Volkswagen e-Golf Versus BMW i3 REx – Video

AUG 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

BMW i3 reminds stormtrooper helmet?

BMW i3 reminds us of a stormtrooper helmet

Here is another comparison of Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW i3 (REx version). Both models belong in different classes, but this doesn’t prevent comparisons.

As this is a base introduction review (first drive and overall comparison), it’s more suited for new customers or the general public.

Funny thing is that the flashy design of BMW i3 from the start was compared to a “stormtrooper helmet“, while the Volkswagen e-Golf reminds us of conventional Golfs, having just some blue accents added.

Two different approaches are probably the biggest difference between these two cars.

According to the review, e-Golf is more practical (due five seats for example). i3 is more futuristic, fun (with higher power) and offers a more premium experience.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

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5 Comments on "Volkswagen e-Golf Versus BMW i3 REx – Video"

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Photo from the front would be more appropriate where the e-golf looks like a Tron car because of the cool lights, while the i3 looks like dog 🙂

They should have done VW E-Golf Vs BMW i3 and a VW Golf GTE Vs BMW i3 REx

Or compare cars within the same class. e-Golf to LEAF (both 5-passenger vehicles); i3 to … well … Volt? i-MiEV? (both 4-passenger vehicles).

It is a pity Marek did not have the Golf GTE & i3 Rex on test on the same day.
I liked that he mentioned pros & cons, for example he liked the high driving position of the i3 but said he tripped over the doorsill getting in.
Also it was refreshing that at the end he just asked for comments from viewers as to which car they prefer. Obviously different cars will suit the needs of different people.

True, but the new Volt is only sold in two counties in the world.