Volkswagen e-Golf Production in Wolfsburg (Video)

JUN 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

Production of Volkswagen e-Golf takes place in Wolfsburg Germany alongside ICE Golfs, which have been in production since 1974.

But not all things e-Golf are made in Wolfsburg.  The 85 kW electric motors come from Kassel and the 24.2 kWh battery packs from Brunswick.

Here is video from the production process of e-Golf.

You should probably pay attention to what VW is doing in the electric vehicle space, because the Germany manufacturer announced that in a few years, it plans to be leader in electromobility.

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Do you have any numbers how many eGolf are produced? Some weeks ago the production (for Germany) was sold out. VW didn’t took new orders. Now the delivery time is back to 4 Months (more or less normal backlog for VW cars). Also I found no statistic how much eGolf had been sold to date in Germany (on sale, lot of advertising) or Norway (on sale?).

That looked extremely primitive. If they want to be leaders then they really have to work on their assembly lines.

Is manual labor that cheap in Germany or why isn’t it more automated?

Just the final assembly

It probably is very automated up until the portion the video is showing, which is basically finally assembly and wiring. This is the unavoidable manual labor part for all manufacturers.

The wheels on the GTI look great ! VW put some nice looking wheels on the eGolf !

The e-Golfs are nice. Now VW should do an e-Passat. Mach Snell VW!