Volkswagen e-Golf Sales Soar In Wake Of Diesel Gate Scandal

DEC 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

Most general automotive observers note nearly a 25% drop in Volkswagen’s U.S. car sales last month compared to one year ago.

“The November sales results reflect the impact of the recent stop-sale for all 2.0L 4-cylinder TDI vehicles as well as for the 3.0L V6. The voluntary stop-sales were issued in light of notices received by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regarding emissions compliance.”

Diesel Gate is setting in, as Golf sales sunk by 64%, but how is all this affecting the all-electric e-Golf?

November 2014 marked the first full month of e-Golf in the U.S., sales so it’s hard to judge by the year-over-year increase of 297% from just 119 in November 2014 to 472 in November 2015.

However, by comparing the ratio of consumers who opt for the electric version instead of conventional Golfs, we see a clearer picture. In November 2015, 11.5% of all Golfs sold in the U.S. were e-Golfs.

Overall, share of e-Golf out of total Volkswagen sales (including SUVs) is at a record high of 1.98%, so we’d say that Diesel Gate is positively affecting e-Golf sales.

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We got ours back in February – great time because we got a 3 year 15K/yr lease for $0 down.

I really like it, except for a few niggles.

I hope one of those issues is not having a CCS combo Rapid Charger near by.

I could see a commercial where the eGolf emerges from a cloud of diesel fumes, into a bright sunlit valley, while the dulcet tones of the narrator says, with a slight German accent, (its hard to intone soft tonality
with a full German accent), “Here at VW, vee are leaving the ‘Big Stink’ behind us and driving towards a bright electric future. The eGolf is leading the way.”

Of course that will never happen.

Nice. But yeah, it won’t happen because they are still gonna push diesel. :-/

This upsurge in sales of VW’s plug-in EV is exactly what I expected. When the news was posted here that Volkswagen said it was going to do a turn towards plug-in EVs, in the wake of diesel-gate, I commented that was the best news I’ve ever seen posted to InsideEVs.

I think my comment is coming true, pretty rapidly. Tesla is leading the way with EV tech, but when it comes to volume sales, other automobile manufacturers will easily out-produce Tesla, for at least the next few years, and probably for at least the next 20 years or so.

For making a real dent in the use of fossil fuels, it’s high volume production of PEVs that we need. So from that perspective: GO VOLKSWAGEN!

Not so fast, e-golf is not available in central Florida…VW SUCKS

It’s certainly disappointing that VW is selling the e-Golf in only compliance car numbers in the USA. But VW’s turn (or at least apparent turn) toward more EVs is going to put pressure on other legacy auto manufacturers to follow suit.

Bottom line: Not all legacy auto makers are going to leave the field wide open for Tesla to keep growing until it can supply the entire market for compelling long-range plug-in EVs.

The VW (Volkswagen) e-Golf is a compliance car. Makes it a little hard to believe VW is turning over a green leaf when they continue to engage in compliance car tactics.

we don’t have the Egolf in Canada what is VW waiting for?

Hey VW German engineer a 200 mile BEV for $35,000 before tax credits to make things right.

“In the short term, it’s just easier to bribe you with a $1000 gift cards than bother with electrification.” — VW Exec, probably

I think it would be closer to the reality if you phrased that “It costs us less money to bribe you with $1000 gift cards than bother with electrification.”

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the 2016 went on sale and they now have a competitive base version. The 2015 was only available fully loaded.

I wouldn’t call 500 units soaring. Call me when they move over 2500 a month.

Given that eGolf SEL (DCFC) with 83 miles range costs similar to Leaf SV/SL with 108 miles range, I don’t know why people would buy it instead of Leaf. They both lack active battery cooling. SE trim costs bit less than Leaf S (both lacking DCFC, similar range), but it seems S with DCFC option would be better.

VW need to do more. 200 miles range EV under $25K post subsidy for 2017 model year would be their redemption.

It should be easy – if Nissan can sell >1000 every month and Tesla can sell >2000 every month and keep saying they are production constrained.
What’s to stop VW selling more?
Two things,
First it’s highly doubtful that they have ordered enough battery capacity to cope with higher demand.
Second is that CCS is available almost nowhere useful. For a laugh check out plugshare and compare CCS to Chademo. Even better compare either of them to Superchargers.

The eGolf is a nice car but it basically is just like the LEAF that came out 4 or 5 years ago.

VW needs to add a bigger battery pack.

If anybody has practical experience with buying an eGolf in Washington state I’d love to hear about it.

For some reason I’d missed that the eGolf is a CCC*. Having seen the vehicle promoted on the local veedub dealership’s site (apparently from boilerplate) I gave them a call basically with the intent of buying one. All the reviews I’ve read have been quite positive and I’m fond of VW’s conservative approach to design life-cycle, like the Golf’s open and driver-friendly greenhouse compared to the Volt, etc. As well, although I claim not to care about a car’s appearance, the discreet non-statement eGolf un-style is also appealing. Having struggled with the Volt/Leaf/other question, all these features seem to line up for the requirements here.

No go. The salesman I spoke with was hardly lacking in enthusiasm about the car and seemed fairly sad (no wonder, now after all) that he couldn’t sell one to me.

Info on import experience to Washington would be much appreciated.

CCC == ??

CCC=cynical compliance car.