Volkswagen e-Golf – Zero Emissions Outside, Some Unexpected Emissions Within


Volkswagen has pulled out the humor card once again in this latest e-Golf commercial.

It sure made us chuckle.

“The e-Golf drives without emissions – depending on the passengers.”

Not Zero Emissions

Not Zero Emissions

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16 Comments on "Volkswagen e-Golf – Zero Emissions Outside, Some Unexpected Emissions Within"

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That is funny one…

Good job VW!

The e-Golf is far more desirable after watching that bon mot.


For me VW brand stink like hell

Diesel, yes.

Thats to funny

If only VW’s ad agency worked on Volt

True to a point… A pitch has to be approved by the client (which is usually a whole string of management-types), before they even get to the details of spending money for a specific commercial shoot.

Not sure old GM Execs would have let ANY Ad Agency be terribly creative, informative or humorously casual with one of their Volt ads campaigns.

We’ll see what Mary does with Gen2… So far, I haven’t been impressed with their “Hey, it’s pretty! Just LOOK at that JEWELED shifter knob!” approach with their range extended EV.

If ANY ad agency worked on the Volt.

Ah, when the vehicle isn’t particularly outstanding in anything other than being a boring, low range ZEV: blame the family dog for farting.

Clever. Fart jokes always make a commercial memorable; even if the car, isn’t.

Oh yeah blame the dog,

we’ve heard it all before

Once again VW is all about the Farfegnugen

Wouldn’t a lot of dog lovers take this the wrong way and be offended? (Not a pet owner myself, so haven’t a clue)

Dog lovers have about the same chance of being offended by this ad, as they have for being offended by being called dog “lovers”…


No, because we know just how offensive doggy farts can be.
A girl I used to know had a lurcher. He used to stretch his front legs out in front of him a drop a silent one and then lie down and watch the wall paper curl.
At the first sign of him going into his stretch she’d scream at him!
Honestly, you’d think she fed him toxic chemical waste by the smell…