Volkswagen e-Golf On Top Of Norway Sales Chart In Record August

SEP 8 2014 BY MARK KANE 18

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

Electric car sales in Norway strengthened again reaching a record 1,736 new passenger car registrations and 15.2% market share (the best excluding the one-off Tesla Model S volume deliveries in March).

Almost 12,500 BEVs were already sold this in Norway , which is of course puts Norway on track to 20,000 this year.

For the second month in a row, newcomer Volkswagen e-Golf leads the pack with 467 registrations! More than 43% of all Golfs sold in August were e-Golfs.

And the ratio EV/ICE is even higher for Volkswagen e-up! with 297 last month.  The EV/ICE ratio for up! is regularly above 80%.

The second best selling model was the Nissan LEAF – 400 registrations (667 together with used imported).

BMW i3 reached 202, which is a slightly higher than Tesla Model S – 183.

Number of registrations new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – August 2014 (credit to Norsk Elbilforening)

Number of registrations new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – August 2014 (credit to Norsk Elbilforening)

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I guess those are the first KIA soul evs sold too right?

It looks like it, huh…

They went to the KIA dealers. First delivery dates for customers are set to be early October.

Additional there were 259 new EV transporter, including 169 Peugeot Partner and 50 Citroen Berlingo EV and the rest might be shared between Renault Kangoo Z.E. and Nissan en-V200.

Snapped this in the Oslo airport yesterday. I guess advertising works.

“The second best selling model was the Nissan LEAF – 400 registrations (667 together with used imported).”

Does anybody know where 267 used imported came from?

I heard that Norway also buy some EV’s from Denmark (also cheap there).

I am surprised that the Renault ZOE doesn’t really start selling in Norway.

Lausbub: That’s primarily because of bad press regarding charging possibilities.

The Zoe need a TN electricity grid, but 70% of Norway has the older IT electricity grid. This means that you have to install a wall-mounted transformer to be able to charge your Zoe.

Only during the last few weeks we have seen the introduction of a small, portable charger (at extra cost). This means that up until now, you basically couldn’t count on being able to charge your car away from home, and even now you typically has to buy both an expensive home charger, and an expensive travel charger to be certain that you are able to charge your Renaul Zoe.

So, no wonder it sells badly her in Norwat!

I recently travelled to Norway with my i3 and I think I know the answer. There is almost no Type 2 infrastructure in Norway. Most EV charging infrastructure there is older and uses Schuko. Most of the recent infrastructure uses CHAdeMO and CCS, and in a few cases a 22kW AC as well. However DC fast charging is easier to find than regular Type 2 AC.

poor bastard .

So newcomer Volkswagen with 467 e-Golf’s and 297 e-Up!’s last month topped BMW, Nissan and Tesla in EV sales!

Seems like many manufactures are experiencing supply issues to keep up with strong demand in a number of regions.

I think BMW underestimated the demand for i3s in Norway. I remember reading some time ago that the total allocation for Norway for the year was only around 2000. They could easily sell a lot more. It looks like most of their capacity is focused on the US market right now.

Some truckers driving video from last October in Oslo, incredibly how many Leaf and iMiev you can see within 10 minutes.

I am surprised Tesla has fallen so low from a high peak in March. Looks like no one wants this anymore. E-golf looks really great in the ad.

The peak in march were an artificial peak, created only by back-order deliveries.

Tesla obviously played some supply games to get that record in March, diverting a bunch of supply to fill reservations in Norway for some PR.

LOL at your hater spin. They sold as many this August as they did in August 2013, and had over 1.5% of the total auto market. No other high end car got close.

After the revolution, the more things change, the more they stay the same……

‘The Norwegian new car market goes from 61,000 registrations in 1993 to 85,000 in 1994, and the VW Golf leads both years with 3,970 sales and 6.5% in ’93 and 6,903 and 8.1% in ’94. #2 in ’93,’