Volkswagen e-Golf Versus Fiat 500e – Video Comparison


Fiat 500e Versus VW e-Golf

Fiat 500e Versus VW e-Golf

Autobytel’s Joni Gray (owner of a Nissan LEAF) compares the Fiat 500e to the Volkswagen e-Golf.

Though clearly different in terms of size, these two EVs actually have a lot in common.

Here’s Autobytel’s video description:

Electric cars aren’t for everyone, and Autobytel’s Joni Gray can tell you because she owns one. Joni has been enjoying her Nissan Leaf for almost three years now and back when she bought her battery electric vehicle, the Leaf was one of the only choices around. Today electric cars have proven to be more than a fad, as there are almost a dozen options that are now out there.

Two of these modern more affordable zero emission all electric choices include the FIAT 500e and VW e-Golf. The 2015 FIAT 500e sells for $32,300 and has an 87 Mile Range and gets an average 122 MPGe. The 500e is fun to drive thanks to a 111 HP and 147 lb-ft of torque thanks to an 83 kW Electric Motor and 24 kW Lithium Ion Battery and a 2,980 lbs. Curb Weight. The FIAT 500e comes with 7 Airbags standard and is available with deals like $2,000 Cash Allowance and a $199 per month Lease for 36 mo. with only $999 down and a California Clean Access Sticker availability.

The 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf ushers in the all new MKVII 7th generation Golf platform with an all-electric power train. The battery powered VW starts at $35,445 and has an 83 Mile Range and gets an average 116 MPGe thanks to a 115 HP and 199 lb-ft of torque 85kW Electric Motor and 24.2 kW Liquid Cooled Battery and a 3,090 lbs. Curb Weight. The e-Golf gets a trick set of driving modes: Normal, Eco and Eco+ which limit the current coming from the battery and help to conserve the e-Golf’s range. When juice runs out the e-Golf can regain an 80% Fast Charge in only 30 minutes while it takes 4 hours to charge the battery 100% on a 240V outlet.

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Pretty superficial.
1. e-golf battery is NOT liquid cooled as stated
2. Price comparison fails to normalize
(a) e-golf is loaded SEL version. CCS, heated front seats, heat pump, partial power front seats, electric windows, leatherette seats, parking assist camera, LED lights, metallic paint, etc. Without saying what’s included in the 500e price, there’s no way to compare

3. Non-price factors: 4 doors vs 2, e-golf looks like it has much more cargo space, can’t tell if 500e is 5 passenger or 4, length of e-golf looks much longer, etc


Not much of a comparison. The Fiat has a water cooled batt. is very nimble and sporty. It handles very well, can be parked in a tiny space, seats four, if they are not too tall and can be had with an outstanding sun/moon roof. It get better milage on a charge probably because of the lighter weight, smaller frontal area and better aerodynamics. It is a tic quicker and there is no denying the cuteness factor.