Volkswagen e-Up! Takes to the Stage in Frankfurt – Detailed Photos and Tons of Videos

SEP 12 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

Volkswagen e-Golf and e-up!

Volkswagen e-Golf and e-up!

Four years after its debut in concept form at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, the Volkswagen e-Up! is back as vehicle ready for production.

Together with e-Golf, these are the first electric Volkswagens that will enter series production.

If e-Golf is compared to Nissan LEAF, then what car is the closest rival to the e-Up!? Renault ZOE? Mitsubishi i-MiEV? Or maybe  BMW i3?

Time will tell if VW is ready to be a leader and sell as many €26,900 electric Up!s as Renault ZOEs.

Or will the electric Up! go down as a flop?

Anyways, lets look at some new photos and videos of this first electric city car from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen e-up! traction motor and single-speed gearbox

Volkswagen e-up! traction motor and single-speed gearbox

VW e-Up! has a 60 kW  (40 kW continuous) motor and 18.7 kWh li-ion battery pack.

NEDC range is rated at 150 km (93 miles), which seems to be on the smart fortwo electric drive level – definitely lower than Renault ZOE or Nissan LEAF. But acceleration of 0-60 in 12 seconds is decent for the e-Up!’s class.

New CCS inlet for quick DC charging is an optional addition to 3-phase charging via the e-Up!’s on-board charger. Minimum charging time to 80% is 30 minutes. Standard charging at 3.6 kW will take several hours.


And now time for videos – from the press conference and presentations:

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I’m underwhelmed.

One question, why keep old fashion needles indicators in an EV car?
That is a contrast that I just can’t get used to.
Perhaps they should put Prius like digital speed reading and only propose needles as an option to the ones that still want that old thing.

Because it’s a Golf cart.

I actually prefer needle gauges for everything except maybe showing speed. Needle gauges can be checked at a glance to see the pointers are where they should be; You have to stop and read digital gauges.

I wish they had kept the Up RWD as they originally planned. I guess they didn’t want it showing up all their other FWD “offerings”. I also think they should bring it to the States.

at least they put the batteries in the floor.
Why can’t GM do that.