Volkswagen e-Golf In Very Limited Supply In U.S.

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JUL 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

Sales of the Volkswagen e-Golf in the U.S. decreased from a stable few hundred a month to less than 100 recently.

That’s likely due to supplies shrinking to no more than 10 units nationwide, according to Cars Direct.

Just 776 e-Golfs were sold in the first half of the year in the U.S. while since late 2014 total sales reached 12,836.

In Europe, we see the opposite, as Volkswagen increased production and managed to secure fourth place among plug-ins with 8,347 sales during the first five months of 2018. Only the Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and BMW i3 have performed stronger from a sales standpoint.

What’s preventing Volkswagen from selling more e-Golfs in the U.S.? Well, sales are apparently limited by inventories, but whether that’s due to the growth of demand in Europe or maybe an early end ahead of the launch of the next-generation long-range I.D. Crozz is unknown.

“VW spokesman Mark Gillies told CarsDirect that the e-Golf is still on sale in select markets that have adopted California’s ZEV requirements. They include California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

Ten cars for 10 states still seems extremely sparse, especially when most of those 10 cars are probably in California.”

Volkswagen e-Golf sales in U.S. – June 2018

Source: Green Car Reports

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Worldwide VW is currently the 5th leading seller of vaporware…

I woulda got the 36kWh 2017s that VW was selling this year if they were still around and available several thousand under invoice like how I got my 2018 Leaf. 36kWh vs. 40kWh is not much diff.

I got my 2017 eGolf in November for $5k off in November. Its a great EV for the price. Would have convinced several others to buy them but they are all gone now.

F you, VW!

Precisely! Our family has bought 9 VWs over the years but no more. My sister is getting $22K from them for her 2012 “Clean Diesel” with 104K miles . . . which will be used as down payment for the Dual Motor Model 3 she has on order.

It’s not just the apocalyptic levels of arrogance of the manufacturer, it’s the breathtaking cluelessness of some of the dealers. My local dealer has 4 zero mile 2015 TDis for sale . . . . at full MSRP!

Yes 95 to 99 percent of all auto dealerships suck…
RIP auto dealerships…

Still have to wait in line to buy one in Europe. This is clearly a size people are interested in.

I wonder how the overall EV sales numbers would be with NO limmitation on supply from all manufacturers. Hyundai have a waiting list on both their EVs for example.

There is a huge difference between a waiting list because of extreme demand an a waiting list because of a deliberately low manufacturing constraint.

They’d rather have you buy one of their defunct diesel cars, just to get rid of them.

If a customer is set for an EV, they will just change brand – and use their buying power. That is why it is important with choises, and several brands to make EVs in different categories. I own a diesel van too, and I pay very close to $2 for a liter of diesel. So a full tank will set me back about $160 every time.. so there is NO way in h*** I’ll buy a van with an ICE again. Heavy vans are thirsty. The cost of fuel is so high that I will make do with an EV with several flaws. The company that can make an electric van with the least flaws will win me as a customer. And people talk a lot about EVs that don’t need any maintanance – but that is not correct. They need less maintenance, but have to change stuff like brakes, suspension parts, bearings, sensors, cooling/heating, AC, fix dings or repair after crashes and so on. They will still overcharge you for a simple thing as changing a wiper motor, a break rotor, or a harder to reach thing like a bearing in a steering column. Even a nut or a… Read more »

No brake replacements. That just doesn’t happen very often – 200,000 miles at least.

Rust, not wear kill EV breaks. At least if you live in an area with where they use road chemicals.

I never had to replace brakes on my second gen Prius nor my first gen leaf for over ten years of driving.

Too bad, like its gasoline counterpart, it is a very nice car especially if you prefer simple and tasteful German design.

Why supply your least important market with your most important product?
VW cannot get enough batteries to fill the EU demand so why would they ship them overseas increasing their cost and pollution of shipping when they can sell every one in their home EU region?

VW Market Importance by sales volume…
The EU…
The rest of the world…
The US…

Because of CARB credits. No choice.

Next year is when VW will have no choice

One reason they can’t sell ’em is they don’t try. Aren’t available in Michigan, have never been, I assume will never be. Poster child for a compliance car. That’s all that’s left when the empty press releases are peeled off and recycled. 🙁

Same is true for the Hyundai Ioniq EV. shows only 29 new ones available nationwide.

Hyundai and Kia aren’t serious about the EV market yet, despite all the hype.

The VW hurts more because they did have them on dealer lots last years and now instead of going forward with their “ev revolution” they are showing how much they care.

The demand for the e-Golf is quite high in Europe (# 1 in January). I think they first try to meet the demand in the home market and then come back to the US market with the new I.D cars.

No, they said they will not sell the ID here just the Croz… and the Buz will probably never be made anyway. Even when that happens, i bet the feet dragging will continue.

This egolf dearth now seems to beckon a better, longer range egolf coming for the 2019 MY…and/or perhaps VW will surprise us release their first bev only design next year in the states instead of next decade.

Are ev fans suckers or just overly optimistic by nature?

VW has to offer some bev for the 2019 MY fool. And I’m only speculating not banking on anything so no sucker or overly optimistic here

With the US dealership model where you buy cars from dealer lots instead of having them build to order the US customers just can’t compete with the European market.

Even in Canada, there’s so few Volks that actually a demo to drive it that it look like they don’t even want to sell the damn Car.

They sell all the eGolfs they can make. So what is the point of marketing it?

Oh, poor VW. They are a small startup and have production constraints.

No they have profit targets. Payed me 3.90€ per share (@~140€ per share). Better than nothing.

Why are people surprised and upset about VW? We have always known that VW sells gas guzzlers period and will continue to do so. I would blame consumers that buy a new VW gas guzzler today despite knowing VW’s diesel cheating history CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS

Even this article is seemingly optimistic: I checked a few months ago and there wasn’t a SINGLE E-Golf, new or used available within 100 miles of my home. Dealers didn’t have ANYTHING.