Volkswagen e-Up! Powered Solely By Wind?! – Video

AUG 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

The Nemesis

The Nemesis

Wind powered cars we typically associate with the Nemesis – an all-electric car built a few years ago by Ecotricity in UK, which was “powered by energy from the wind“:

“All powered entirely from the wind. Or to be more precise – green electricity produced by our windmills and delivered by the grid.”

We know that it was a bit of a stretch, but now we’ve found something more close to being a true wind powered car.

Here is the Volkswagen e-up! pulled by a kite! It rolls, but sadly it is useless in real-world and moreover Volkswagen says not to attempt to repeat this.

“Lasse Girolstein and Nadine Reimers checking out the potential of windenergy at a beach in Denmark. It is possible to pull the Volkswagen e-up! purely with windenergy by using a kite.”

“Do not attempt. Sequences recorded with professionals on private property.”

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That looks as though it would be very dangerous if any non-professional should recklessly attempt it after being specifically warned against it.

They could crash into absolutely nothing at speeds of up to 3mph, if they had not strangled themselves in the strings of the kite first.

Not a good way to sell a lower end EV…

Wow, what is the point? Sometimes many cars are powered around a city block in a tornado. Even able to fly through the air. What’s next, a car rolling down a hill and saying it is powered by gravity. And if the VW can do this, I’m sure my 1976lb 84 Civic could do the same thing.

I think people forget the point that that most of the time advertising like this is created just to get people talking.

And since we’re talking…it worked!