has a pedestrian alert. It’s just a little sound to let people know you are there.

Just add a pedestrian horn.

Much better then a full time noise maker.

I just recently realised that people who don’t hear my EV can actually hear me talking with windows slightly open. So I just talk to them like “attention” or I’m doing fake motor sounds with my voice like “brrrmmm, brrrmmm” 🙂

So can the VW service center then please rip out that stupid noisemaker out of my VW e-golf I complained about from day one ?

That’s not a noise maker,that’s the diesel engine they hid in there (special sensors for free) and then just sold it to you as an EV…

I agree it is annoying. It is located in the right front wheel area, and I am sure it can be disconnected. I have not attempted, because I am leasing.

Enjoy the silence, at the VW dealerships.

I’m really disappointed in ALL OF YOU.

Why? Because of all this emissions business, I figured at least ONE of you would have tied it into VW’s historical motto: Farfegnugen.

For example: After this diesel fiasco, VW’s cars now suffer from FARTfegnugen!

Okay, I went there… Sorry.

And a lot of VW owners are now farfromtrustin.

Don’t think VW will be around to launch many EV Vehicles after the Clean Diesels
Bankrupt the company more than Greece.

Wonder why the Euro hasn’t dropped yet as VW and Germany are screwed !

They have been over promising and under delivering on reliability and quality for years. Once can only design so much clever plastic to reduce cost.

The chickens have come home to roost for VW and all their fans sticking it ups us EV and PHEV drivers…..

VW = unreliable overpriced polluting crap vehicles and those ends I told you so.

That’s a bit harsh, I think? I am guessing they will have a software fix, and a buy back option?

This is a major problem – but they had a profit in 2014 of something like $14 Billion, so they will weather this, I think.

I think it’s rather premature to declare VW dead just because of this scandal.

However: There is no software fix. If VW disables the “cheater” software so the car actually performs within emission standards, then the car’s performance, MPG, etc. will suffer. If that were not the case, then VW wouldn’t have installed the cheater software in the first place.

Somehow, I don’t think VW’s customers will like that “solution”. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease!

Uh, that is the definition of a fix. You might not like it, but if you get the fix, a couple thousand dollars, and now an emissions certification, what else do you want for them? Ford committed fraud with their electric range on their cars and consumers got cash, not a magic new car with range that equaled what they were originally promised.

VW needs to accelerate their transition to EV’s and PHEV’s. They need to build a XL1 with ordinary materials in an EV version and one with a gasoline engine plugin – and sell it for ~$30K.

Come to think of it, I’ll bet this is why they have not sold the XL1 in the US – it could not meet emissions standards, probably?

Diesel emission standards are different for the USA vs. Europe, and it’s hardly surprising that for a car which is going to be produced in such very low numbers, VW didn’t think it worth the cost of developing an American version.

But the XL1 will never become a mass produced car. Far too much was sacrificed in accessories and even basic creature comforts, in order to maximize fuel efficiency, for the XL1 to ever be a mass market car.

But does it pass European standards?

I think this was largely because they did not want the cost of Urea systems in the low end models.