Volkswagen e-Golf – Live Images From 2014 LA Auto Show


Behold…the Volkswagen e-Golf live from the 2014 LA Auto Show.

VW e-Golf sales kicked off in the U.S. last month and we’re already hearing reports from several pleased owners.

The e-Golf represents Volkswagen’s first foray into plug-in vehicles in the U.S.

At this time, it’s believed that the e-Golf will not be made available nationwide, but we’ve got out fingers crossed hoping that soon VW will change its mind.

VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf – Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf – Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf – Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf – Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

VW e-Golf – Image Credit Tom Moloughney

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Hmmm… I just noticed a similarity between the e-Golf and Soul EV. Look where the manual handbrake should be in both interiors. Just a posh, little drawer for things.

There is another potential similarity – Not available nationwide.

But VW can still fix that to prevent the eGolf from falling into the compliance car bucket with Kia and Fiat.

I just saw one in the wild this afternoon in Palo Alto. At least I think it was an e-Golf – it did have the dealer placards instead of license plates and it had those big C-shaped DRLs. I think the DRL shape is the “tell” for the e-Golf.

Audi’s A7 PHEV fuel cell car is AFAIK the first of its kind in the world.

Since it is at least as much an electric car as the Volt PHEV it seems a shame that so far at least it has not been covered at all here, even if fuel cells don’t appeal to some.

The lack of coverage of the Golf hymotion and Passat hymotion cars is perhaps because they fall outside of the remit of this site, but not covering them is also perhaps a shame, as plenty of other cars including the fuel cell Toyota have been covered.

Three fuel cell cars from one manufacturer, all of them available for journalists to test drive, would seem to be some sort of milestone.

Perhaps Inside EVs is waiting to bring us their test drive story, but zero coverage to date is unusual.

A PHEV FCV is the only type that I would consider. I am glad to that at least one manufacturer is taking them seriously.

Now that I’ve had a taste of local errands/commuting from an overnight charge in my driveway, I never want to go back to public refueling for anything but a long distance trip.

Rather depressingly it seems on this forum we are to get further articles on the new tea-machine in the Tesla offices etc, instead of anything at all on ground breaking new technology and radical new engineering from a major motor manufacturer.

Oh well.

I missed the article on the new tea machine, it sounds fancy! Maybe the engineers are all too busy sipping that tea and eating crumpets, and that’s what caused the Model X delays!

Its the non-GAAP accounts which take the time and imagination.

I missed it also.

Dave, do you have a link to the new tea machine article?



The biggest complaints about evs is low range and long charging times.

I don’t know how it is sold in the us but in europe the last issue is not taken seriously.
Standard is a 3.6 kW charger, dc in an OPTION!!!

In the US, 7.2kW on board charger and 50kW DC inlet are both standard

Germans may be loyal to german automakers, but german automakers are not loyal to germans.

This is a good looking EV, inside and out. Looks alone are not enough to make me upgrade from my current Leaf, though. I cannot wait for the next gen e-Golf with 125+ miles of range. Given that it will likely arrive a few years ahead of the Tesla Model III, and for a few thousand dollars cheaper, it certainly has my attention as a potential upgrade.

2015-6, we are told.
Hopefully that will mean 2015 for model year 2016.

Well, we’ll see. I’m banking on 2016/2017. If it arrives in 2015, I will be floored. By the same token, I don’t expect to see a Tesla Model III until 2017/2018.

Ultimately, VW will produce the car as soon as the batteries are ready. I don’t see them pulling punches like Nissan seems to. They seem eager to put the best batteries into this car that they can get their hands on. I hope that pans out.

Nissan had their own battery company, or half of it, in AESC and came unstuck like every other company which tried do-it-yourself.

VW are simply buying cells from whoever has them available at the right price in the right format, so can shop around for the best and the soonest available.

If they don’t boost it to 35Ah in 2015, I think it likely they will boost it to around 30Ah, giving a true 100 miles on the EPA.

Good looking? Nah

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally prefer the interior of this car to that of the Model S. I find that giant flat screen gaudy and unnecessary. The Golf is more traditional, but I like my cars to look like cars, not computers.

And don’t get me started on the Volt’s touch button console. I can’t stand it!