Volkswagen e-Golf Recalled Due To Faulty Passenger Occupant Detection System


Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

The Volkswagen e-Golf is among a couple of VW models affected by a front passenger airbag-related recall.

e-Golf Recall

e-Golf Recall

Owners of affected models are being advised to not allow anyone to occupy the front passenger seat until the issue has been remedied.

You can identify whether or not your vehicle may be affected by seeing if it falls into the VIN range listed here and in the defect notice below (3VW5T7AU7FM001141 through 3VW4T7AU1FM051948):

VW e-Golf Recall

VW e-Golf Recall

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Bummer, this means I have to take my e-Golf to the dealer.


Sorry Neil.

not mine.

The VIN numbers in the story are not e-Golf VIN numbers. You can tell immediately because 3VW VINs are all made in Mexico. the e-Golf is assembled in Wolfsburg with WVW VIN numbers. A VIN decode of the first number in the range given is for a GTI.

The e-Golf data is on Page 2 of the document shown above. There are only 4 e-Golfs affected.

In the meantime, just give your passenger a fluffy pillow and have them hold it in their lap.

I don’t know why it has a passenger/driver detection system anyway, it’s not like its needed for the emissions test.

If you hit something hard enough to deploy the air bags why would it matter if the passenger side airbag went off even if there wasn’t a passenger? I guess this system must be something to do with child car seats that is the only reason I can think of to deactivate an airbag.

note to readers – The reason you turn off the air bag for a child seat is because if it goes off it impacts at the wrong height causing injury, not because you dislike your children…. I didn’t think it was all that clear from my last post.

You don’t see the problem if someone IS sitting there and the airbag doesn’t work??? I think that is the main issue in this recall. Also, there are many more vehicle standards and requirements than just emissions.