Volkswagen e-Golf Featured In Fully Charged (Video)

APR 6 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

After featuring the Volkswagen e-Up!, now it’s time for the larger e-Golf to be presented in the Fully Charged series.

The second pure electric car from Volkswagen was tested in Berlin some time ago and, according to Robert Llewellyn, it’s an all-around competent car.

Additionally, Volkswagen made available for test drives the upcoming Golf GTE, but this time the only mentioned made by Llewellyn is that it’s “quite quick.”

In describing this Fully Charged video focused on the e-Golf, Llewellyn states:

“A casual cruise around Berlin in the impressive VW e-Golf.”

“Tidy, smooth, reliable, efficient, quiet, reassuring, competent.”

“Basically all the things I’m not which is why I like it.”

“And a tiny glimpse of the upcoming Golf GTE”

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A satisfactory review as usual, not very technical, but it gives the critical insights we all wanted to know about this car compared to the LEAF. Take note of the time stamp at 6:23 where he discusses how the e-Golf coasts. I hope Nissan takes note as VW has the best user interface for efficient driving of an EV in both the e-Up and e-Golf. The default should be coast when off the ‘go’ pedal with selectable regen based on how you wish to slow and stop. The e-Up and e-Gold both have 3 regen settings. In the LEAF it’s way too much work having to balance your ballerina right foot when trying to stabilise the coast using zero power, or having to constantly chuck the gear into and out of Neutral. Go VW, at least they got something right. Just one further correction. In the video it tries to give the impression that the e-Golf is more efficient than the LEAF, that’s hogwash! I currently get 13kWk/100 km without trying and have been able to get just under 12kWh/100km with careful driving. The e-Golf is likely to do the same figures so there is really not much if anything… Read more »

Strange seeing “British Gas” with a flame logo, on an EVSE…

I don’t honestly believe that:

1) the eGolf is more efficient than a LEAF. Sorry.

2) the range will be any more or less than a LEAF with 84 miles (135km) of EPA range, and real world performance of 62mph (100km) ground speed of 84 – 89 miles of range.

3) the VW eGolf is not a “compliance” vehicle. It is the very description of a compliance vehicle, built in limited volume from a converted oil burning mass market car for the purpose of satisfying regulators.

Volkswagen will become a member of the California Air Resource Board (CARB) Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) for the first time in 2015 model year.

Guess what? eGolf will show up just in time to comply with CARB-ZEV.

“3) the VW eGolf is not a “compliance” vehicle. It is the very description of a compliance vehicle, built in limited volume from a converted oil burning mass market car for the purpose of satisfying regulators.”

That is absolutely not true. You know the world is a lot larger than just the US. The car is avaliable in a number of european countries and have no specific cap on sales except avaliability.

Spark EV, Fit EV, RAV4 Ev, MB B-Class EV, Accord plug-in… there you have compliance cars… And if you want cars that are more compliance cars than this then you can look at the Focus Electric


The VW E-Golf is not a converted ICE car.
They spent several billion making all their platforms drive train neutral, equally at home with an ICE, BEV, PHEV, NG or FCEV drive.

Their emphasis is on the PHEVs, but their BEVs do not fit any reasonable definition of compliance cars, unlike for instance the Honda Fit or the GM Spark.

I like it. Just wish it was made in the USA. GM needs to make something like this. Ford needs to get the Ford Focus EV in the public eye like VW will on this model.

The tide is turning for electric vehicles especially in the US. Volt and Leaf blazed the way providing EV awareness nationwide. Ford helped consumers transition to a plug with worry of range. Tesla provided an even brighter spotlight and public awareness. Now is the time for manufacturers who prepared, to benefit from a market that’s more ready for a plug-in vehicle than ever before. The e-Golf should do well globally. The Golf is a better built vehicle than the Leaf, with massive global sales, which will help it overtake the Leaf in each market it competes. Leaf will have to go even cheaper and more range to keep/pull consumers. The Focus Electric will be a different story based on what Ford had to say in their recent Annual Report: “Ford will raise the bar on the industry standard when it introduces the redesigned all-electric (2015)Ford Focus Electric this year. ” Ford Focus is the major competitor with Golf globally. So it’s clear that the new 2015 Focus Electric will be targeted at the strengths of the e-Golf. Ford has also been building out the inventory of the current 2014 model, with about 3 units daily. Sharing production line with Focus… Read more »

Nice words. I missed that ford confirmed a redesigned all ellectric focus. That would be awesome. Do you have a source for that? Thanks!

Apparently that phrase is in Ford’s 2013 annual report.

Gosh, he does just the worst reviews ever. Virtually no real information and you are left with the feeling this is the first time he has ever driven a car…i3 review was similarly vacuous.

I agree that VW has got the right idea on coasting. This puts the e-Golf at the top of my list (hopefully the price is reasonable).

Robert Llewellyn mentions an electric defroster, I think? If this is a direct heating electric defroster, then this is also a very good thing! Can anyone confirm this, please?