Volkswagen Hits Electric Car Speed Bump, Delays I.D. Launch

OCT 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 140

Volkswagen MEB-based EVs are delayed.

It seems that mass-production of Volkswagen‘s MEB-based electric cars is likely already delayed by at least a few months, as the company now states market launch in 2020, from the previous projection of late 2019 (likely November), according to media reports.

Production of the first model, Volkswagen I.D. hatchback in Zwickau, Germany still is expected to hit 100,000 units in the first year, but it’s now unclear whether the Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ (scheduled for 2020) will be delayed a little bit too, which would mean that market launch in the U.S. might then move to 2021, maybe.

A reason for why production will not start in late 2019 wasn’t provided by the automaker.

“Production of the automaker’s first highly touted MEB vehicle won’t begin until 2020, rather than 2019 as originally planned.

Volkswagen says it’s first new-generation battery-electric vehicle based on the upcoming MEB platform, the I.D. hatchback, won’t reach the market until 2020, rather than next year as originally planned.”

Volkswagen I.D. lineup
18 photos
Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Volkswagen: Rolling Chassis with the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) - First pure EV platform for high volume

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philip d

I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

Brave Lil' Toaster

Me too!

earl colby pottinger

But, but, but, I was told Tesla would be swamped under by all the cars for the big car companies who knew far more than Tesla on how to mass produce cars.

I was told that would happen in 2018, then 2019, then 2020, now 2021.

When are they going to do so after-all? 2025?


VW = Vapor Ware!

earl colby pottinger

Why is my other message moderated?


U sayed a bad ward

anti-lord kelvin

SEC should launch an investigation on VW for not respecting production scheduled s/

Robb Stark

I thought VW had their battery supply secured?


Maybe not, but at least they have their funding secured.


Once they get to legal, maybe they go to ethical, then maybe the boot comes off the market’s neck. I’m sure the loyal will be there.


Don’t forget Shorts Enrichment Committee backup.


Nice name for SEC.




When it comes to funding for Electric vehicles, there is no funds.
When it comes to funding for Diesel vehicles, there is plenty of funds.


You are so right. I read this morning that the UK government can find funds to “freeze fuel duty” by the tune of £800 million but are cutting green subsidies which in turn will make the price of EV’s even more expensive.
How deep have these people got their heads in the sand, do they think climate change wont affect them?


They have, why do you ask?


It is. That is not the reason for the delay.


There is no reason for the delay because there is no delay.

earl colby pottinger

So did I.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

Designing a durable large battery pack platform is a bit harder than throwing together a couple of AA batteries, eh? Tesla has quite a lead on this over the legacies—let alone doing it cheaper and ability to do get to profitable production.

Mr. Johnson

It’s not a battery cell or materials issue. It’s designing their “vwOS” and the pack production. They need to get the cells assembled and tested for high reliability. Easier said than done- it’s thousands of electrical connections, and if anything is wrong it will cause the unprotected pouch cells and $20k to go up in smoke. We’ll see how they do with eTron production soon enough.


Why am I not surprised.
Maybe because VW can’t do anything more than issue press releases about future EV efforts.


Do you know the actual reason for the delay? Or are you just here to berate?


just pointing out that VW have not actually produced anything they have been doing press releases for. The one before this was how they were going to sell millions of EV’s by 2025.
Not even a week later they’re delaying it.
I would suggest berating in perfectly acceptable in this instance.

Chris S

Your statement is not factual. They sold over 50,000 units this year.


Tesla trolls dont need facts just hate and slander…

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Link to that 50K units? I looked around and I can only find the US sales and YTD for the eGolf is 840, total.

Chris S



Uhhg. 50K crappy hybrids less a handful of eGolfs.

Prad Bitt

Hybrids doesn’t count. The ICE crap manufacturing slows down BEV’s adoption… and ICE car companies motivation.


Most of them are plugins with 20 mile / 30 km range. When it comes to producing a vehicles with 220 mile / 350 km then, then they are 0.


It takes at least 5 years to go from conception to the consumer.

Brave Lil' Toaster

And they could have started 10 years ago, but “clean diesels will save us all!”

Martin Lacey

“It takes at least 5 years to go from conception to the consumer”

Model 3 prototype revealed March 31st 2016, first customer vehicles received July 2017.


Your kidding me right? Model 3 was being discussed as an unnamed project to the media in 2015. It was also discussed as an unnamed car in the 2006 blog “Top secret master plan”.


Conception has nothing to do with unveiling.


A Reveal of a prototype isn’t the start.

And the 30 vehicles in July?
“customers” = employees right?


Actual work on Model 3 started in early 2015; and mass production didn’t start in earnest before early 2018… Still makes it about 2 years faster than typical new car programs, though 🙂


Seriously? Volkswagen is the King of Vaporware when it comes to EVs. For example, the I.D. Buzz was announced for production over a dozen times over the past years, with no follow-through.

I had hoped that VW’s recent major announcement about putting a whole slew of EVs into production signaled a major change… but this looks like same ol’ same ol’. 🙁


Did VW *ever* suggest the Buzz would launch before 2022?


I don’t know, but it looks to be just a relabeled version of the “BUDD-e” EV concept, which VW claimed would enter production in 2020.


Not sure, this hideous thing had quite a different shape… Probably wasn’t even based on MEB?

Brave Lil' Toaster

Because gee whiz, VW group is in the business of building gas engines. It’s all they’ve ever done. And just like every other automaker that’s been fighting electrification tooth and nail, they’re dragging their feet on something they’ve been mandated to do.

Kind of like how they were all “but clean diesels will save us!” That was them dragging their feet on actual change. I too have yet to see real change.

Texas Leaf

And build ultra fast charging networks.


one more year in the life of the e-golf… how about another battery update? The samsung cells are ready…

Texas Leaf

With less than 30 new eGolfs on the market and none of those later than 2017 models, I don’t believe VW is even producing the eGolf any more, at least not for the American market. Ford has stopped producing its’ first generation BEV, why wouldn’t VW follow suit?


There are only 2 in the market with both being 2017 models. They don’t like EVs. They only like Diesels, unfortunately that is dwindling down.


Because demand in Europe is high enough to sell every single one they can make. Production hasn’t stopped, in fact it actually increased in spring. (Though not by much.) They will discontinue the e-Golf either when the Golf VII is released (in fall 2019) or when the ID Neo is getting released in 2020.

“they can make”? Oh, please!
Not buying it…I’m sure you don’t either.
VW will not sell evs in the states for the next 2 years so might as well take them of the scorecard. Hope they enjoy their irrelevant status.


E-Golf was never intended to be a mass market vehicle. It started as a compliance car that people actually liked, especially since the battery upgrade. Because it’s based on the MQB, which was never meant to be used for fully electric cars, production is much less automated and therefore more expensive. That’s why they are developing the MEB platform.

It wouldn’t make sense to increase production capacity, train workers, build up the logistics, etc. a year before it is discontinued anyway because the ID Neo arrives. So yes, the current production capacity is maxed out and they are selling every single one they can make.

And your last sentence is just wrong, they will sell the e-Tron in the US starting in the second half of 2019. The Taycan will also be available in 2020.

The Neo is not for the US market…at least that’s what they said last time…i was actually interested in replacing my eGolf with one…to bad!
You are right about the Audi.


Where exactly did I claim that the Neo will be released in the US?

So why the hell mention it then? The eGolf is gone from the US market…


Thing is, the egolf could be great and does not look like an alien bug experiment, so no ofc vw would can it, b4 sales get out of hand and their oil overlords have to spank them.


One more year of press releases and concept VW Buzzes….

Meanwhile I picked up my AWD Model 3 last Sunday and boy is this car FUN!


And a massive price reduction.


VW, your name is Mud.


It thought we had already agreed on the standard issue “Vapor Ware” (VW) !

“Mud” will work as well, I suppose!

I don’t know if I can handle all of the kerfuffle surrounding a Legacy ICE OEM EV “Production Hell”. 🙏🏼🤡🐢

I just experienced “DELIVERY HELL” as they’re calling it, 220 folks picked up their Model 3s from my local Tesla Delivery Center in just one day Sunday. I felt sorry for the Tesla staff and the customers. Tesla is a long way from a red carpet delivery experience. It was all hands on deck, including wonderful volunteers from our local Tesla owners club. There were the patient ones, after all they waited over two years for that day, the ones who brought their kids (God bless ’em), and the cranky entitled folks ( “!@#$ it, I’ve been hear over an hour and I paid $50k for this car I WANT SERVICE!”. I had to remember the last car these people bought was likely a Lexus or Mercedes and they kiss your butt in those places (“another latte, Mr, Goldstein while we buff your shoes?”… I drove up in a 2007 Prius, for comoarison… Tesla is doing whatever it takes to show profitability and boy it’s not pretty. Model 3s dot the highways though, and that ladies and gentlemen is how you change the world. I got there at my scheduled pick up time of 6pm. Their was a zoo atmosphere… Read more »

Sounds like you picked up your car on the last day of the quarter.


My reply to William just vaporized.


Steven, I’m reaching out to you like Mel B on America’s Got Talent —
“What Just Happened?!”

Steven Loveday

Fixed. Went to trash for some words the bot didn’t like. Nothing bad. System doesn’t always work properly.

earl colby pottinger

Well it happened to me, and I do not swear either.


It happened to me too and I didn’t swear either, but I critized them for publishing this unsourced rumor without any fact checking.

Steven Loveday

Since we’ve updated the settings, it happens more often.


We lost faith long ago…
VW Execs, raised through the ranks of the traditional car industry, don’t have the drive, the incentives or the combined knowledge to mass produce EVs…
We will continue to experience early deaths by particule pollution, we will continue to take more oil out of the ground, and hundreds of millions of climate refugees will be knocking on our borders within ten years.
My 10 year old children have started to understand how unable to change our societies are, stuck between well meaning powerless idealists and greedy self serving corporate groups (to which I belong). We will be remembered as the generation who missed the boat, big time…


If not by fire,
then by ICE!


Thinking of launching 04/20 2021 , battery supply secured.


I’m not sure why this is funny? EVs are dead in the water if it’s so hard to get batteries!

Mr. Johnson

The batteries aren’t the problem I don’t think. It’s more likely that using pouch cells necessitates (costly and slow) human assembly which then needs extensive testing to validate/avoid $20k warranty claims which turn a car already upside-down into a massive money pit.

Tl;Dr – pack production, human+pouch cells vs robotic+cylinder cells


I think they are still hopping that Tesla will go out of business so they don’t have to build EV’s and they decided to wait out another year just in case!!!


There are many who say Tesla has forced the big players to make evs . But also some have delayed EV sales because they realize how poor their car would fare against Tesla products.


Yeah, Infiniti had an EV that was basically just a LEAF drivetrain in an Infiniti body that was ready to go…but they pulled it because it was an embarrassment compared to the Model S.


The VW EVs will be on sale in 2020 because of new tighter EU regulation for cars.


From article Volkswagen said“…“Production of the automaker’s first highly touted MEB vehicle won’t begin until 2020, rather than 2019 as originally planned…”

I’m a tad confused by this.

According to Jim Chanos & Bob Lutz, Tesla has no advantages over the traditional car makers yet the traditional car makers seem to be struggling to get into volume production EVs that can successfully compete against Tesla.


Jim and Bob Don’t value “first mover advantage” in their Tesla “Short” thesis EValuation.

It’s a Critical Mistake to overlook, when one looks at the Valuation, of the Tesla equity market, looking forward into the mid 2020s.


Legacy automakers are trying to emulate Tesla. They have no hope, Tesla’s over-promising, delays and excuses are way bigger and more ludicrous!


Struggling the same way I struggle to get out of bed in the morning; because I don’t wanna.


But that Bob Lutz guy told me all the legacy automakers could start producing millions of these things overnight. Maybe this isn’t so easy after all.

Some Guy

Come on, give them a break.
It’s not like they are the largest ICE manufacturer on the planet and have announced the SOP for 2019 back in 2015.
Oh wait, my mistake, they are and they did. Does it really take 5 years+ from first public announcement to SOP?
I just hope it does not end up like that airport BER. Until May 2012, it was announced to open a few weeks later in June 2012. Then it was delayed. And delayed. And further delayed. Now they talk 2020, maybe. Meanwhile, VW uses the unused airport to store them vehicles they can’t sell cause of WLTP that apparently came out of nowhere and hit them hard (62% sales loss in September in Germany).


I am Shocked in Disbelief ..How could this Happen.. I thought Tesla Was the Only One That was always Late . VW Never ! Ha ha ha ha …They are s0o0o0o0o0o Punctual . l m a o


Can somebody properly source this article?
I somehow believe there is a confusion of production and delivering by .
Delivery start was always meant to be January/February 2020.

Steven Loveday

Correct. Production launch was originally November 2019 with deliveries early 2020. Now, production launch is pushed back to 2020. Ward’s wording tends to confuse “launch.” However, the story is that the car won’t begin production as early as planned and delivery status is unknown.


But… There was a VW press release on 4 oct, stating that launch would be 2020. There was no mention of production start date, so we could assume Nov 2019 production was still on track. In fact, InsideEVs reported this just yesterday, with an article titled “VW plans massive electric car offensive: 1 million EVs by 2025” Now 1 day later InsideEVs is reporting there has been a delay. WHere is the source information reporting for that delay? getting mixed message here.


can you provide another source for the delay?

Steven Loveday

This talks about 2020. Wards says it found the information in a recent press release from VW. I would imagine this is the one since the article was published on Oct. 4 and the Wards article – which was also published on Oct. 4 – says (today).


I think wards may be mistaken since there is no mention of a production date in that new release. In fact insideevs published another article just yesterday about that and there was no mention of a production delay. In any case the previous insideevs article and this one are giving conflicting interpretations of the same VW press release.

(Also I made a similar comment previously but it is stuck in moderation. ).

Steven Loveday

We are currently looking into it. Thank you.


Another article:

It says ” Volkswagen Group aims to launch more than 25 full-electric cars and over 20 plug-in hybrids by 2020″


25 BEVs by 2020? That’s obviously nonsense… And the source they linked doesn’t seem to suggest anything like that.

(It does on the other hand talk about the ID. compact entering production “at the end of 2019” — but then again, it still spells I.D. with two dots, i.e. it’s probably not been updated recently…)


Yeah, this looks like a total canard. Just a few weeks ago, VW was talking about November 2019 production start, along with sales starting in Q1 2020. The recent press release maintains Q1 2020 sales start. (Without mentioning production start at all.) Nothing to see here.


Now you know how difficult it is to make electric vehicles.
VW is discontinuing eGolf with only 2 cars (MY2017) on sale right now.
No plans for 2018 or 2019 models and their plugins will soon dwindle to 0.

Against all these odds, Tesla successfully sold 30,000 electric vehicles last month in USA.


Are shorts going to sue VW for moving the production target? Is the SEC going to investigate and file complaint? I guess not. But, if it was Tesla, there would be lawsuits; CNBC and Bloomberg reporters would go ballistic, predicting bankruptcy, demanding criminal investigations, spreading false rumors, and FUD. Elon is right with his critiques of the SEC. It is more than obvious that short sellers are engaged in a concerted effort to manipulate the price of shares of Tesla in a way that furthers the interest of short sellers by spreading false information, false allegations, and false rumors about Tesla, Inc. into the market, and employing strategies that impede the price formation process by injecting misleading trading information into the market, to move market prices in the direction that benefits the short sellers. This is exactly what the SEC should be concerned about and should investigate.


Are shorts going to sue VW for moving the production target? Is the SEC going to investigate and file complaint? I guess not. But, if it was Tesla, there would be lawsuits; CNBC and Bloomberg reporters would go ballistic, predicting bankruptcy, demanding criminal investigations, spreading false rumors, and FUD. Elon is right with his critiques of the SEC. It is more than obvious that short sellers are engaged in a concerted effort to manipulate the price of shares of Tesla in a way that furthers the interest of short sellers by spreading false information, false allegations, and false rumors about Tesla, Inc. into the market, and employing strategies that impede the price formation process by injecting misleading trading information into the market, to move market prices in the direction that benefits the short sellers. This is exactly what the SEC should be concerned about and should investigate.

the dane

In europe we have spent years waiting for a cheap model 3 that will maybe never get here. I think VW has the knowledge to judge when they are ready to produce a small EV that is competitive with a similar ICE model. No manufacturer is there yet.

John Donovan

Be patient. I put $5K down and waited almost 5 years for my first model S. It was worth the wait.


Apparently they don’t!


First everyone said that Model-3 will not hit high production rates. It did hit and became the #4 selling car last month.
Just wait for few months and it will cross the Atlantic.


Another press release victory for VW group . This “ our car is delayed “ press release is right on schedule.


Tesla is years ahead of other manufacs. I deliberately do not call them ‘ competition’.


Phew! Tesla will survive another year because of this delay (/s).

What are the Tesla doomsday experts going to say ?


If they continue that way Chines built model Ys will be available in Europe before the VWs.


Well, at least for once they’re admitting to a delay in putting an EV into production. I suppose that’s an improvement…


Water is wet. Sky is blue


Das ist nicht gut Wunderwaffe. Besser, besser.
Diesel is dead, NEDC is dead, good luck


Probably they have so many clean diesels on order that will replace their former clean diesels so they cannot start working on a clean car yet.

Martin Lacey

Are VW committed to EV’s?

They have just removed all but one of the PHEV’s from EU markets because they no longer qualify under WLTP. This might be a little conspiracist, but delay and withdrawal doesn’t appear very proactive.


May be they will understand why Tesla had delays, or hire Elon as a consultant


Maybe that will give them time to fix the front end of the ID Crozz to make it like the ID. Make it look clean an forget all the fancy humps & bumps that do nothing.


Tesla, Tesla, Tesla… I thought it was an article about Volkswagen. Kudos to the people who hate ICE but enjoy to see more delay in EV.


What delay? 13000 Model 3 VINs registered since September 29!


Nono, Nobody Enjoys Delays in EV Development with Constant VW Vaporware Coming down the Pike. People Are Fed Up with Consistent Empty Promises from VW………. Everyone Always Harps on Tesla For Delivering Late , But at Least the End Result is One Great Tesla Product after Another.. ..

Al D

I’m sure GM, Nissan, and Hyundai/Kia are loving this.


literally who
There is no delay because the VW press from yesterday doesn’t mention a production date.


I am starting to think this and some other websites were created only to bash all the competition for Tesla.


Same, I find myself more and more in situations where I actually argue against Tesla despite being a Tesla fan, because of the cultists and their constant bashing of everything that isn’t Tesla.


Yes, the chief editor by electrek is a declared Tesla fanboy. He says it everytime he has the oportunity but at least he is not hiding like insideevs and cleantechnica guys.
I read electrive also and find it unbiased and professional. The same goes for pushevs.


Like anyone that has followed EVs and VW did not see this coming. I doubt they will produce any meaningful amounts of EVs before 2022. unless an old school auto company pivots incredibly fast Tesla will own many markets.


What delay? In the earlier InsideEV article linked above it says production would planned to start late 2019, so sale and delivery was always intended to start in 2020.

The VW ID models will be sold from 2020 because VW will have to sell larger number of EVs in order to follow new EU regulation for g-CO2/km emissions of total fleet of sold cars that will come into effect in 2020 and 2021.


Tesla extremist: Tesla delay? No big deal. VW Delay? OMG they are so evil!

One sold in US close to 30k evs last month alone… the other 14. Thanks for playing….
Tesla delays are in weeks, VW in years…but this time will be different, right?


Tesla delays are in weeks? Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders who have been waiting years for that base model 3.


That’s not a delay, that’s a waiting list. Not the same thing whatsoever.


Can’t blame them for some schadenfreude, after Tesla being mercilessly badgered for their delays, and big proclamations how “real” car makers would know how to mass-produce cars…

Should have saved that schadenfreude for actual delays being announced though (like with Jaguar), rather than this canard.


This is not a delay — start of production of Audi (VW group) was begin of September 2018 and delivery will start end of 2018, e.g. month before.
The start of production for VW will be end of 2019 and will lead to first deliveries beginning of 2020.

The LG batteries are only expected to start arriving end of 2019, and a task force on top management level was formed from VW and LG to make sure that LG can really delivery the requested quantity.
So no delay — just a mixing of terms from ‘model presentation’ – ‘production start’ and ‘delivery’ it seems.


I am perfectly aware that this was likely a canard — I was thinking that before I finished reading the article.

Doesn’t mean I can’t comment on the reaction, though…


Sometimes it’s just hard to forget VW lies and that paint most EVfan comment, but why blame them.

They’re not the one who cheat.

So just pace all comment until VW really deliver healing redemption is a better stance.

It’s on course, but ain’t finish yeti


It seems like only yesterday they were saying 2019… wait, it WAS only yesterday!!!

Jack Wilson

This is so unshocking. VW is a bad joke.


Who said that? I can’t find any source for this besides one more website who you seemed to copy the text from.
They also don’t mention the person declaring this.


Obviously, they need more time to develop their electric cars. Tesla is so far ahead, I think they are all realizing just how far behind they are on every level you can imagine.
In late 2020 Tesla will start the ramp for the modelY. They need to make a vehicle that is competitive with that because at the moment they have nothing.
They are actually in an existential crisis now.

Daniel Fearns

VW are delaying production because they want to do some more lobbying to protect diesel sales first. Or, they haven’t got the deal they want for battery supply they wanted but they’re not admitting it to save face.


The deal with LG is “starting for battery delivery end of 2019”, as LG has to ramp up production first and triple the capacity, easy to finance/approve if you have a commitment from VW, and LG got a big share of this 48 Billion $$$ .

I just heard in a German EV news channel, that the delays of Ioniq deliveries in Europe is also due to the fact that the Ioniq has created an unexpected huge demand. Hyundai has only a small contracted quantity to supply Ioniq batteries, and therefore LG-Chem did not increase production capacity for this high demand until now.


Yo vw dog, y u no serios bout batti carz?

Bill Howland

I’m more than a bit skeptical of VW’s statements, and not just because they and Robert Bosch are CONTINUALLY CAUGHT Lying as to the “Diesel Scandal”.

The German automakers keep coming up with Ridiculously OVERBLOWN ev concepts, – like the BUZZ with the StockBroker’s Dashboard (4 video screens) that company spokesmen stated “You can adjust the temperature of your Home Refrigerator”.

Or that admittedly attractive Daimler SUPERLONG sports coupe that had a ‘built in wine cooler’ in its ‘boot’.

All of the above OBVIOUSLY was just to put in the minds of the average driver, that Electric Cars are wildly expensive, and won’t be available for decades to come.

Meanwhile besides Tesla, its GM, FORD, Hyundai-Kia, HONDA, and TOYOTA that to their credit, are coming up with relatively low-cost, very practical vehicles that appeal and are affordable to the average new car buyer.

Since all those companies will have plenty of vehicles under their belt, they will have solved little bugaboos before massively increasing production. For VW to go from essentially nothing to millions will surely be trouble for them since they won’t have the same experienced manufacturing.


They have experience making the e-Golf in non-trivial numbers…


Executives have said the hatchback is not coming to North America. Only the crossover and bus are being built here.


Forgive VW, Forget ID.

It remains unIDentified driving object.
Whether it will see a light of the day?


Maybe because of ” batteries not secured”.