Volkswagen e-Golf Lease Deal – $158 Per Month


This lease deals come to us via Bozzani Volkswagen in Covina, California.

Featured is the Volkswagen e-Golf Limited, the cheaper of the two versions of the e-Golf.

The deal itself seems fairly standard (meaning the fine print is the usual).  The only issue we see is that it states 10,000 miles per year in one spot on the ad and 7,500 miles per year in the fine print.  Which is right? We’re not sure, but $158 (or $159) per month with $2,395 due at signing on a 36-month lease seems like a sweet deal to us.

VW e-Golf Lease Deal

VW e-Golf Lease Deal

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It would be the same as $224 with zero down.

The ad itself was made using iMovie – with the regular VW e-Golf as the background movie and the pop-ups from the dealership.

That $1 difference, or the mileage difference, won’t really matter once you realize that there is only “1” vehicle available at this price. This means that the deal is a 1-off, and possibly not from VW Finance (or its affiliated financing company). More importantly, what type of add ons will they charge?

Most likely, the deal is gone by the time you call – unless they really only have 1 available at this trim (and all others are the upgraded trims), or the dealership is one with high business moral (honor the deal on all).

7500 miles per year is very short for a lease. Normally 12k is the standard per year. Personally, my last lease was 15k per year and I turned in the car with 80 miles short of the total 45k after three years.

In any case, a net $225/month is not a bad deal for a $35k car.

A fair number of leases default to 10,000 miles per year. But the cost to go to 12,000 is like $10-15/month, and to go to 15K is about $30 over the 10K lease.

The copy near the price says “10K” and the fine print says “7500 miles per year”. The latter is the only one that says miles per year – the 10K could mean anything – or nothing.

I’m a light driver, but even I put more than 7,500 miles/year on my Leaf. I’ve been averaging about 8,500. To me, this is likely the catch.

This is not a good sign for EV sales.

Care to elaborate?

A nearly identical deal has been on Sunnyvale VW’s site for more than a month. In fact, I got one in April for that price. Dealer selling price was $27,888 including destination ($6,382 off MSRP). Rumor has it VW has a $4,500 incentive to dealers on the Limited Edition.

There is also a $217/mo deal on the e-Golf SEL with similar down payment terms.

These are both 10,000 miles per year.

If you front the CA $2,500 rebate as a down payment, the final monthly payment after 8.75% sales tax, registration, etc. will be just under $215/mo on the LE. That’s what the $159 deal actually comes to.

It won’t come with those wheels.

No, sadly the eGolf comes with some really ugly (to these eyes) wheels. Fortunately, wheels are about the easiest thing to change on a car (for a price of course…)

The car shown with the 14-spoke wheels is not an e-Golf at all. No LED DRLs, the rooftop spoiler is too small and it doesn’t have the little aero wings that connect the spoiler to the rear glass. The picture is also probably mirrored because the charge port door is on the passenger side.

I guess the dealer doesn’t want to promote the fact that the car costs the equivalent of $1 per gallon to operate.

Might make the other cars feel bad.

typically you can get an even lower price on a 2 year lease. Better residual value. They won’t mention this, but they have them. And, they usually allow you at the end of the lease to extend it for a year.

I looked at the inventory for this dealer. They only have 3 e-Golf in stock and only 1 Limited Edition. What a joke. None of the VW dealers in So. Cal. have more than 20 e-Golf on hand. In Nor. Cal. we have 8 dealers with 20 or more e-Golf on hand. Two dealers have about 70.