Volkswagen e-Golf Commercial – e-Golf Is Just Like The Other Golfs


“The Volkswagen e-Golf electric car gives you the experience of German Engineering without ever having to go to the gas station. The Volkswagen e-Golf has a range of over 80 miles and can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes.”

States the video description, but the point of this advertising spot is to present the case that the e-Golf combines everything the world loves of the standard Golf, with all the benefits of electric.

Review after review of the e-Golf all seem to arrive at the same conclusion: the e-Golf is just a Golf, but electric.

And that’s the point.  Aside from a sub 100-mile range rating, the e-Golf is a Golf, just like the millions you’ll find on the roads around the globe today.

Will this marketing approach work?  For attracting the masses to the e-Golf, we think VW is on the right track.  Will this e-Golf is just a Golf bring in diehard electric car fans?  Probably not, but that’s okay as long as the e-Golf attracts new buyers into the electric vehicle segment.

VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

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1) Will this approach work?

I don’t know. Honda tried a similar approach to selling hybrids with the Civic hybrid. They fell flat on their face with that. Will VW succeed where Honda failed? Well, a few things are different, but I would wager no. At least not in the near term, where the early adopters largely want the world to know they are driving something different.

2) Will the eGolf attract die-hard electric fans?

Well, this die-hard is certainly attracted to the car. I’m not in the market, of course, because Nissan earned my business in 2012. However, the e-Golf would be my first choice of EV if I were in the market. Assuming VW can match the range of other contenders, providing a 150-200 mile range in a few years, the e-Golf is at the top of my list when I do replace the Leaf.

Any further news about when/if the e-Golf will be available outside the ZEV states? Because for now, for The Rest Of Us the ad could cut off after 0:03 — “What if you could…” and end with “… well, YOU CAN’T! Bwahahaha!”

Oh well, there’s always the Leaf and the i3.

i find that 80 miles range in 2015 is ridiculous.

80 miles has always been ridiculous.


Agree, but I also find the CARB influence understandable, yet sad. 🙁

Actually 80 miles of range meets the daily needs of 90+% of us 90+% of the time, so no, 80 miles is fine for now, would I like more? Sure I would!

Works fine for me. And driving the e-Golf is a pleasure – it’s quick and quiet.

Well, batteries are still expensive. We all want more EV range but very expensive EVs are a tough sell beyond the Tesla.

good morning the e golf is better than the bmw i3 because he is 3 time more sold in europe than the i3.
the e golf has more autonomy
the e golf has more indoor place
the e golf has back windows you can open
the e golf has back doors you can open

the e golf is better built than the bmw i3.

best regards.

That’s as may be. But BMW has chosen to sell the i3 everywhere in the US and VW has chosen to restrict the e-Golf to the ZEV states and cede the rest of the market to BMW and Nissan. So regardless of the theoretical merits, in practice the car I can buy is better than the car I can’t, and that means in 40 states of the US, the i3 is the winner.

At some point this may change, but I’m not holding my breath since the VW Group has, to date, not shown any enthusiasm for doing more than the minimum mandated by regulation. (They are very good at shipping press releases though.)

the bmw i3 is better sold in usa than the e golf
because in the states are living 325 million of retarded idiots

Not going to win many friends that way.

I would just like vehicles like this to come to the Chicago Market. Associates at the VW display at the 2015 Chicago Auto show remarked that the EV was not currently coming to the Chicago Area. The same is true of the Plug-in Prius.

Meanwhile, at my employer, three of the four charging stations are monopolized by Chevy Volts.

I think that is a losing marketing strategy.

“It is just like the other Golfs? So why would I pay much more for one and be stuck with an 80 mile range if it is just like the other Golfs?”

Ya. Das boring auto.

They mentioned a 8 year battery capacity warranty in the video. That’s the first time I’ve heard a manufacturer warranting capacity.

Did anyone here actually watch this commercial?

At 35 seconds in, it shows “24.2 kw Lithium-Ion Battery”.

I would expect this in a story about EVs from someone who doesn’t know anything about them. But in a TV commercial? From a major auto manufacturer?

And I find myself having to say this way too many times…

“Not knowing a watt from a watt-hour is like an ICE car salesman not knowing the difference between horsepower and how much fuel the fuel tank holds.”

(and… it’s kW or kWh, not kw)

In my book, this makes VW the winner for the lamest EV commercial yet. You win one internet!

Also agree that the marketing is lame and aimed at “yesterday’s EV”. It is obsolete when it rolls of the assembly line. Could you give it _less_ range?

Shame on Inside EVs for not catching the glaring mistake in the commercial. 🙂

I didn’t bother to click on the commercial but if they got that wrong, that is awfully pathetic. Imagine how many people must have seen that commercial before they released it. The writer, director, cameraperson, editor, management, actors, marketing people, etc.

And NONE of them noticed that glaring technical mistake?

Yep Roy, they goofed the metrics, and also advertised DCFC to 80% in 30 minutes while showing an L2 EVSE (Chargepoint). May as well mislead the customer if they don’t know the difference between energy and power….

Good catch Jay. I totally missed that one 🙂