Volkswagen e-Golf Leads Plug-In Sales In Austria

JAN 27 2019 BY MARK KANE 24

Volkswagen tripled sales of e-Golf in Austria last year

Plug-in electric car sales in Austria increased in 2018 by 22% to 8,848, which is moderate compared to some quickly expanding markets, but the market share of 2.6% (up from 2.1% in 2017) is still way better than the average around the world.

One of the biggest surprises to us is that Volkswagen e-Golf was the best-selling model in Austria by a wide margin. e-Golf (1,836) nearly outpaced second Renault ZOE (1,170) and third Nissan LEAF (982) combined.

According to the EV Sales Blog’s forecast, this year the black horse could be theĀ Hyundai Kona Electric or Tesla Model 3.

In terms of brands, the biggest share falls on Volkswagen (22%), BMW (16%) and Renault (13%).

Plug-in electric car sales in Austria – December 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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24 Comments on "Volkswagen e-Golf Leads Plug-In Sales In Austria"

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Kind of interesting it placed 4th in December, wonder if it is an inventory issue?

Probably fake sales for registration in the EU and shipped to Norway. Hardly ever see the car here in Austria

It looks like a Golf. You actually have to check for the exhaust pipe to figure it out.

Well I suppose not being able to distinguish it from the hordes of regular Golfs counts as ‘hardly ever see the car here’.

You can see the LED lights under the headlight on the EV version. The normal ICE version does not have that.

No, that is what KIA does, and that is from Germany only.
The e-golf is one of the best seiling EVs in Norway too.

Its still like only 1800 for the whole year, which is like still a very low number.

I understand why VAG doesn’t want to ship the excellent e-Golf (36kWh is Good Enough!) but it still makes me sad.

Had to get a 2018 Leaf instead. e-Pedal on the Leaf makes it a better car, but I do like the looks of the Golf much better.

The VW dealer near me ( northeast of Philly ) has one sitting on the lot.

Some background:
In a normal year the VW Group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche…) has a market share of 32-34% in Austria. VW is alone is usually in the 15-20% range. In 2018 it was 16,7%.
They have tons of dealers and fleet customers.

2018 was not a normal years, because VW was really late in certifying their models by WLTP standards, so many models could not be sold in Q4.

Still they sold 56.932 cars, so the 1836 eGolf are 3,2%.

Golf generally had a BAD December (-51% vs Dec. 2017), only 4th as well.
(But #1-3 cars were all from VW group anyway.)

How can VW have the first 3 slots on the best seller list. I’ve been assured they are going to go broke any day now. Any.Day.

Looks likes the last year. Kona has sold twice as much and the model 3 is not even available.

But it strikes me that the model S and X doesn’t sell. Nor the i pace.
In The Nederlands the i pace was the best selling EV in december

Expensive EVs sell were the taxpayer picks up the difference one way or the other.

That’s just business as usual: hardworking taxpayers and consumers pay for EVERYTHING, including the lushious rides fraudulent execs falsely feel they’re entitled to…

658 model 3 reserved at 6-1-19

This proves once again that VW buyers are like sheeps.
There are much better products out there, but still buying VaporWare. I’ts been like this for over decades in the EU

Proves you don’t know cars. I’ve owned Japanese , driven plenty of Korean cars but the fit and finish and the build quality is better on a VW.

There is no equal in the non-luxury space.

Seriously? The quality of Japanese and Korean cars is excellent. That is not to say that Volkswagen isn’t equal in fit and finish but they both make cars with decent quality.

Says the guy that’s never driven one.

Austria is basically mini-Germany when it comes to cars, VW dominates ICE sales as well, so it’s not that surprising.

Here are the life time EV sales as a graph:

For all vehicles, VW has a 25% market share for all of Europe. 1 in 4.

Nothing surprising. It looks like regular car, drives great, has reasonable battery.

I am surprised that there is no Jaguar I-Pace in the top 5, considering that Austria is its home country.