Volkswagen e-Golf Expected to be Priced at 35,000 Euros


Volkswagen e-Golf will debut together with e-Up! in Frankfurt

Volkswagen e-Golf will debut together with e-Up! in Frankfurt

35,000 Euros.

That’s the expected price of the soon-to-launch Volkswagen e-Golf.

While we don’t yet know what its US price will be, we’ll at least point out that 35,000 Euros converts to $46,246.

Expensive…yes, but we can’t even begin to speculate what price VW has in mind when it brings the e-Golf here.  For sure much less than $46K – but probably not all that competitive with other plug-in options.

That 35,000 Euros is the expected price in Germany, which means the e-Golf will cost more than the BMW i3 (34,950 Euro in Germany).

A VW priced head-to-head with a BMW?  We’re thinking Volkswagen might have some difficulty in selling this electric Golf.

Let’s hope that the e-Golf arrives in the US in 2014 with a more reasonable price tag.  Maybe in the mid-$30,000 area?

Pricing aside, here’s what the e-Golf has to offer:

  • e-Golf will go 0 to 62 mph in 10.4 seconds.
  • Top speed is 87 mph
  • The production e-Golf is equipped with a 24.2 kWh li-ion battery
  • Range in NEDC is 190 km or around 75 miles EPA
  • Quick-charge option available via DC CCS

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I wish they would change the model name. The mainstream public already tries to equate electric vehicles to golf carts… We don’t need an e-Golf to add fuel to that fire! 😉

I like blue-e-motion, but it seems too long and depressing for a name.

So… you don’t like it? 🙂
blue e-motion is extremely offensive. it would be hard for VW to more clearly express their disdain for the electric car community.
they would never choose such a name for a product they liked. I couldn’t believe it when they said it.

Anyone know the weight for the e-Golf?

An extra 250 kg on top of a base Mk VII. or about 1300 kg (2866 lbs)

That does not seem like much.

Car & Driver had it at 3200 lbs. or about the same weight as a TDI + DSG, but that was 3 years ago based on a Mk VI prototype.

I’m really not interested in top speed. When I told someone my i-MiEV tops out at 81 MPH, he asked, “Is that all?” My response: “How fast do you really need to go?”

The 0-60 time is rather telling. The e-Golf has got to weigh about the same as LEAF based on those times.

Costs the same as an i3, not as fast, will hold 5 people, though… no REx option (no big deal for me)… I think this will be a tough sell.

Now, if they can just get Hans to piss in it…

Tells us it is a low volume vehicle. Considering they are doing everything in-house, kind of strange.

It will probably sell for $35k.
Cars are alway less expensive in US than in Europe, regardless where they are make.

Look to Tesla to literally drag the auto world into the 21st century of electric motor-vation.

Drag the automotive world, kicking and screaming, that is.

I hope this compliance phase is just a paragraph in a future volume about the EV revolution.

Who would want this vs. a RAV4ev?

More than double the price of the base ICE version. As only an evil car company can do it.

Clearly the author is unaware that EU prices usually includes ~20% VAT. Loveday wants mid-$30,000 pricing for the US? Consider it more than likely.