Volkswagen e-Up! To Launch in China in Second Half Of 2014


The Volkswagen e-up! EV will launch in China sometime in the second half of 2014, reports Car News China.

VW e-Up!

VW e-Up!

This comes as a bit of a surprise to us, simply due to the fact that the e-Up! won’t qualify for incentives in China since it’s not built there.  This will make the e-Up! very expensive in China.

“The Volkswagen e-up will initially be imported into China so buyers won’t get any Chinese green-car subsidies which are only for China-made cars. This means the e-up will be very expensive with price expected to start around 250.000 yuan or 40.000 USD.”

Reports Cars News China.

By 2016, VW hopes to remedy this by building the e-Up! locally in China with assistance from one of its two joint ventures: FAW-Volkswagen or Shanghai-Volkswagen.

A locally built e-Up! is expected to be price at 160,000 yuan or $26,000 US.  Much more reasonable.  Don’t you think?

Source: Car News China

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I wonder what would actually inspire VW to even introduce it there. It’ll be far simpler to manufacture their own EV there with its one of the many Chinese partners. Also, 2041 is a long time from now.

Haha the 2041 was a good one 🙂

Introducing the E-Up to China now gives their dealers and service departments etc time to get used to what will initially be a very low volume model, of interest to City Authorities etc to test prior to mass production in China.

China’s awful air pollution means that they may decide in the next couple of years to put very large incentives in for plug in and electric vehicles, even more than at present, although of course their very dirty grid is a problem.

It is all part of VW’s truly enormous expansion in China:

$25 billion by 2018 of investment is major, major money.

Folk in the US have had VWs success rather hidden from them, as plans for fast expansion in NA are only just coming to fruition as their plants there come on line.

The group is going to hit its target of 10 million vehicles per year 4 years early, and both China and the US are a big part of this.

C’mon VW . . . bring it to the USA. We will buy small cars now. The Mini Cooper, the Fiat 500, and the Chevy Spark have all been hits.

Small cars sell in the US but not at a price which makes them profitable.
VW is allergic to selling cars at a loss, which is why they are the world’s most profitable big car maker.