Volkswagen e-Golf – Technology, Information Displays & Intelligent Heating System – Videos

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Das e-Auto

As the VW e-Golf’s introduction on the U.S. market is coming soon, Volkswagen now seems to switch from press releases to video releases.

Here we have the latest three videos from the main Volkswagen channel on different topics.

Volkswagen e-Golf – The e-Golf’s technology

Experience today the drive of tomorrow.

The electric drive of the e-Golf stands for simple, dynamic mobility – quiet and with zero emissions. But the e-Golf is still a Golf…

Volkswagen e-Golf – The intelligent heating system

Perfect heating comfort.

The e-Golf’s intelligent heating system uses the energy exactly where it is needed to ensure comfort and safety.

Volkswagen e-Golf – The information displays

You decide on your driving range.

The e-Golf’s information display always keeps you up-to-date with real-time data about range, battery capacity, recuperation and more.

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Enjoyed them, thanks. I assume the drive motor is in the airstream of the heat pump’s evaporator so that the heat may be extracted for use in the cabin.

The videos were brouchure style generalizations but were more intelligently presented than most.

Or else, if a water cooled motor is used, the heated water goes on to the evaporator to increase the COP (coefficient of performance) – thats EER/3.413 = COP. Resistance heater is 1, Some heat pumps are as much as 3 (i.e 3 times the heat for the electricity used).

That was of the most interest to me too Bill. Makes sense that it would be. Did not say anything about zone specific heating or heated steering wheel. As it relates to kWh, managing heat in an EV is 2nd only to a battery breakthrough. If you said there was something you could tweak on the energy source to improve 10-20% range in winter driving, one would consider it significant. I think they will finds some here with simply better methods. Less of an issue when the market starts supplying 40kWh, but right now it matters. Maybe Apollo 13 should be required viewing.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

So the e-Golf has a heatpump?

(and an engine?)

No ICE engine if that is what you mean.
Just like the Nissan Leaf and just like your refrigerator the VW E-Golf has an electric engine and a heat pump.

Had they made it a 200-mile EV they wouldn’t need a GTE version.

Had they made it a 200-mile EV, they could not have sold it under the Golf nameplate (far too expensive). Audi can justify the high price. Too bad they don’t seem to have one in the works.

If Tesla can make a 200-mile EV for $35k so can VW. BTW the Golf R starts at $37k.

Tesla can’t (yet) make a 200-mile BEV for $35k. Some, myself included, doubt they ever will. I suspect low- to mid 40s for the Model III. And you won’t be able to buy that car until 2017 or 2018. You can buy an e-Golf today (in some countries).

Nissan is arguably the most committed to BEVs of all (non-Tesla) OEMs, and even they cannot make a 200-mile BEV for $35k.

“Ever” is too strong of a word. What I’m trying to say is that I doubt that they can do so NOW with TODAY’s technology.

It really remains to be seen whether Tesla can deliver a 200 mile EV for $35K. Like most things they do, I suspect it will be late and over-budget. But if they come relatively close and the car looks as good as the Model S, it will still be a big hit.

I needed defrost, this morning. It is good to see electric windshields may become standard. It is useful many times without any need for cabin heating, or cooling. To have to run a/c, or worse, to have to warm the battery coolant in a Volt requires what must be a multiple of the actual energy needed. It’s no fun watching the energy display shoot up, and the range tick down, with defrost on.

Where do you live that you needed defrost in July? Southern hemisphere I assume?

I agree that defrost is a big hit in the winter. I’ve taken an ice scraper to the inside of my windshield before, and it just leaves a mess. It’s good to see they are thinking of these things. Maybe VW is about more than just compliance after all 😉

Windshield heater is one of the more interesting features on the MB B-Class EV as well.

The Das Electron is high on my list of cars to watch as the end of my Leaf lease approaches (next March).

Still waiting for some killer details, like how many local VW dealers (in my part of NY State) will show any enthusiasm at all for the car.

I’m glad to see it entering the market, though. More EVs from more makers = a big steaming bucket of win.

Build an eCabrio, please, VW. Please.

I want an e-Bug with 150+ range… 🙁

Musk 30k for the Model III, in a recent video, maybe he misspoke, seems pretty unrealistic.
The eGolf seems reasonable and is my candidate field of possible purchases.
I second Spec9’s request too. That would be cool.

I’m surprised at 2 things
– No word of pre-heating which can be programmed?
– The power gauge has a range from 0 to 10, it doesn’t show how many kW you are using, which is much more useful.

Nice review of the e-golf, below. No CG renderings or fake car sound when it accelerates…